Saturday, June 27, 2009


Good day everyone.Today we are doing The Reconstructed Reloaded class that is being run by kingross today.He has added a number of new contributors to the Reconctructed blog.These are once again ex drug addicts thaat have never used a computer before in their life.It is encouraging to see how the guys are learning so fast.

These classes take me back to the times when we started our first classes.It is amazing to see how God has carried us though and how we can be a blessing to others.

A special thanks to Craig Ross spear heading up these classes on Saturdays.Well done my brother and thank you for always encouraging us and motivating us.You are a true blessing:-)

As i am wrting this i am sitting next to one of the pastors in our church.He is 65 years old and it amazing to see how much he have g rown in this class and how fast he is learning.He however was not on drugs or an ex drug addict ,but it is such a blesssing to have him in class with us.Thank you to you pastor Poole.(check out his latest blog post:BAPTISM AGAIN)

Well done to all the students of this years class.You guys are doing so good and we are proud of you all

ps.was also good to have Chromie back in class(love you my brother and good to see you) are a Master

Last years graduate

Posted by ShoZu

This is Jerome Mias back in the reconstructed session for a touch up on his blogging skills. Read his blog post (chromie as the blogging world know him)


I just wanna THANK GOD for saving my soul and saving me from the DRUGS.



thagk God

i love my friends and god changed my life.


Mikey just wanna take photos and he just wanna be the good guy.I think im gonna give him a SMACK later.


YOR,my week was good but im siting with a flu now cause i went to a FACILITATORS camp and it was good but it was very tiring but i had GOD by my side.They took all cellphones and all watches off.


all the classes that i go to just makes me want to go to college and i just hope
that i finish school then i can go to college and my dream is to become a
IT SPECIALIST because i love to work on computers i almost no how
to create my own website then i can put in all my information in there
and tell people about my life and all the things i did wrong and why i
did it and i no i did a lot of things wrong that i wish to correct and
forget about because i no that was wrong of me and i no my parents
would expect better of me

Getting to know GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi i am a 32 yr. old recovering drug addict who lived a life of deception for 20 yrs.
A man living my life as a woman "WOW" for 20 yrs. i was Felicia King deceived lost
and heading for destruction and death,and by the grace of my LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,
I am set free , thank GOD.I am now getting to know GOD though discipleship at Impact Direct Ministries.
God Bless!!!

my life

Hi there everybody my name is Leon im washed by Blood of Jesus. I was pimp voortrekker road and in various places was a gangster smoked everything ,Iam talking about everything, by the grace of God, Im now on the reconstructed team at the Impact center,Thank you Lord JESUS I bless YOUR NAME YOUR HOLLY NAME LORD JESUS CHRIST!

baptism again

After some twenty od years ,i baptised a mother and daughter, what an experiance
though the water was cold, the eagernes of the candedates was encouraging
after the baptism we enjoyed some fellowship ,the candedates was very thankful.
God bless.

Fridaynight out

Last night the guys went out to play a indoor cricket and we all had a good time but for me it was good cause i could bond with the guys.It was really exciting and really fun but now we up for another game but we gonna give them a hiding on the next game.

Saturday class

First of all,i just want thank God for opening my eyes this sitting in the Reconstructed class,Brent and Craig giving us's good to be back with the Impact team i love and look up to.i thank God for the Impact team,and what his doing in young peoples lives,thank you Jesus for your love and mercies!


hi everybody i am in another great class i could not even wait for it so i was very excited
for today

it is holidays again i have waited so long for the holidays and now it's here
and i am still thinking on what i am going to do but the week that i had
was not that nice it was very cold and i had nothing to do so i was mostly
at home but yesterday was awesome the whole school was celebrating
because the school had ended and i can't wait for the next holidays


Hi there its ur boy Tazz coming live to you straight from the IMPACT DIRECT MINISTRIES i just want to share with you how my week were it was very tireing because i had to stand up early whole week for work at 4:30am and its winter and its like cold in the morning and i must be at work at 6am there were times when i didnt wane stand up but the LORD JESUS CHRIST through his mercy gave me the strengh to stand up.And i just wane thank U LORD JESUS for being with me and carrying me through the week its not official with out a thank u.Peace be with you all till we meet again GOD willing.

Neo316-Thereconstructed reloaded

I just love to mention that I’m part of this brother hood. Lives reconstructed from gangsterism and drugs, and I’m talking about the worst of the worst.

All pioneers of innovation in the social media sector eg. Das(drug advice and support) an application on mxit that we use to give support to drug addicts and affiliated social problems. Our aim is to reach 1% of the total mxit population of South Africa (12000 000 users) which will put us on 120000 contacts. I think that is pretty fruitful ,seeing that about 2 years ago I still sold drugs for an friend and involved myself in bringing destruction to our community.

I’m currently blogging while sitting in a social media class presented by Kingross and Brent Williams graduates of class 2008.

Neo: means(something new) and 316 refers to my favourite scripture in the Bible:John3 vs. 16 ,For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believed in Him should perish but have eternal life.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Game is on

The under 26 years of Impact Direct Ministries want to challenge the over 26 in a indoor cricket match and we accepted there challenge. I will be part of the over 26 Team just to make them nervous here is our Team:

Craig Ross the captain of the team
Clinton Liederman quick in the field and a fast bowler
Craig Dumont The spinner of the team
Deon Jeniker The fasters player on our side quick between the wickets
Deon Willie The hard hitting player beware the sixes
Pastor Eugene Kruzer the experience player of the team
Jerome Mias the last player to make our team
Michael Abrahams our danger man

One of our other key player could not make it Marlon Parker he is attending a conference in Port Elizabeth.

our other players:

Brent Williams
Bradley Naidoo
Ricardo Johnson

The game is on !!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MOM2.0 to the next level

The next level this is the mom2.0 project where we empower moms of the community using Social Media this weeks session was about the micro blogging tool Twitter. The first one of the ladies that get 1000 updates will be getting a small token from the team between the ladies they got more than 500 updates well done ladies

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another project that I’m involve in and facilitating is the MOM2.0. This is a group of moms that I have disappointed in the pass

with my drug and gang activities not empowering them with social media teaching them how to use blogs, facebook ect.

check out there blog

Thursday, June 18, 2009


As part of my job as a Drug Counselor I did an assessment this past Wednesday. There is nothing unusual about that…it’s what I do. What makes one particular assessment on this particular Wednesday is the young man I was counseling. The appointment seemed to go as most do. As we ended, I gave him another appointment and he left…or so I thought.

About two hours later one of my colleagues came to me and asked if I was aware that the young man I had seen two hours earlier was in my room. I thought that surely there was some mistake. I had sent him home hours earlier. I went to my room just to verify that my colleague was mistaken. When I opened the door, however, there sat this guy on my bed. I asked him what he was doing in the room and he told me that he was talking to one of the guys who shares the room with me. In checking with my roommate I was assured while he had been talking to this guy, the conversation took place outside the building much earlier. I spoke once again to the “intruder” and asked how and why he was in my room. He gave me all sorts of excuses. At that stage I knew that he was telling lies and suspected he was out to steal something, which is a common problem with drug addicts and I, of course, know this first hand.

I had told the young man as part of the assessment that other parts of the Centre were off limits to him and that he was NOT to go into the rooms. It made me angry with him that he had deliberately defied me but I refrained from putting my hands on him and recalled the days not so long ago that I could have been the guy in that room looking to steal something I could sell to get my next stash of drugs.

The reason I was perhaps more upset than I would have liked to have been is that that was not the first time that sort of thing had happened, not with this guy but with other addicts that came to the Center for help. Not too long ago my mobile was also stolen along with some of my cash. And it was people coming to the Center ostensibly for help who stole those things and several others.

While speaking loudly to this guy I managed to maintain control of my emotions. Having my things stolen, particularly by someone I’m giving my time to help was a bit hard to handle. I guess it was particularly difficult because I don’t get paid to counsel these guys but receive only a place to live and a small amount of money for necessities. It takes me a long time to save to buy a mobile and without it communication is at best difficult.

