Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CPUT media conference 2009

The Cape Peninsula University of technology (CPUT) media is an annual one day event.

I had the privileged of attending the 11th annual conference themes online and the purpose of the conference was to establish a relationship between student and the media industry and how they operate.

Here is an overview of the days event.

Andrew Rens – topic- open source co-operative creativity in the knowledge economy.

Heidi Schneigansz – topic- search engine optimization

Matthew Buckland -topic – incubation online innovation the 20fourlabs story.

Adriaan Pienaar – topic – The experience web: why customers service can make or break a start up

Tyler Reed – topic – mobile is it.

Justin Hartman – topic- Afrigator and Gatorpeeps

Marlon Parker -topic - Using social media to affect social change

The topic that stood out for me besides the one of Marlon Parker (I’m working closely beside him as presented) is Justin Hartman the managing director just as he explained how Afrigator started while listening i realized that i had the same idea but on a different platform.

Many thanks to CPUT for a well organized event that got me motivated to out my ideas into practice.

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