Saturday, November 28, 2009


There is alot of debate about the midweek game between United and Besiktas that i think is good when you wanna try and see what it is that Ferguson wanted to have happened that night, some say he should have played the better players and he would have won the game, and yes maybe you right maybe they would have won, others say he is loosing his grip on the game and it is time for change, and again, yes maybe you are right maybe it is time for change and he should hand over the batton to someone new and younger who could bring new ideas and a different way of play but this is what i say, that game, whether he won or lost did'nt matter, he knows exactly what he's doing. He is the best couch in England and his stratagies is of the best. There is no one that compares with Ferguson in couching, his record speaks for him. He has faith in his players and their abillity to do the job. He takes the burnouts and make of them stars again. I think he is great and that he makes United what they are today but like i said thats just my thoughts, what do you say?

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Pilland said...

Nice indeed! I arrived here just surfing, but I think I’ll be coming bak again from time to time.
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy