Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surprise from God

last night was one of those nights when i knew upfront that sleep was not gona come easily.After a fairly relaxing evening, i found myself in bed but not tired enough to sleep.I have spend time in devotion and still not tired. As most times, our ways and thoughts are not that of God. He is a true friend and full of surprises. At 23:15 i tuned in to radio ccfm. the surprise was god speaking to me thru music.I truly had an awesome time in His presence. Also did i have fun with the presenters of "planet extreme"and with some of the callers. I had a gud laugh when a caller called and requested "My way" by Frank Sinatra on a gospel radio station. So ppl, when you find that you cannot sleep, speak to God as He just know how cos after that i went straight to sleep. Be blessed.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our table mountain

Firstly i wanna thank God for His wonderful creation Table Mountain. Yes, i am using capital letters as it is a huge mountain. Just a while ago it has announced that our mountain, God's gift to us, has been named a wonder. A wonder it is indeed! I am so proud to be a Capetonian as now we are all famous. Just imagine all the wealth our mountain is gona bring into this city!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trusting God

Earlier today, my daughter phones me to ask me about a certificate for a course she's done. Now because we have moved i didn't quite know where to look as i haven't really unpacked as yet. Lazy me lol. Anyways as i walked to the back, i started speaking to the Lord. I said, Father, where would i find this document as i could not remember as to what i had done with it. I also said Lord, i need you to help me here.So now i looked @ all these unpacked boxes, totally turned off. As i was wondering where to begin, my eyes fell on a box. Upon opening it, i found what i was looking for. Amazing, as i didn't think it would be so easy. While being so amazed, the Holy spirit said the following to me..trust God and He will direct your paths..When i asked the Lord to help me, He did just that..directed my path.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to Virtual Life

Hi everyone,

Today is a new day for me.. I'm with friends from RLabs Cape Town and we are At Silulo Ulutho in Makhaza Mall, Khayelitsha, Makhaza.. We are busy training up new user to the online world who are all soon to be Social Media Gurus.

now I know you wondering who I am but If you were one of the first readers of this blog you would know who I am. I am Jason Martin a.k.a Mitioj (beta known as MrNastics) I am proud to say that I was one of the first Reconstructed Team members and I was part of the developing and growing of Rlabs

"Today I'm proud to tell the world that my virtual life online died but I rose again.. " - Jason Mitioj Martin

Thank You for Reading this post feel free to comment :)


Wow this is a special moment in my life for me I can still remember it as clear as day.I went to register for my course at Rlabs but there was some confusion according the course details the course i had actually applied for was full and registration had closed. "I was booked for the wrong course" I remember telling the guys there at registration and I was lekker upset neh "what can you teach me about Social Media that I don't already know" I still thought to myself but was I in for a big suprise lol.Eventually after some "kind persuation"(by Gary might I add) I decided to just go ahead and do it because at that time I was at a point of such despiration to find employment that i thought what the heck.But little did i know what God had instore for me. I say this because it could only be him and through him that all these doors have opened for me ever since.Not only did I learn more than i could ever have imagined to have learnt from that course but the opportunities that came afterward where extrodinary.One of my facilitators(who owns her own SM Company) started calling me to come and co-facilitate with her part-time for her company.Then after completion of the bootcamp at Grow Academy they arranged internships (with no pay) at local NGO's for all of the participants of the bootcamp so that we could now use the skills we had learned and gain some experience and at the same time give back to empower someone else and we even got bursaries from them to do an online course with Getsmarter and UCT how cool is that.I chose FAMSA because they are an organisation so close to my heart but the day before I had to start at FAMSA I received a call with a job offering Yeah!!!!(with pay)and i thought praise God. And today I am a Social Media Account Manager and Co-facilitator at BizXnet. And non of this would have been possible if i had not walked into Rlabs that day. Rlabs has really,honestly and Awesomely RECONSTRUCTED my life. Eternally Greatfull guys.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reconstructed above the clouds

We really got much more than we bargained for on our latest venture. It was set out to be a day of separation. No hustle and bustle of the city life and just the tranquility found on Table Mountain.

The Influence of Significance support group ” a group of young Capetonian men reconstructed from gangsterism and drugs” take this opportunity to explorer and pray over the city from Table Mountain. I personally take this as my debriefing time and what better place than Woodhead and Hely-Hutchinson dams.

They were constructed between 1896, and 1907, in order to supply Cape Town with water.
Cape Town has since grown to such an extent, that the water requirements far exceed the capacities of the dams. However, they add such beauty to the mountain top and some interesting history too. The waterworks museum, found at 800m, on the top of Table Mountain, contains fascinating memorabilia from the dam construction. From original tools and photographs, to an entire steam engine!!.

 Table Mountain is known to be a floral wonder. In a relatively small area almost 1500 plant species have been recorded. The wonder of our mountain is that if you lucky you get to see the splendor of dancing ballerina flowers as we did. This group of dances flew for different parts of the world to do a photo shoot on our NATURAL WONDER!

Ballerinas dancing on top of Table Mountain

Ref: http://www.ridgwayramblers.co.za

Monday, October 10, 2011

Social Media, the Platform.

Thanks to Social Media and the tools available to me i now can do things for myself. Just Last week i have learnt how to create a page to advertise whatever one need to advertise. I always have to rely on someone, other than myself to market my business. Been on facebook for a while now but didn't know much about advertising until last week. So, because of what i have learnt at RLabs, i can now do my own marketing. I have started by creating a page and is still busy, intending on making people aware of what i am capable of and the type of service we offer. Please search on facebook for Final Touch Caterers and support me. Thank you RLabs for empowering people like myself.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Be The Few: The Power of Three Word Phrases

Be The Few: The Power of Three Word Phrases: Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those stateme...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinking out of the box

This is what the New and Digital Media class did for today

thinking out of the box

tonight I had a fun time in class learning about how to use things in different ways and it made me look at things differently lots of new ideas came into my head like using a fork as a back scratchier and using lotion as removing rust off metal

thinking out of the box

when you think outside of the box you must allow yourself to see things in a different way or perspective and by doing this you educating yourself

i just want to say yes! i enjoyed this session tonight . it was realy cool thinking outside the box wow, and it was realy cool seeing people thinking and bringing new ideas although it was funnny.thanx Rlabs you rock

Friday, August 26, 2011

About Jason

The video you are about to view is about myself and my journey for God.

Ricardo's Blog

This is a video about me "Ricardo little" in the Friday support group.


i like this video it reminds me of the the day i got saved

I just luv this video !


This is the song that influenced me so much to say everyday should be a happy day because of Jesus. This song says so much. Starts off to say 'greatest day' then in the chorus 'oh happy day"
To top it off 'and OH what a Glorious day'

The Bridge

Just felt that this was the Perfect video to share with the support group after it was played for myself and the Legacy group

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

best music video ever

My day

I was stressed out for the past few days.
Work has been hectic. Trying to solve my cousin problem i dont mind doing.
Being at Rlabs on a Tuesday helps me to relax. Seeing all the smiling faces makes me feel good about myself.

Bruno Mars is the best


the most expensive music video ever

first time i heard this track i absalutely loved it but when i saw the video i was blown away great song and video




Les twins

These guys are the best

My Passion

I an a fully registered caterer by profession and hereby wish to invite you to see me for all your catering needs. I cater for all functions. May it be Weddings, Birthdays, Kiddies parties, Office parties/lunches. Boardroom meetings and Funerals. Also do i specialize in Flower Arranging. I do these arrangements to suit your needs. The Flower arranging varies from Birth of a baby to the funeral of a human.I do this not only because i am fully trained but because i am passionate about rendering a service. Please feel free to contact me at any time @0845579572

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



AA. King test.

The car you seeing here is all about having fun.


I was a drug addict for 15 years,i have now be clean for 6 months,none of this would have been possible if it wasnt for the grace and mercy of our lord and saviour jesus christ.He has done the most amazing things in my life and i will serve him forever he is my king my god and everyones salvation


To care for children under two is very interesting.They starting to recognise themselves in a mirror they can climb steps tie a button.They are also starting to eat on their own , brush there teeth,you can also start them with potty training.

