Saturday, December 26, 2009

This past week was the most exciting week of the year. I was busy with the preparation for the graduation, it was my birthday 24th December and proposed to Monique Theron on the same day and off course
I just want to take something special out of the week and that is the graduation of the MoM2.0 and the Reconstucted social Media for social change sessions under the banner of Rlabs. I am a graduate of the 2008 Reconstructed session and this time around I was there to support the graduates of 2009. After all graduates received their certificates not expecting anything I got a certificate for facilitating the sessions and a special award Rlabs staff person of the year. The only certificate that is not in my social media cabinet is Social Media Masters certificate.
The graduation blog post coming soon

Friday, December 18, 2009

“First Prize Winner” on @cow_grrrl Festive Give Away

On Monday morning while doing the usual browsing on Twitter. I stumble across a tweet that read “Giving away some stuffs on my blog ” I immediately click on the Link .  It directs me to a post that say’s
It’s nearly holidays HURRAH! And in the spirit of the festive season, I’m feeling *particularly* generous …
So, do you feel like winning something? Awesome.
I’m giving away 3 prizes:
I then enter and manage to comment twice “Yay”  and today while checking my stats ,I notice my referrals are from Sue Rutherford Blog, who is also known as @cow_grrrl on Twitter
To my surprise I discover that I have won First Prize: A fully catered picnic for 2 at Spier in the Festive Give Away
Thank you very much for my Prize I truly am ecstatic and will definitely Enjoy  my prize. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just concerned

A few years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever. My friend and I were at the bank cashing a cheque and there after it was back to work. We went about things the way we usually do, we got to the center and two guys came in after us but because we do drug counseling at the center, we were unaware that the two guys were there to rob the us. The strange thing about this robbery was that they knew exactly who of us had the money on them. Apparently these guys followed us from the mall where we did the transaction. What I don't understand is that both of us were in the bank, than how is it possible for them to walk past me and go to my friend and take the money from him. Some say that it could be inside information but I don't know what to think anymore. I'm just happy that no one was hurt but i am still skeptic about going to any bank, not walking in fear though but just being extra careful. Is there any way (or information) that one could put things in place to prevent this kind of thing happening again.


now the other day it was my birthday and i thought that it was not going to be fun so
it told my friends that we must make the best of it because i am not going to turn 16
again and they said lets have a party and i said OK lets do so i went to that party
and i was thinking about what am i going to say when they ask me to make
a speech so i was very nervous so my friend said relax don't worry about it
is going to be fine and i tried my best and that party was great the best party i ever had.

seeking kingdom of God

Hi mornings i just want to say i had a blessed week thank you Lord Jesus for carrying me through
because i came to realize that there is more to life then success as to be successful with the worldly things in life.i came to realize that you must be successful in God then of the pleasures of this world.The word of God says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and the other things will be added unto you. god bless.


Wow!!!..what an amazing year it has been, ups and downs, ins and outs God really brought me through some rough times in my life.I had to grow up very quickly to adapt to where I am right now, I can just thank God for keeping me safe from day to day...

I was really shocked when I heard about the many incidents that happened this year, it's really sad to see young people from the ages of 16, 17, 18 and 19 being killed.It really hurt me badly to read daily in the news papers about young people been killed in car accidents, shootings etc.....up to a point where I said enough is enough! I spend a lot of my time praying for those young people's family's daily, I can only thank God for watching over my life daily as a lot could have happened to me but my God is Faithful and He watches over all his children.

I'm ready for 2010 and looking forward to see what God has in stored for me I just know it's going to be bigger and better than this year......God Bless and play safe over this festive Season!!!

Table mountan

Halo everyone the Lord Jesus Bless .i was on hike yesterday with guys on the reconstructed program after wards we went for a swim at long street baths it was fun but for me i got tired very quick for i have a bad chest bye The Lord Jesus Bless u

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ps Willie Norris

Pastor Willie shared the following amongst other things:

'Your ship is coming in
Don't go for the speed boats, go for the cargo ships that come from afar.
Because it comes from afar it will take long to come and has to come through storms.
The longer it takes to come, the bigger it is.
God doesn't have a problem sending the stuff. It's the people who's bringing it that's the problem.
Just continue to be faithful and worship God in spirit and in truth.
Don't think He forgot about can He forgot about you?????????????????
Some will get financial breakthroughs while others will get spiritual breakthroughs.
When God gives you a breakthrough in finances, don't look for a spiritual breakthrough (and vice versa). The other breakthrough will come. GOD DELIVERS.
When He starts, He doesn't stop. Only we can stop the deliveries - when we become unfaithful.

It's only kilometres away now.

Every onslaught has a shelf life, an expiry date. When it's over, IT'S OVER! No other onslaught will take the place of it. When it's over it over.'

I've been asking Him whose next on his Christmas list for us to bless.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

help from above

i had to have a certain amount of money for my daughter's university fees.
being a pensioner it wasn't easy , having prayed for awhile ,
on this particular day a few days before the payment was due
i was driving along to the reconstructed living lab for my computer lessons
and just called out to the Lord to help me, the next minute my phone rang.
it was a company wanting me to repair their lead tank.
i repaired it and 7 hrs later i came home with the amount i needed.
thank you Jesus.


this past few weeeks for me was so hard i was not finish with exams but i tried my best
to accomplish it and i think that i am going to pass hopefully but anyway the pappers i
wrote were tough and some were not my first papper was arts and culture which was
easy and my second one was EMS that was a tough one i struggled with that papper
so the teacher told me i must relax and take it easy and there is no rush

The Love of God

Love is just one of those things that we dont where it comes from or how it exists. Bible teach us in Corinthians 13 that Love is the greatest will always remain. Vs4 says "love is patient and kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Its not rude or self-seeking and not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoyces with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. In another scripture it says that love covers a multitude of sins.

Love is the most amazing thing and I remember when I met my wife. The love I felt for her was real, although physically it cant be seen, you know that it exists because you can feel its reality. I can only imagine the Love that God feels toward us. His Love toward us is real and unchanging, His Love is deep, unconditional, so much so that He sent His only Son to die upon the Cross. Although most of the world do not believe in this Love it is real. Real to Him who created us and real to those who believe because we feel the Love of God in our heart not only towards Him but also toward our neighbors.
We should love one for another as JESUS love us i am thankful with a grateful heart for what the LORD has done fore the past i was a pimp that lead to allot of other crime example robbing stealing breaking in cars all being addicted drugs i use to smoke anything that makes head spin i were few in prison out of all of this the LORD JESUS had GRACE on me so first of all thank U LORD JESUS FOR SAVING me and thank u for people help me still helping me thank U LORD JESUS for their lives THANK U LORD JESUS

World Cup Celebrations in Cape Town

The Bible says there is a season for everything under the sun. A time to be happy a time to cry, a time to enjoy is to be yourself.I was in Cape Town yesterday, and certainly to see the people enjoying themselves made me realize how important it is to be happy with those who are happy.The fact to see so many people from different cultures and races coming together was awesome. I 'v met a young lady from Angola who can only spoke English halfheartedly, and a bit of Afrikaans.

We exchange a few words as she only spoke Portuguese, as i had to translate English to her.As we were in a shop the manager of the shop did not understand English so well , so i had to translate.The campaign of Bafana Bafana certainly took me by surprised,where everyone needs to buy a Bafana Soccer Shirt.I hope the Bafana team will have the same energy as the people.

The different acts that i saw on the stage,overwhelm me as i enjoyed it".Your heart will be where your treasure lies" Music is one of my passions.


Hi what an awesome day it is today the sun is shinning the weather is sweet makes you want to move dancing feet.Thanks be to GOD because this is the day that the LORD has made we will rejoice and be glad in it.If it was not for GOD i would not have been writing this blog today for it is through GODS grace and his mercy that i got to see another day.

First off i just want to say i had a good week was busy at the impact centre availing myself where i could help i did i want to thank you LORD for carrying me through this week and not just for me my family and friends and every individual on this earth for the bible says concider others before yourselfs LOVE others as you love yourselfs thats the great command because if you have LOVE you have GOD because GOD IS LOVE and his mercy endures forever and ever Amen.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where is this journey still going to take me?

Today RLabs was priviliged to host a group of amazing individuals from the University of Amsterdam Business School who are currently busy with their Executive Masters in Information Management. The group have been doing a week of training and the project is part of a collaboration with UCT Graduate School of Business. Being part of this programme not only provided our team an opportunity to share experiences and stories but also learn from an amazing group of individuals who are adding value to their various organisations daily.

Group from the University of Amsterdam Business School

I had the privilege of doing a presentation together with Craig Ross about the “Art of Mobile Counseling”. Today I found myself presenting this new form of counseling to people who probably had more degrees than a thermometer and the great thing about it is that in this instance I was the expert. Who would have thought that a group of ex gangsters and drug addicts could add value to or impart knowledge into the lives of a group of highly qualified individuals from Europe?


What has God still got in store for this group of young men and women who once gave up hope on themselves thinking they would probably all die “druggies”…

Join me in the next episode in my journey, God bless.

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8 Year-old experiences the reality of God

On Saturday morning while getting ready to take my boys to Tee Ball my 8-year-old son Junaid said to his mom that he would really love to hit a home run in his match that day. Being the great mom she is Shameez encouraged him to pray and ask God to help him hit the home run he so much wanted and they immediately prayed together. We soon left home and headed to the Tee Ball field.

At this time I was still not aware about what happened at home. When it came to Junaid’s batting turn he hit a beautiful line drive through the diamond and the ball continued to race between two fielders allowing Junaid to complete his home run. All the supporters jumped up in jubilation to celebrate with Junaid. It was at this point that my wife Shameez told me about the what they (Shameez and Junaid) had prayed for at home. I immediately stopped and thanked God for answering Junaids prayer and making himself real to my son.

After the game I congratulated Junaid on his home run and also asked him about him praying and asking God to help him hit a home run and he just smiled with me and nodded his head in agreement. We spoke some more about it later on and I urged him to thank The Lord for answering his prayer and he agreed to do so.

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank The Lord Jesus Christ for making Himself real to my son in a practical way and for boosting his faith. My encouragement to the readers is to read Romans 1 : 21.

Remember to always give thanks and you will get more. Be blessed.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November 27Dinner

On Friday I had the privilege of attending the  27 Dinner at Chevelle in Cape Town. With a great lineup of Speakers just standing amongst the crowd had me all excited.
I arrived late as ever but managed to hear Justin Hartman who is the CEO speak about howAfrigator started out in a garage and is today one of the top ranked Social Media search engine and Blog directory. It was time for questions and I managed to squeeze one in, to my surprise I was not answered but was told by Justin Hartman let’s chat afterwards “Lucky Me”.
As the event drew to a close I had the opportunity of acquiring a “I’m Huge on Afrigator”  T-shirt.
And as the saying goes “Give a blogger a t-shirt and he’ll be your friend for life”
Many Thanks to the team and Nokia for a organizing such a great event.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


There is alot of debate about the midweek game between United and Besiktas that i think is good when you wanna try and see what it is that Ferguson wanted to have happened that night, some say he should have played the better players and he would have won the game, and yes maybe you right maybe they would have won, others say he is loosing his grip on the game and it is time for change, and again, yes maybe you are right maybe it is time for change and he should hand over the batton to someone new and younger who could bring new ideas and a different way of play but this is what i say, that game, whether he won or lost did'nt matter, he knows exactly what he's doing. He is the best couch in England and his stratagies is of the best. There is no one that compares with Ferguson in couching, his record speaks for him. He has faith in his players and their abillity to do the job. He takes the burnouts and make of them stars again. I think he is great and that he makes United what they are today but like i said thats just my thoughts, what do you say?

thank u LORD JESUS for saving me

thank u thank thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u LORD JESUS YOUR LOVE ENDURES FOREVER and EVER

A Lot Has Happened

I have really seen the Hand of God move in my life...i would never be the same after this.

God availed an opportunity for me to get young people from the community and giving them a chance to be taught a skill and to have a job.I am taking what i have learned and putting a bit of my general knowledge to equip them.

I am really so amazed by what God can with a young man like myself that only wants to avail himself to help others.

This was only one of the awesome things that happened, to much to put on a blog....


in this week i heard about someone breaking in at our friends home,
her story was ,that being awakend by the light going on in her room,
to see a man standing in her room.
she called for her son - in -law , at this he ran down the stairs out the way
he came in.
she says because of our continues prayer and fasting the LORD protected
her and their family
thank you Jesus.


