Saturday, March 29, 2008

IT HAS STARTED.................................!

Wazup peeps

You might be wondering 'what has started' ill tell you what as started its a REVOLUTION yeah a REVOLUTION

( i no i was shocked to, nearly feel of my chair when i heard it the first time 2)

What the REVOLUTION is all about is that the GoD & youth of Bridgetown is taking CPUT (cape peninsula university of technology) BY storm and aren't leaving any prisoners( satan betta watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you wana check what the REVOLUTION is Go to CPUT on friday nights in the Engineering building Rm 3.15 and you will be REVOLUTIONISED

Ciao 4 Now


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drug Testimony

Nazier, ex-drug addict, sharing his testimony of how he was transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Testimonies after the weekend away

Here Craig and Clint shares their testimonies and experiences. The guys definately had an encounter with the LORD while being away on the mountain and in the wilderness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

easter weekend

hey everyone greetings in
Jesus name what an awesome
weekend i had we had open air
on saterday and just celebrating
the death of our Lord and saviour
Jesus Christ,just to know he died
for all of our sins wow we got
alot to be thankfull for.

chat to you later guys
God bless and take care.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Seeing lives changed

What an awesome weekend we had and to see GOD changing lives is just awesome. The guys of the Impact Team are really an encouragement to many young people. Keep up the great work guys.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey everyone how you doing
im feeling very tired
today but i have God in my life
remember people what ever we go through
God is always faithful and you can take
anything to him
God bless.bye for now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in the UK

Hey guys, just got back from my fantastic trip to Cape Town. Had one of the most amazing 10 days in my life.  Feel so privileged to have met all of you. Very excited to see hoe God uses you all in the future.

God is useing me

God is useing me wherever I go...
I'm currently at the local library ministering to a backslider. We used to drug and party together in my "unsaved" days.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Brent Testimony

Check out the testimony of Brent a young man full of the promises of GOD.


we are preparing for our open air out-reach cant wait to do the Lords work
God bless!!


hey everyone greet u in Jesus name
im just chilling at the impact centre
waiting for the open air outreach
in Bridgetown hope everyone is having
a blessed day chat to u soon God bless.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wazup peeps

ust to let you guts now how the C-man is doing which is not well after writing a test(and not passing, having last written atest 5 years ago). but god is still the man for making known to me all i need to do is to work hard and i will pass with flying colours!!!

Anyway G2G


Saturday, March 8, 2008






The blessing of GOD'S hand upon you

Hi morning people hope you had a fantastic week. I had a blessed week god came threw for me I asked god to renew my strength each and everyday and this week we have a delivery and collection Business in Cape Town and this week the petrol went up bread and the milk up and came up with a plan of saving petrol reducing expenses .so I took the time coming up not using a vehicle in town and by where I actually delivering the parcels and items on foot so I’m fasting and praying that god will bless me in our business.So if you got sum ideas about how i can save let me know cya

walking in the light

There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Please take a step out of darkness in darkness you can’t see what direction you are walking take a step in the light
Jesus is that light of the world with him you can’t go wrong

God bless!!


hi! im Jerod Aspeling.Im married to June and i live in delft. I was in prison for 1year. I want to tell you a short story of my life. I was a gangster and when to prison for a murder but God saved me and change my life. I love to worship God now.


Hey everyone! I'm Clinton Liederman and i'm 31 yrs old. Im married to Shameez and we have 3 boys, Junaid 6yrs old, Bladen 2yrs old and Rayaan 8 months.
I come from a background of drugs and gangsterism... addicted to drugs for 9 yrs.
I met someone 8 months ago and he changed my life and given me new hope and his name is Jesus Christ.
Watch this space for more updates...
Be blessed.

new born baby

God is good going to be a dad very soon still dont have any name yet please hele name for a girl

the way to life

i come from a family that did not had always and i grew up in carrevan and we were 6 people in the carrevan and my famliy was muslim at that time and life was hard at that time so we moved to mitchills plain .my father abused alchole and it was hard to see my father like that and it effected my family .share more again

Another Saterday of IT

hey everyone i greet you in the name
of Jesus another awesome morning
of teaching at university of technology
this morning we learnt what is
web 2.0 by Rafiq Phillips later at
half past three we having a open air
in Q town chat to soon guys God bless


Hi peeps, i had a very blessed week Thursday was my birthday & i turned 23
and i just praise God for carrying me for 23 years, Thank u Jesus. Something
that I've learned on that day is, His coming at a time when we are asleep, so
therefor we must equipped ourselves, so that we will be fully constructed when the
Lord comes

Remember the Lord Luvs you.

What does God have in store for me?

I really enjoy what God is doing in my life(it makes me nervous& exited at the same time).

I'm not quite sure what he has in store for the C-man, which kinda makes me sick to my stomach(the fear of the unknown), however it also makes me excited(the adventures side coming out again)

I really lost all zest for life when i was doing all sorts of Drugs, which the All Mighty has restored all that i lost(went back to the enemies camp and took back what he stole from me).

But all i need to do is to trust that God has big and exciting plans for me.

Ciao For Now

Son Of The Most High


Oh what a great start to the weekend. We are in class with Marlon, (an I.T lecturer) being taught various things about computer technology. Today we learned all about Web 2.0.I would have never imagined about a year ago I would be learning all about computers. God is just so amazing.Everthing is possible with God.

Thursday, March 6, 2008



Four days ago the boys from The Renaissance Programme left to go on their two week camp.They seemed very exited and anxious at the same time,not knowing what to expect.We cant wait for them to return and hear what they have been up to for the two weeks.Will keep you guys in touch with their journey to recovery.


God is the GREATEST


God is truely good!!! Yesterday i was walking with friend who a week ago rejected God sayin" God is the last thing i need now!", who had relationship difficulties and it's amazing that the Holy Spirit took the lead in the conversation and reminding my friend that God will alwys be ther for him and will carry him through whatever the situation is.

It is also funny that apon meeting my friend a month ago, then he was a strong believer in the most high( The enemy is really a bit to late this time) , but i must leave now will update real soon about my friend's return to Christ

Yours in Christ

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Goodmorning Yawl

Today I’m feeling very blessed as I’m embarking on a wonderful journey with the Most High GOD.

I have been invited to start a ministry at my collage (which is truly amazing, and give’s me butterflies).

It is also a awesome time for me, who in past years has been roaming the streets with no direction until meeting Christ a year ago after disembarking my 5 week stay at a rehab in Worchester.

I have been doing drugs since the age of 16 until the age of 21. While been a drug addict I never in wildest dreams ever imagined that I would be attending university (esp. my passion which is technology, GOD is truly amazing isn’t He!!!!!!)

But that’s all from Me 4 Now!

Ciao 4 Now

Son of the Most High

Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcomed Family From The U.K

Early this morning (06.00am) Kyle and I woke up and prepared breakfast for the guest that would soon be arriving. Our guest, Gary Wills (A computer science lecturer) and his colleague Ivan arrived at about 09.00am.We had an awesome time chatting, catching up and spending time in pray with our head pastor, Pastor Roger Petersen We had so much to tell Gary about what has been happening and the progress at the Impact Center since he had last been here (last September). After that they went to Craig Dumont’s house to rest a bit after the long 12-hour flight. They returned a few hours later and had lunch together with the Impact Team. After our bellies were nice and filled we spend some time fellowshipping and enjoying the afternoon sun in the garden. They had to leave again to go to an urgent meeting. They were then scheduled to meet up with leadership of the church later that evening (i.e. pastors, and elders of the church) I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