My Holiday

I had a fantastic holiday with my birthday A lovely boat trip to the islands The weather was fantastic It was like a little world on its own out on the sea.Made new friends and tried not to miss one event because there was lots of fun and laughter. Up from early morning till late at night A holiday i will never forget


A year ago i only knew about communicating via sms lol. I had no interest in any other form of communicating. The year 2011 really woke me up! I now know how to Facebook, how to use Google as a tool and right now i'm having my first taste of how to "Blog' and wow, what an experience!! I'm one of those people that was born before technology but refuse to stay in that space haha! Best part of all this is that i'm learning right now is, i don't have to bother my children any longer as i can now do things for myself. Thanx to the RLabs accademy!!!!

the type a person i am

Im caring and passionate person towards people. I like helping where i can. I live in Bridgetown Athlone i attended Bridgetown high school. Today I heard some sad news about good friend of mine.All he needs to know is that his in my prayers.

the upgrading in athlone qtown

they are realy renovating the flats beautifully , they painting , adding geysers , new plugs , baths etc.

its realy beautiful and you guys should take a look at it...

real champions,real madrid

real madrid football club,to me there's only one way to describe such a team as real madrid with its rich and successful history,sheer glamour and astounding elegance and that would be unforgivably great. real madrid has thee most uefa cup championship titles so far and that's why they are so great and the pride of my heart.

craze weekend

had the coolest weekend with my friends what fun it was cant wait for next weekend still kinda tired and tipsy but it was all fun and seeing my friend that i did not see in a while was a bonus hope I'll see him next weekend to pick up where we left off

Whats interesting about social media

It is a good way of communicating to someone who is a long distance away.
The other cool thing is that it gets you used to working with computers.
You can also reach people that you never seen in a long time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My name is Deon born in Cape Town, Bridgetown. I come from a life of drugs and gangsterism,someone who did not know his true identity but discovered it in someone by the name of Jesus>So know i know who i am. I am excepted i am loved i am favored i am blessed i am qualified to share in the inheritance of His glorius kingdom> KNOW THATS WHO I AM

who am i

my name is arthur i am from athlone kewtown i was a drug addick i am now clean for two years and have accepted christ jesus in my life i know that i am a better person and set my eyes on the calling in christ to reach out to those who was in a simular position that i was even to other drug addicks to help them

The Journey Begins

This evening a group of ex addicts that have recently embraced Christ has come together to share their experiences with the rest of the world.The aim is to get their stories out there to present hope to others that is lost.These guys were the worst of the worst and if Jesus could set them free from drugs then surely he could do it for others out there.Follow their stories and be encouraged.JESUS IS LORD

How my day started !

Got news this mrng,never got the job.How disapointing,i felt really miserable whole day. I learnt that we must except disapointments in our lives. The devil wants to bring me down but he is a liar. I will always put my trust in the Lord.I believe there is something greater out there for me.

Return from the Grave

This is a story about my life and how it was going straight to hell. Me (Ricardo Little) was looking to fill a void in life by doing drugs, drinking, having sex and even gangsterism. Things got so bad that i even found myself in one of sa's most dangerous prisons, Pollsmoore. How i landed up there is another story for another time. Not kowing what to do i called unto Jesus and he saved me. Today i can proudly say that im free from every addiction and even helping others. I'm truely thankfull that God saved me from the grave and i'm living for Him now.

Christ is alive and is walking with me

If I think back of how my life was before I knew Jesus and how it changed now it is amazing.He never left my side since I accepted him into my life.I never thought I could manage having a
son born with cerebral paulsey but he has empowered me to do so.Daily I receive wisdom and
strength from him.

Who am I

My name is Deon born in Cape Town, Bridgetown. I come from a life of drugs and gangsterism,someone who did not know his true identity but discovered it in someone by the name of Jesus>So know i know who i am. I am excepted i am loved i am favored i am blessed i am qualified to share in the inheritance of His glorius kingdom> KNOW THATS WHO I AM

learning something new

god is so good to me realy i never thought i would be able to learn how to use a computer but because i know i am more than a congkerer i am sure that this is the start of sumthing great for me .wow im feeling so confident an i praise the lord for this opertunity . my life is so much beter now an i am privileged to learn new things each and every day .i know for that this will not jus stop here but will go on and become the start of a truely memarable experiance for me amen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grow Academy Bootcamp

Twenty four hours ago the launch of Grow Academy Bootcamp has taken place. I am proud to say that i am part of this experience. Day 1 has kicked off with a brief introduction as to what will happen the rest of the week, we got to sign up to the Grow Academy site and make loads of friends. Today Rlabs will commence with Social Media training, tommorow we will be exploring web developing and design with the aid of woothemes, on thursday we will be dealing with search engines with webgrowth and finally on friday, Givengain will equip us with skills in relation to databases and communication campaigns.