Being Humble

Hi there its been a while since i posted a blog i just want to say that the LORD is good and his mercy endures forever.I was lost but now i am found was blind but now i see.I have a difficulty at finding work i was beginning to loose my cool from just hanging around at home so a close friend told me that if you slumber poverty will overcome i decided to go to the impact direct ministries to avail myself as to just hang around doing nothing at home.So now i am looking forward to get up in the morning to avail myself at impact direct ministries because it has a positive impact on peoples life.

Counselling Training

Its been a while since I last posted a blog but im at the reconstructed class and i havent had anything to eat yet so my concerntration level is almost non existant. I was attendung a Drug Counselling workshop in Paarl this past week and the workshop itself was very helpful and the new people I met were all very polite and friendly and they were very experienced. I felt very out of place because of the lack of experience and because I did'nt have much counselling knowledge. I did not know there is so much to look out for when doing drug counselling like how to deal with denial in a client and how to give as little advice as possible and rather to draw from the client his or her own salutions and then just guide the client in that way and how your first meeting with the client could be the only meeting and that you should make a good impression by not being judgemental and just creating a safe and comfortable place for them so when they ready someday they'll remember and visit you and will be ready to open up to you as a counsellor and there was so much more to learn. We had four different facillitators in three days and you had to explain to them everytime who you are and who you represent. The facillitation was good espcially the first two young ladies from Kenilworth clinic who had us do role plays and always had us interacting with one another which was great because it kept the meeting alive and you had to concerntrate alot because you always had to act out something or do some kind of activity so I enjoyed that very much. The other guys had too much informatiom for the little time so I just took what I could from their sessions but Im glad its over and Im looking forward to some serious Drug Counselling.

God"s Grace

Greetings to everyone,the year has almost ended but God's Grace has been enough for me. As a young man living in the Cape, i focused my eyes on God all the time.I certainly am benefiting the rewards.The Bible also says stay in me then you will bear much fruit. I say again God is a reward if you seek his face with a humble heart .

This week has been tough for me as i lost a loved one, to be exact three months ago.I have never seen the righteous forsaken as God takes care of them.
Coming also to the Impact Centre in Bridgetown has helped me grow as i got encouragement along the way.I have furfullment that God takes care of his children. Everyone should know God is alive
If you have a problem you should just go on ur knees and pray.


from the first time i started school i always thought it was going to be hard and yes it is but if i study real hard i know that u can accomplish things and some of my old friends tell me that i must
leave this what I'm doing and look for something else and i told them no i am going to benefit from
this not then when i make a success of myself they will be coming to me for work so they told me
i must say things like that i just told its not my life i am messing up you are doing it to yourself and
i see myself as a IT man living it large so that's the way i want my life to be when i grow up.

great days

I haven't sending my posts for a time now but i am doing it now and the days that i have been away
was because of all the times i spend with my grandpa he just turned 80 and that is a big number
and my family gave him a nice party but anyway now it was school is was a tough week for me
after hearing that one of my close friends got stabbed in the tummy and i was very shocked to
hear that and he is laying in hospital and i just hope he get better.

Monday, November 23, 2009


today i had to repair my weed eater before i could continue gardening

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angels and Mobiles in Western Cape Schools

The Rlabs staff was kept busy this week preparing and doing the angels and mobiles presentation in 6 schools in Western Cape. Angeles and Mobiles is basically where we showed the students how to add the contact on their mobile phones (mxit).

If we take a look at history everyone wanted to be connected using Pigeons to send mail and in the pic above you can see the first mobile phone and the first camera phone and only a few people had them. Things has changed there are 4.4 billion Cell phones around 2 out of every 3 people have a cell phone, and with all the mobile chat application it gives you no excuse not to add the services to your mobile. You have the key to connect with us the service is at low cost and you can reach us where ever you go and you are totally anonymous.
Are you ready for this? To add us on your MXit you can do the following
1) Go to contacts
2) Add contact
3) Go to Jabber or Google Talk (depending on your version of MXit)
4) Jabber or Google Talk ID:
Nickname: DAS
5) Accept contact
This service runs Mondays to Thursdays between 4 and 6pm. Join us as we reconstruct our communities.
Another contact that can be added on mxit is Angel, Angel is a 24 service where you can get advice at your finger tips and it is easy to access on your mxit as a buddy.
Add Angel on Mxit
Go to Contacts
Add Contact
Go to MXit Services
Service Name: Angel
Nickname: Angel
Accept Contact

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mobile Counselling Training by The Reconstructed

In collaboration with the Department of Social Development and Impact Direct Ministries, the RLabs team hosted the world's first Mobile Counselling Course to a group of particpants from various Non profit and Community based organisations. The focus of the training was to empower these organisations to make use of mobile phones as part of their counselling services. The training was managed by our mobile counselling specialists who covered a wide range of topics over the three days ranging from the "Art of Mobile Counselling" to "Confessions of a Mobile Counsellor".

The new mobile counsellors were also introduced to the system that will be used for the mobile counselling activities. The excitement by the participants and orgsanisations involved was a clear indication that using mobile counselling as part their support services to clients could add value to their service delivery. This is especially the case for organisations working with youth who use mobile phones daily for engagement with friends and family. The training was only the beginning of the journey and the next few weeks we have to roll it out to schools that could benefit of Drug Mobile Counselling Services.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Development Celebratory Event

The Department of Social Development in Athlone celebrated their monthly staff gathering to highlight the many good things that are done in the community by various organisations they in Partneship with.
It’s been two years since I made a commitment to serving Christ and two weeks later since I did my first presntation at a Womens Conference and today God has allowed me the opportunity to attend the event as a guest speaker to share a motivational talk.

I shared my story and presented a short introduction of how I use Social Media as a source of freedom to express myself and share the many promises God has instore and how you shuldn’t limit yourself.

To download Monique Theron podcast see

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cape Town NetSquared Meetup: ICTs for Civil Society

Cape Town NetSquared Meetup with Arthur Goldstuck by you.

The 3rd Cape Town NetSquared Meetup was help at Wild Fig. The focus of this Meetup was aroud ICTs for Civil Society.

Arthur Goldstuck was the keynote speaker at the event. He is an award-winning writer,analyst and communicator on Internet, Mobile and business, and Arthur is the head of World Wide Worx a research organisation.

Some interesting facts that he mentioned was around research conducted about parents’ perception of where their children are at interms of their usage of technology. Other interesting research was done in desadvantage vs advantage schools in Gauteng area that highlighted the fact that there is still a huge digital devide between the two.

MOM2.0 Vlogging Session

Craig doing MOM2.0 Session  by Reconstructed Living Lab.

As we are approching towards the end of the year we still got a few social tools that we need to cover. Today’s MOM2.0 cafe session was about video blogging. The ladies captured short video clips from their mobile phones, registerd on the video sharing site YouTube where they shared the video clips. After loading the video’s on YouTube they copyed the embeded code and uploaded it on blogger the space where the ladies engage and share their stories

Here is Vlogging Tips: Keep it short and to the point. Not many people like waiting for videos to buffer, and because of this, it might be better to make a short video that clearly expresses what needs to be expressed. This way, the video would load faster and more people will appreciate what you have to say instead of cursing the server. A small and simple file makes things easy for both yourself and your viewers.

MOM2.0 Vlogging by Reconstructed Living Lab.

Art of Mobile Counselling in Western Cape

Meeting with Social Development by Reconstructed Living Lab.

The Reconstructed Living Labs (Rlabs) had a follow up meeting with the Department of Social Development on the Drug Advice Support project in the Western Cape. We came to a conclusion that Drug Advice and Support pilot project will be launched in schools from the 9th of November 2009.

The five areas in the Western Cape that will be targeted is, Khyalitsha, Atlantis, Mitchells Plain, Athlone & Paarl. The NGO’s that will be part of this project is SANCA, Dop Stop, Sultun Bahu and Impact Direct Ministiers. This NGO’s will target 3 schools each in their area from grade 8-10. Each of the NGO’s will have two cousellors that will be online for four hours per day Monday-Thursday.

This is a mobile counselling platform not the normal face to face counselling that the NGO’s are use to. Being the worlds first mobile cousellor I got some experience on this system. I am allowed to say there is a Art of being a mobile couselor. All the NGO’s that will be part of the pilot project will get training by the world’s first mobile counsellors in the Rlabs. The aim of this training is to introduce the art of mobile counselling

Art of Mobile Counselling in Western Cape

Meeting with Social Development by Reconstructed Living Lab.

The Reconstructed Living Labs (Rlabs) had a follow up meeting with the Department of Social Development on the Drug Advice Support project in the Western Cape. We came to a conclusion that Drug Advice and Support pilot project will be launched in schools from the 9th of November 2009.

The five areas in the Western Cape that will be targeted is, Khyalitsha, Atlantis, Mitchells Plain, Athlone & Paarl. The NGO’s that will be part of this project is SANCA, Dop Stop, Sultun Bahu and Impact Direct Ministiers. This NGO’s will target 3 schools each in their area from grade 8-10. Each of the NGO’s will have two cousellors that will be online for four hours per day Monday-Thursday.

This is a mobile counselling platform not the normal face to face counselling that the NGO’s are use to. Being the worlds first mobile cousellor I got some experience on this system. I am allowed to say there is a Art of being a mobile couselor. All the NGO’s that will be part of the pilot project will get training by the world’s first mobile counsellors in the Rlabs. The aim of this training is to introduce the art of mobile counselling

Moulding new Drug Advice and Support Advisors

Impact staff will be doing two days of training in the Reconstructed Living Lab. They will be doing the Art of Mobile Counselling. As the numbers is increasing on the Drug Advice and Support service we need more advisors on the system.

Although most of them are doing one on one counselling there is an Art of being a mobile counselor. The aim of this training is to introduce the mobile system that we are using and the Art of a Mobile Cousellor and they will do a role play on the Drug Advice Support system.

After doing training with the Impact staff the Drug Advice and Support system went live after 3 weeks down the developers did some maintenance on the system. The service ended with more than 300 messages and more than 50 users online in the space of two hours.

To add us on your MXit you can do the following:

1) Go to contacts
2) Add contact
3) Go to Jabber or Google Talk (depending on your version of MXit)
4) Jabber or Google Talk ID:
Nickname: DAS
5) Accept contact

This service runs Mondays to Thursdays between 4 and 6pm. Join us as we reconstruct our communities.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Playstation FIFA 2010 Tournament

I just registed for a online soccer tournament that will take place tomorrow the winner will go to UK

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

you tube session

i had a great time in reconstructed class this morning.Craig Ross.Brent Williams and Clive Everste gave us the lesson i thank God for what he has done in their lives.this morning session we uploaded videos to our you tube accounts.keep watching this space God bless.

saved by the blood of JESUS

We should have faith

I had a good week so far. Today session at Reconstructed was very informative.I,m greatfull that God saved me at the right time.Everything that we have comes from God. I am also happy to be among the believers here.

My encouragement to everyone is to remain in God. God want to give us our heart desires." The ultimate measure of a Man is not where he is in times of comfort but where he is in times of challenge."We can make it through hardship and we should always remember joy comes in the morning.

The only solution is that we should have faith, and believe in God's word.


everything started with GOD so when u have a promlem consult GOD first it works for me!


i had a very PROFOUND and PROLIFIC morning with the guys in the RECONSTRUCTED Programme.

Never The Same Again.

My week was really amaizing had an awesome experience in the presence of the Lord.I was really overwhelmed on wednesday evening after homecell,the word was about we allowing ourselves to get lost in God...

WOW!!!....I was really seeking God that evening because I was longing for a deeper touch of the Holy Spirit and I got more than what I expected.I got home from homecel and went to bed immediately but I couldn't fall asleep I knew that I needed have a one on one with God that evening,I was so restless but I got up and went into the other room and I wept before the Lord.I experienced the Lord like never before and I know that My Life Will Never Be The Same Again,it carried on whole night through until about 4:30 am....

I can just give God all the Praise and Glory....I Pray the whoever reads this post would be encouraged and motivated to change their lives and give it to Jesus I promise you that when you decide to change your life it will never be the same again.....