Setting aside the pain of my losses I had to wonder, what if I was in his shoes in this moment? What if someone hadn’t been understanding and reached out a hand of friendship when I was on drugs? My heart goes out to all drug addicts and sometimes I have to place myself in there shoes because, as you know if you’ve been following the journal of my journey, I once stood were they now stand. Instead of getting rough with him or calling the cops, I apologized to him for raising my voice and asked for his forgiveness. I told him that we want to help him get his life back on track and that it was possible for him to kick his habit. Instead calling the cops, I gave him hope and let him know that I am here for him and will help him.

We need to love people when they least deserve it and are least lovable. I also had to ask God to forgive me for letting my flesh take over and feel anger like that. This young addict will be in my prayers and I trust that God will deliver him from his horrible drug addiction just as He did for me.

Terence Hendricks

Posted by ShoZu

This is Terrence Hendricks working on the community space Athlone Living Lab (ALL)
This week he got a lot of work to do, transforming this space into a Computer Lab
good luck bro with the painting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am currently using a Sony Ericson K610i and that is the only gadget that I got close to hand 99% of the time to connect to the social networking sites like Twitter,Facebook blogging ect.

According to there are some interesting facts about cell phones you probably didn’t know:
The first cellphone was released in 1983-at least the first to get FCC approval.
There are lots of them – There are half as many active cellphones on the planet as there are people. When you think of the general wealth distribution across the planet, it’s pretty remarkable to have over 3.3 billion active mobiles. Then again, Luxembourg’s mobile phone penetration rate is 158% Yes, that’s 158 active cellphones for every 100 people.
South Korean teenagers between 15 and 19 years send well over 20,000 text messages a year on average (60.1 SMSes per day.) According to the Korean Times, in February 2006, over 30% of South Korean students send 100 text ,messages a day

Take Marlon Parker for Lunch

There is a reward for all hard work.Some that is passionate about reconstructing communities using social media is Marlon Parker he is on the Mail and Gaurdian list of South Africans to take to lunch.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We need to be aware!!!!!!!!!!!

If we don't open our eyes we will get deceived.
It is important to ask God for a spirit of discernment because many false prophets and Hipocrates out there ;many times people have a back up for doing wrong things and for there lies ;that is why we need to open our spiritul eyes.
I was once deceived by the darkness of this world.The people that you least expect are the hipocrates and lies that will let you go to hell.There intenion is to keep the people of this world so busy so that they forget about God and end up in hell.Life is not worth living without JESUS CHIRIST.We all have a chioce how we want to serve;We cant serve both the Devil and God!!!!!
We have to make our choices wizely ;Dont fall into the trap.
The Lord JESUS CHIRST has saved me and put me on good soil.
Many are called but only fue are chosen. There is no way that we can please God without having faith.

Be blessed World the end time is near better make the right choices people!!!!!!
Do you really want to go to hell!!!!!!!!!

Flippy's out Peace world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A True Hero

This evening as I was reflecting an exciting day presenting at the SAFIPA conference and being part of this year's Mail & Guardian Young South Africans to take to lunch I realised who are our true heroes.

With so many extraordinary individuals around us, I would like to commend and honour one of our Reconstructed Team members for putting others before himself. Craig "King" Ross lost his father yesterday and the sudden loss of a father, husband and friend is a very traumatic experience. Craig selflessly came to offer support today via our Drug Advice Service (DAS) helping many people (1293 messages today alone) across the nation even though he lost his father. The manner which he serves his community and others in South Africa is incredible. Yet very few people would give credit to the work he is doing and the lives he is touching and this without expecting anything in return. Therefore this post is to honour Craig for showing us what true Reconstruction is all about that he would put others before himself in the midst of a time of mourning for the Ross family.

He is a true example of a son for his father the late Mr. Ross and we know that he will carry on a legacy through the work he is doing reconstructing communities. Craig "King" Ross you are a true hero to many and your father is proud of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time.