Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Studies

My Studies Finally Comung to an End
I have been studying for the past six months at a Hospitality School in Ottery,I have a passion for serving and taking care pf others needs...when I was younger I always had a thing for cooking and serving but never really took note of it.My dreams came true when one night whilst I was listening to a programme on A Chritian Radio was about giving young people a chance to use their gifts that God has given them.I was really interested in the whole idea so I took the details of the College and contacted them and the rest was history.
Now six months later I am trained in the Hotel trade I know how to serve people,create a business plan and how to treat my clients and the importants of customer satisfaction...I am really amazed by how God works He has really blessed me so much,now I am going to use that with which He blessed me and bless others.

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