Reconstructed class

Clive Doing Talk @ Reconstucted Session

My short testimony

about THE LORD recstructing me

the start of much more

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Living waters

Church was awesome this morning,Pastor Solomon Seragie preached the word.The word was clear that we should walked beside the streams of living water.Pastor Seragie read out John7,1Corin. and Psalm,all in inconnection with living waters.The word was like a sharp knife through my body,so we must allow the living waters to flow through us,through Christ Jesus.Thank you Pastor Seragie for that wonderful word it was clear to me God bless.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


At first my life started when i moved to Rockland's .That was when i smoked cigarettes and also started drinking.My whole life,i grew up without my father,there were times when i just wanted to HUG or LOVE my dad or someone thats a father or someone that i know but yet there were no one that wanted to help but my mother.I was always involve in sexual things and i saw sexual things on a very early age and i ended up doing things on my own.I ended up doing TIK, HEROIN,DAGGA,MANDRAX and so on,i also started stealing cause i had to seport my habits. TO BE CONTINUE


I was attending a HIV training on saturday,which was very productive and fun.i learnt so much about HIV AIDS and the dangers of it.we should take HIV AIDS serious cause its killing our people everyday.JESUS is the only way that we going to overcome this please people stick to one partner and stop HIV!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reconstructed Video Blogging Session

vlogging Vlogging

In today’s Reconstructed Session I could sit back as a student. The session was facilitated by Marlon Parker, teaching us all about video blogging (Vlogging). We did a practical session where we recorded some videos and uploaded the videos on YouTube, the tool that we will use to store all our video. After adding videos on YouTube we posted some video post on our Reconstructed Blog.

The guys was really excited about this session because all that they want to do is to share their stories with people out there that is addicted to drugs. I’m just as excited to see how they are going to use video blogging on their space

here is a video Kyle Stevens: Servanthood

Monday, September 14, 2009

Faith is being sure of what you hope

Always remember Faith sees the invisible ,Faith believes the impossible and Faith receives the incredible.
Let us not judge for we one day will be judged.
In the contexts of the Jews I will not judge,For if It was not for there ignorance to believe that Christ Jesus is not Lord,there would be no Christians just think for us as believers what would we believe if the Jews accepted Jesus or would there even be Christians. That is why the bible says in Romans11-11 Again I ask, Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather , because of their transgression, salvation has come to the gentiles. Than page to verse12 it says, But if their transgression means riches for the Gentiles, how much greatewr riches will their fullness bring! 14 In the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them.15 For if there rejection(of Jesus) is the reconciliation of the world, what will their accptance be but the life from the dead?(As we were dead before we got saved) Let us be thankfull to Jah that we could find salvation through his son Jesus Christ.If some branches break off and you a wild olive(unsaved person)shoot, have been grafted in amoung the others and now share in the nopurishing sap from the olive root,(Witch is Jesus)do not booastover those branches.(unsaved)Let us be graceus to them for we have the truth so let share it with them. It is only Love that can set one free. So let us say -Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.(To our Rock Jesus Christ)If God did not spare the the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

Always be thankfull for the truth and spead the Gospel where ever you go then your faith will grow even though you get persicuted and rejected just accept it because for us we are in a unseen war and your blessing is in heaven if you are faithfull to the Lord.Keep on pushing forward and leave your past behind you than Christ will flow through you and you will enjoy the waters he has for you,as it is we could never have done what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Students Volunteer at Impact Direct

Caroline Ngwenya, Linnet Chihaka, Nyasha Ziyezwa, Lynn Kanengoni (grade 10) and Mary Ngwenya (grade 11) are students from Cape Town High school.

The above Students offer to do community service as a Life Orientations project. The aim of their project is to do research and work in an environment to offer a service to the community to disadvantage people. Impact Direct Ministries has the privilege out of many Organizations that the students are volunteering there time to.

One of the projects that the Impact Centre focus on is Senior Wellness and that was the main reason that attracted the students to do community service.

When asking feedback the girls replied "Our first impression that we felt love, among the volunteers that work at the Impact Centre"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Youth Marketing for Non profits

With the increased number of organisations especially non-profits looking at how they can engage with young people the video below, by Graham Brown of Mobile Youth, gives an insightful overview of what these organisations can do to reach their youth target market. The Reconstructed Project also featured in this video as we continue spreading the message of hope amongst our young people in South Africa.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blogging as a change agent to empower citizens

As I am getting ready to attend the World Wide Web Conference in Port Elizabeth this week I was reminded of a paper we presented at the same conference in Cape Town last year titled "Blogging as a change agent to empower citizens in communities with tension". Below is a short abstract from the paper:

"The power of the Internet as a facility is that it has allowed many people worldwide to use it without feeling the real bite of the term ‘cost’. It comprises of numerous technologies that create an interesting question: How far has the information technology world come in terms of development? The introduction of a Web 2.0 technology known as weblogs or blogging has fast become a popular choice of application used on the Internet. Blogging prove to have both major advantages and disadvantages when used in the business environment. Not much research has been conducted on the personal impact blogging has on individuals. An issue that this paper addresses is in determining how helpful blogging can be when used by a group of individuals that are in the phase of drug rehabilitation. Ex-drug addicts and gang members from the Cape Flats in Cape Town were used as a case to investigate how much of an impact blogging had on them on a personal level, in their everyday lives and others that surround them. Blogging could be an alternative assisting or possibly empowering individuals in communities with tension allowing them to express themselves and see the world from a new perspective."

Source: Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications 3-5 September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prayer with Mike Santer from UK

Posted by ShoZu

I love you Jesus!

I just want to give praise,honour and glory to Jesus.Thank you Jesus for saving my life,and thank you for taking me out of the pits of hell.i love you Jesus,keep me safe under your precious blood.John 14vs6 Jesus is the way,the truth and the life thank you Jesus!

my getaway

Two weeks ago my wife and i decided to go away for a couple of days just to relax and to see more of the country and what a beautiful country we have. We saw wide open spaces and mountains so colourful that we just saw our creator in a brand new light. The bible teaches us that God created all of these things for us to enjoy. The drive with the bus was very unpleasant driving six hours and stopping at every station on our way to our destination ,Carmel. Someone made fun of me and told me that it was a place for senior people but if you want ot get away for few days its a very good place to go to. We really enjoyed our stay there and the hospatality was first class and the food was the best, so if you want to get away go there and enjoy Gods creation

the holidays yet to come

in the morning i get up early and i walk down a long road thinking to myself will i ever get there
but then i start to think how close it is to the holidays and then i don't mind the walk i just say
to myself it's almost done then i can go to my cousins to just take a breathe

skills transferred

In the past the fathers prepared their children for the future by transferring their skills down to their children errespective of whether those children would oneday follow in their fathers footsteps. In this way the families were much closer and they had respect for oneanother. They (the children) may even decide to go and do something completely different but as long as the fathers transferred that skill, is so important. When things dont work out as planned for the children they always have a skill to fall back onto. Today the children are not open to learning any skills from the parents and that is one of the reasons for the unemployment rate. If skills were tranferred down from our fathers survival would be so much easier for everyone. How can we get our fathers and sons to come together and tranfer skills? I would oneday transfer my skills to my children so they can survive and in this way i'll have a closer relationship with my children

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior Citizens playing Wii

Senior Citizens playing wii

Impact Direct Ministries is very devoted to the seniors of the community and have committed themselves to a group of 20 -30 seniors of the community.