PS. Will tell you guys a whole lot more about the Impact Team and the Impact Center

your future

Don’t think on what you have done

Think of what you can become

God bless!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today was very blessed. We received some youngsters that came into the Renaissance Programme.The Renaissance Programme is a programme for boys, all under the age of 18years,that’s on drugs. They will remain on the programme for four months. A young man Reagan Allen gave a motivational speech to encourage the young men. Today their journey to become drug free started. It is a journey of a thousand miles that begins with one step, and today was that first step they took by coming onto this programme. They will be leaving for a two-week detox camp tomorrow. Will keep you guys updated when they return.
hey everyone how u doing
Jerome here greet u in the
wonderful name of JESUS
this morning GOD poured
out his glory he is so awesome
this morning the word was being in line
with GOD so christians out there just be
obedient and u will receive the blessings
till next time GOD bless.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday for God!

We had an open air outreach earlier today and it was blessed… I am now preparing for our usual Saturday Night prayer meeting and would like to encourage all the readers to spend your time seeking God.

Col 3:2 “Set your minds on things above, not on early things.”

Be blessed.

Spreading The Word

Today we did an outreach in a poverty stricken area where residents have lost any hope and desire to rise above their conditions they currently living in. A place where alcohol, drugs and abuse is the order of the day…We shared testimonies and preached The Gospel to present hope to the hopeless. Needless to say God showed up in all his Glory and Majesty and many of the hopeless residents responded to the altar call. We had an opportunity to pray into their hopeless situations and trust God to reconstruct their lives, homes and community.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life

Hi my name is Craig Ross I am 27 years old I was on drug for 8 years and the drugs destroyed my future and my life I am getting my life back. There is life in JESUS



Hi I'm Michael aka Mikey, I'm a 25 year old born in Cape Town and saved and 'reconstructed' by the blood of the lamb that was slain for humanity. Stay tuned to read more about me and what God has done in my life and where he has taken me from and lifted me at.

Story of "ASH"

Hi peeps, I’m Ashley Samuels my friends call me ‘‘ASH’’. I’m from Mitchell’s Plain Rockland’s Cape Town; I’m part of the impact team.

chromie's story

hi my name is Jerome Mias i am 29 years old
i live in Bridgetown Athlone i am part of
a support group to help drug addicts overcome
there addiction with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

who am i????

Hello Hello....

My name is Jason Pereira.
I'm from the small country of MALAWI.
Currently doing my Btech degree @
CPUT. Hectic times for me but surviving....
I think.... :)

and thats me...


Hi my names chezlyn I’m a DRUMMER of CAPE TOWN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. I want to greet you in the wonderful name of the Lord.Im looking forward to getting to know more about and how god has been a impact inn your life

Caught up

Hi there everyone. My name is Brent, a young man that grew up in a place called Bridgetown, Cape Town. Bridgetown is a place for well known for its gangsterism and drug-related activities. Growing up in this environment I was easily exposed to all these negative things ie: gangsterism and drugs.
Yo peeps.

This is a brief intro about the “C-Man”.

The name’s Clive-Marcus the age is 22 years, from Athlone.

Currently studying It at Cape Peninsula University of Technology(First year).

My Hobbies are gamming, sports, meeting people!

Ciao for Now.

the story of kyle

hi i am a 18 year old guy who stays by the impact center and also helping out for a year to counsel young people who is on drugs or has problems that they are faceing and you will hear more about me and how JESUS is useing me as young person.Pleas read more ill share alot of my story

Welcome to Reconstructed

To all new bloggers and newcomers, we welcome you to our blogosphere, the ‘reconstructed’.

Within the blog, you will find:
• The testimonies/ life stories of “reconstructed” drug addicts and gang members
• Gangsterism
• Drugs
• Support
• Solutions
• How GOD keeps His hands on ordinary people
• The Lord Almighty, the one and only – JESUS CHRIST

We welcome you with open arms and look forward to the stories that will be shared, the building of friendships and knowledge that will be shared to help “reconstruct” lives, families and communities.