Every Monday these seniors come to the Impact Centre where they are taught various life skills, arts and crafts and exercise . Today the ladies did a talk with them about healthy lifestyles and nutritional diets. After the talk it was the guys slot to do exercises with the Seniors But this was not going to be any exercises.We set up the Wii console in the main hall of the Impact Centre.Today they were going to get a full body workout as the pictures will explain.They were naturally exited and there was a great buss in the Centre.We let them play bit of everything ie. bowling tennis etc.

There are lots more of technology that we are wanting to introduce the seniors too eg how to operate their cellphones (properly).These are exiting times and we cant wait to make our Seniors techno savvy .Stay tuned for a bog post on how our seniors use their cellphones to make a change in their communities.

Senior Citizens Playing wii

Why NGO’s Should use Blogging for their Orginization

Social Media for NGO's

Thursday we are having our first Social Media for Social Change work shop with NGO’s. The purpose of this workshop is to see how NGO’s can possibly use Social Media to strengthen or further their cause.

I will do the session on blogging and how NGO’s can use blogs in their Organization.

Anyone can be a blogger in just a few clicks and the stats can prove it there are 183,102 blogger 162,662 new posts and 309,806 comments and the numbers keep on growing continuously this stats is just on one platform and their are many others tools. All this bloggers ,comments and new posts is in a world of their own name blogosphere.If you want to be part of the blogosphere you got to know a few words blogging this is the process of adding a post and blogger this is a contributor to a blog.

Blogs is about publishing content (stories,information etc) and to get a audience. The web2.0 is about creating sharing and engaging, blogs give you the platform to add videos,pics,audio and mainly text this make up the 3 creating sharing and engaging.

The big Question What is Blogging?

A blog is merely a tool that enable you do anything from changing the world to sharing your shopping list. (quote of a blogger)

Blogs is a type of website, it can be whatever you want it be (quote by craig ross)

A Blog is short for Web logs, is basically a online diary/journal -this directly answers the question what is a blog.

Why NGO’s should blog this is a great opportunity to create relationship and facilitate conversations. Blogging gives you a personal inside view of whats happening in your Organization. It allow you to recruit volunteers and helps with accountability to donors.

here is a tip

Don’t focus on having a great blog, focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

you can download my presentation Social Media for NGO’s

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Social Media for Non-profits workshop

Yesterday as we hosted a number of non-profit organisation representatives it was exciting to see how these non-profits would use Social media as part of the organisation strategies. It was also an opportunity to have members of the Reconstructed Team (Craig Ross (in image above), Brent Williams and Clinton Liederman) to facilitate the workshop. The day was a huge success as we not only managed to get the participants excited about Social Media but we also explored way of how it could be used practically within the various organisations for Social Change.

Some of the topics covered that got the participants talking was the use of blogs, micro-blogging and mobile phones as part of the organisation to engage with various stakeholders. Some of the challenges for many of the non-profits were the lack of resources (E.g. bandwidth, having staff dedicated to social media strategy etc). However, during the workshop we were able to discuss a basic Social Media strategy that could support Non-profit organisations. Using the following steps as part of the Social Media strategy proved to be useful to the participants:1)listening 2) participating 3) creating 4) building networks and 5) evaluating.

At the end of the day all the participants managed to start a blog, micro-blogging, get involved with social networks and draft a basic social media strategy for their various organisations.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey the everyone.It is time for yet another mom 2.0 cafe session.Just to mention again that i am so proud of our moms.

These ladies are housewives that are desperate to make a change in their community and to touch peoples lives with their stories.They have come a long way and have learnt a lot.Today they will be taught how to use links in twitter.First they will be blogging and then using that link and putting it upon their twitter accounts.

This is all so exiting to see these moms in action and behind these laptops.Watch this for our Desperate Housewives as they take over the world take over the world one instant message at a time.

God bless you all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Social Media For Teens Using Gmail

clinton doing gmail presentation for teens by you.

Our very first practical session with the social media for teens was a presentation on how to use gmail, (the basics steps) . After working two days on this presentation Clinton Liederman had the privilege to present it to the kids. The kids are very excited about having an email account and really enjoyed this session. My gmail inbox is always full of encouraging messages from the team. That tells me that they are learning a lot and that our work is not in vain.It is joy to see how happy these kids are when behind and operating these laptops.

Today’s session will be a ongoing of the last session sending emails and changing the boring template.

My loveable frends

Thank you GOD for saving my soul and thank you all thats supporting me.

my life

i wasted 7 years down the line on drugs and i stole alot of things but i thank GOD that im still alive.
i had many things to do and go to but i regret it but now im im going stronge with GOD

the week

my week at school was o but until the one day i came to school and i was walking
to my class and then i got my friend there so we were walking so a hole rush of
girls came and i thought they were coming to but they did not they were actually
coming to hit my friend and then i was trying to stop them and in between the
fight i also got a shot in the face by one of the girls and i did not even know it
at 1st but the girl that my friend broke up with she was jealous that he found
a new girl and she could not take it that he was happier than he was with her
and i laughed so she got upset i just looked at her and laughed

No looking back....

Who will you move? Well I was posed with that question a month ago. Not fully understanding the meaning thereof, upon meditating on the question, I was reminded of Mary in John 11. Scripture says, that Jesus was MOVED by Mary and felt deeply troubled and disturbed. Let us continue to look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. No weapon formed against us will prosper. The very weapon that Goliath intended to kill David with, was used to cut of his own head. Blessed are those who are persecuted!

Its never good to isolate yourself for to long. By the Grace of God, I will resurface. Where would we be if it was not for His Grace, Mercy, Love and Compassion.

God Bless

Friday, August 21, 2009

Advice Support Training for National Aids Help Line

On Monday I had my first Airplane experience flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg where I will spend five days together with Marlon Parker doing Advice Support Training with the National Aids Help Line.

Life Line – LifeLine collaborates with the South African National Department of Health to administer the country’s National AIDS Helpline

The Advice Support Network is a platform that we developed so that we can reach out to thousands of youth on their level for example most of South African teens has a cellphone and they use social tools like Mxit, Migg33,facebook,twitter etc. and now they can add us as a contact and start to engage without giving their name.
If I look back at my life I wanted to go for drug counseling but did not want to tell my parent that I’m using substance if a platform like this was around them maybe I wouldn’t of gone on drugging for 7 more years. So basically the training is about teaching Lifelines counselors how to use there system/platform.
To add the National AIDS Help Line on MXit you do the following:
1) Add Contacts2) Got to Jabber or Google Talk option3) ID: (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and Nickname: Red Chat Zone4) Accept Contact

Overview on Day 1 Life Line training

Here is a overview on what we did today training day No.1
First Marlon Parker did a presentation on how Mobile Phones can be usesed for Social Good. The counselors had a look at the system that they are gona work with and they had to register as counselors on the system lots of questions was asked on this stage.
After lunch we spoke about the art of mobile counseling, and I gave my personal experiences as a counselor on the Drug Advice and Support service some do’s and donts as a counselor because the one on one and telephone counseling is much more diffrent than mobile counseling.
The above pic is where the Lifeline counseling did some roleplay and getting used to the typing.
To add the National AIDS Help Line on MXit you do the following:
1) Add Contacts2) Got to Jabber or Google Talk option3) ID: (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and Nickname: Red Chat Zone4) Accept Contact

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Motherhood - My personal experience

In the above pic is myself and my beautiful baby daughter Meeka, born 19 April 2008.

I Thank God for having survived my addiction problems, so I can be a role model to her, There is not a day in my life that I do not struggle as a single parent.
There are days that I just feel like giving up but remain positive and draw strength from Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Being a parent has many rewards I wouldn't trade motherhood for anything in the world, each and everyday is a new experience.

I Thank God for my blessings.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3).

Launch National AIDS Helpline Mobile Instant Messaging service

Today will be the launch of our hard labour over the past few weeks providing National AIDS Helpline with the technology to offer mobile counselling service to thousands accross South Africa. Why this is such wodnerful opportunity? Interesting facts about South Africa:

1. Highest number of HIV+ people in the world
2. Most unequal countries in the world
3. Best technical infrastructure in Africa, especially cellphones

"Massive potential to use cellphones to provide communication & info services to millions infected or affected by HIV"

We salute the world's first HIV/AIDS Mobile Counsellors as we looking forward seeing how communities will be reconstructed through the use of technology.

National AIDS Helpline counsellors are available Mondays to Thursdays 3-5pm. Add the contact (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and nickname: Red Chat Zone.

Drug Advice Support going strong

Looking back at how the project has grown not just in number of subscribers but also our advisors on the Drug Advice Support (DAS) is so encouraging. Today as the guys were setting up (see image above) and getting ready to run DAS it is so exciting to see the passion that our advisors have to reconstruct the lives of thousands of people accross our nation. I know that the sacrifices the advisors have made are not in vain and we are seeing the fruits of their labour.

A year ago the team offering advice support on DAS
Well done to the Reconstructed Team for changing the world of citizens of our nation using technology.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

National AIDS Help Line on MXit

Today we started a world's first by offering training to the National AIDS Help Line using our Advice Support technology to offer counselling via Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM). This Pilot is supported by Cell-Life, HIV organisation Right To Care and PEPFAR which will allow for this service to be fully funded for the duration of the Pilot. What this mean for the National AIDS Helpline is that it would be now the only organisation in the world to offer counselling with regard to HIV/AIDS using Mobile Instant Messaging using the technology (see image below)that was developed by a community on the Cape Flats in the Athlone Living Lab.

The first day went well as we introduced the future mobile counselors to "The Art of Mobile Counselling" and "Mobile Phones for Social Good". The training is being done by myself and Craig Ross, member of the Reconstructed Team, and will keep you updated on the progress of the week. Also look out for a post on the "Art of Mobile Counselling". To add the National AIDS Help Line on MXit you do the following:

1) Add Contacts
2) Got to Jabber or Google Talk option
3) ID: (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and Nickname: Red Chat Zone
4) Accept Contact

This service will be live Mondays to Thursdays between 3pm and 5pm.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When they see,they believe

I was walking from the shop last nite,a bit late.When two guys were approaching,I was'nt taking note until the one stopped infront of me put out his hand and from under his hoody I heard my name.It was two of my friends I use to do drugs with.We spoke and I encourage them,but most of all,they encouraged me,by saying that they see hope when they see me,keep strong they said and dont forget about us

When they see,they believe

I was walking from the shop last nite,a bit late.When two guys were approaching,I was'nt taking note until the one stopped infront of me put out his hand and from under his hoody I heard my name.It was two of my friends I use to do drugs with.We spoke and I encourage them,but most of all,they encouraged me,by saying that they see hope when they see me,keep strong they said and dont forget about us

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interview with Reagen Allen in local news paper

LIVING in a household where drug abuse is prevalent can have destructive repercussions on those who do not succumb to the force of drug abuse.

Drug abuse is known to corrode family relationships; said Reagen Allen 24, who now works as a debt counsellor/paralegal, a company he formed with a partner

It creates a situation of hopelessness and family members often feel helpless, desperate and totally out of control when those close to them abuse drugs. A stable family life, Reagen pointed out, is something that communities should uphold and anything that militates against this, including drug abuse is not good and therefore needs to be redressed.

Reagen Allen grew up in a community where, statistics revealed, some of the highest drug related cases in the whole of Cape Town. He himself having a father and older brother addicted to drugs and participating in it together, which is not a normal family tradition, has affected his mother greatly to the point that she had to be hospitalised a month before he wrote his final matric exams. Reagen started to bunk school as a result of his home circumstances. He grew despondent about life and at the age of 18 started using drugs. After two years, being addicted to drugs, he realised that his life was not heading towards a positive outcome. A concerned neighbour consulted a counsellor to address Reagen regarding his drug addiction. Reagen said that he saw the reality of drug addiction as a serious dilemma in communities. The situation needed to be addressed in order to stop the escalating number of teenagers experimenting with drugs.

Matriculating from high school with exemption, touring Sweden to partake in an international youth soccer tournament, did not deter or give him any hope for the future. When posed with the question of wanting to give up drugs, Reagen in 2005 voluntarily said yes to the help and assistance provided by Impact Direct Ministries, an organization that was started in 2001.

It soon become clear, however, that the problem was prevalent enough to warrant the establishment of a team focused on helping drug addicts gain control of their lives. Reagen formed part of this group, called the “ The Impact Team” , himself being an introvert in every sense of the word, really had to come to the fore as this team where involved in various activities raging from life skills to spiritual and moral awakening in schools and communities, which called on him to talk in school assemblies.

Pastor Roger Petersen, the Director of Impact Direct Ministries, according to Reagen, played a major role in nurturing, developing and guiding him towards higher heights. Reagen said, he could not see himself as becoming somebody in life and really had to just listen to Pastor Roger, without trying to understand and figure out when and how his life would plan out.

Currently completing his second year as a law student, holds a Para-legal diploma and is also the youngest registered debt counsellor in South Africa, Reagen can softly smile and have a look in his eyes that echoes confidence, determination and courage to succeed in life and more importantly to take along with him as many other teenagers trapped in drug abuse.

The Impact Team’s work has different focus areas. Firstly, there is a role in the preventative program, always a fundamental aspect as this addresses the person before he/she experiments with drugs by informing those at risk of the implications and dangers of drugs.

The second area is training, aside from facilitating training, the Impact Team also receives training to better equip themselves with the necessary skills to counsel and direct other young people.

Other aspects involve discipleship and they strongly teach that God is a multi-generational God, and in discipleship this can be fulfilled where fathers and sons can walk together in unity towards a common goal instead of a father and son smoking drugs together and thus affecting the whole family, which leads to the detriment of communities, cities and countries.

Reagen started a Debt Counselling Company with a partner to assist over-indebted consumers by restructuring all their debt obligations.

There is HOPE!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Learning more

Im fairly an old fashion guy and was never really interested in new technology. So computers I tried to avoid but I soon realized that I too need to change or be left behind. There is so many things happening in the computer world that its really not good to not be clued up. Im getting there and im very optimistic about learning more. I was at a Media Conference last Saterday and I did not understand a single word that was shared that day. So when everyone was getting excited about something, I got excited but I guess the more I spend time learning about technology the easier it gets.


two weeks ago i thought that i going to fail my so and then my sir told me that i must not give up that easily and i thought to myself that i no that i can do it and it came to mind that there is still
hope and the next morning i went to school and we wrote our last workshop test and i gave it my
best and u know what i actually got 80 percent for my test and i was so happy that i achieved that
and wen my mother heared about that she was very happy.

My Studies

My Studies Finally Comung to an End
I have been studying for the past six months at a Hospitality School in Ottery,I have a passion for serving and taking care pf others needs...when I was younger I always had a thing for cooking and serving but never really took note of it.My dreams came true when one night whilst I was listening to a programme on A Chritian Radio was about giving young people a chance to use their gifts that God has given them.I was really interested in the whole idea so I took the details of the College and contacted them and the rest was history.
Now six months later I am trained in the Hotel trade I know how to serve people,create a business plan and how to treat my clients and the importants of customer satisfaction...I am really amazed by how God works He has really blessed me so much,now I am going to use that with which He blessed me and bless others.


my past few weeks were great and i never new that i was going to go to cape peninsula university
technology and it was so amazing they were talking about social media and they were talking about
google and how many people log on to it so i was very excited for it

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CPUT media conference 2009

The Cape Peninsula University of technology (CPUT) media is an annual one day event.

I had the privileged of attending the 11th annual conference themes online and the purpose of the conference was to establish a relationship between student and the media industry and how they operate.

Here is an overview of the days event.

Andrew Rens – topic- open source co-operative creativity in the knowledge economy.

Heidi Schneigansz – topic- search engine optimization

Matthew Buckland -topic – incubation online innovation the 20fourlabs story.

Adriaan Pienaar – topic – The experience web: why customers service can make or break a start up

Tyler Reed – topic – mobile is it.

Justin Hartman – topic- Afrigator and Gatorpeeps

Marlon Parker -topic - Using social media to affect social change

The topic that stood out for me besides the one of Marlon Parker (I’m working closely beside him as presented) is Justin Hartman the managing director just as he explained how Afrigator started while listening i realized that i had the same idea but on a different platform.

Many thanks to CPUT for a well organized event that got me motivated to out my ideas into practice.

A year of Drugs, Sex & Mobile Phones

One year has passed and so many things has happened since we "officially" launched Drug Advice Support (previously known as idmtalk). Drug Advice Support (DAS) is one of our large projects, part of our Living Lab activity, and it emerged out of a need in a community that were experiencing the scourge of drug addiction and violence. Using men and women from the community we started a journey that will change our lives and thousands others forever. This service uses mobile phones as a medium to connect with people all across South Africa offering advice and support to those in need (Mobile Active description of DAS).

Since then we've been in more than 50 articles (that we are aware of!!), 3 television appearances, more than 20 radio interviews and we still believe that we have so much to offer of how technology can be used to make a difference in the lives of many. We've had our server crash, got a team from UWC (Wesley and Paul) using the Chisimba platform as a basis for DAS to co-develop with the community a system that could support the large number of requests. With 19 registered advisors (4 Full time)who all come from the local community of Bridgetown, Cape Town, South Africa the following are some indication of what was achieved during 250 hours online (31 July 2009):

- Number of Subscribers: 9,193
- Number of Messages: 746,440
- Number of Conversations : 30,685
- Number of Conversations related to drugs: 18,963
- Average number of conversations per session: 30,685 / 250 hours = 122.5 per hour or 245 per session
- Maximum number of conversations 473 and the Minimum 21
- Average number of Messages = 1422 per session (Max 3678, Min 234)
- Average number of conversations per Advisor in a session = 24 (Min 4, Maximum 56)

Other interesting statistics were:

- TiK (Crystal Meth) was the most popular drug with 6637 related conversations followed by Heroin with 3223.
- 13% [1211] of subscribers were using this service to get support for a family member.
- 4% [403] of Subscribers are getting offline help/support or counselling after using the service (This is known cases through feedback conversations).

This clearly shows us an example of where mobile phones can be used for social good and make the difference in the lives of literally thousands in a nation. Bare in mind that all this was done with very little resources bu a group of extraordinary individuals passionate about reconstructing their communities.
So through all of this we cried and laughed together, celebrated when DAS subscribers were victorious and saddened when they were struggling, but we've made it and we are still standing. So what makes this year so special that others want to read or hear about it? Simple it is about people caring about other people and giving the little that they have to see lives being Reconstructed. A special thanks to the team of DAS who makes this more than a project of Drugs, Sex and Mobile Phones, but one of where we united can make a difference in our communities and nation.