This is a great oppportunity to gain experience and exposure as well as obtain some skills which i may utilize in my everyday life.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hashtags are to the social web what emoticons were to Web 1.0 and TXTing. While both are forms of expression and sentiment, there is one subtle, but vital difference. Hashtags are not only part of online culture, they are defining a new era of communication on the Web and IRL (in real life). With over 140 million Tweets flying across Twitter every day, hashtags surface a method to the madness – the ability to group conversations into an organized timeline. But what started out as a way to index conversations in Twitter has now substantially altered how people convey, relay and discover information in and out of the popular nichework. The hashtag has also become an effective form of #selfexpression.

In social media, “x” no longer marks the spot, “#” is now the indicator for popular culture and all that moves it. In the social economy, the hashtag is an indicator of value in the Twitter information exchange. Each hashtag represents revolving markets with varying lifespans determined by the significance of the conversation and its continuously fleeting demand. Some last only minutes, while others endure for hours or days.

While many struggle to understand the value of Twitter, those who get it are literally changing how they connect and talk to one another. At some point, a chasm emerges between those who use Twitter and those who do not. In other channels where Twitter users and other non-users are connected, for example email or text messaging, the culture of conversation becomes noticeably divergent. To begin with, Twitter users, like txters, are groomed to speak with brevity. Subconsciously aware of the character constraints of Twitter, communication is concise, to the point, with an emphasis on shortform bursts. This digital shorthand if you will is only part of what’s changing. Digital anthropologists have long observed the impact of text messaging on the ability to write in longhand. R U surprised? Prolly not…LOL! Twitter will also become the subject of educational studies to prove that the culture code of communication is transcending status updates to affect everyday engagement. Specifically within 140-character inspired transmissions, the hashtag is playing an important role.

#Brian Solis

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Can Social Media Save Lives?

n recent years, social networking services like Facebook and Twitter have affected many sectors of the global health care industry, from doctor-patient communication to medical research to hospital management. In this exclusive webinar, four leading experts will explore the implications of social networking technology for the future of medicine. Topics will include:
  • How patients are using social networks to learn more about their conditions and seek treatment information, thereby facilitating the provider-patient relationship and realizing efficiencies in the health care system.
  • Crowd sourcing medical research: how social networks can facilitate data collection.
  • The networked care center: how social media is changing hospital management.
  • How health care professionals can manage social media risk.

About the Panel:

Marc Monseau, Johnson & Johnson

Marc Monseau has spent the past few years as Director of Corporate Communication and Social Media for Johnson & Johnson where he is responsible for a wide range of activities related to the social web, including launching the company’s official blog and twitter account, @JNJComm. In this role, Marc has also worked closely with his colleagues throughout Johnson & Johnson to help them develop and execute digital and social stragtegies. Most recently, Marc created MDM Communication to provide advice and counsel for other companies to help them too find their voice in the digital world.

Mark Ryan, MD

Dr. Mark Ryan works at the Department of Family Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center and is also a member of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Advisory Board. Mark is interested in how social media can support development of collaborations and partnerships across distances, and how social media can be used to promote patient empowerment, health and wellness, increased access to medical care, and patient-centered care. He is an active participant in the #hcsm and #MDchat Twitter chats, and is a contributor to the Social Media Healthcare blog.

Meghan M. Hannes, CyberFactors

Meghan Hannes is the Director of CyberFactors and possesses nearly 10 years of cyber underwriting experience, designing and pricing privacy, network security, and intellectual property insurance programs for Fortune 500 companies and 1B+ organizations. Meghan carries extensive knowledge of regulatory, legal and financial exposures presented by advancements in technology, all acquired during her time as a senior underwriter at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and The Hartford.

Jake Wengroff, Moderator, Frost & Sullivan

Jake Wengroff is the Global Director of Social Media Strategy and Research for Frost & Sullivan. Jake evaluates the various technologies, vendors, influencers, vertical markets, and end-users in the social media ecosystem, providing guidance in Frost & Sullivan’s Market Engineering studies, Market Insights, Best Practices research, white papers, and other research.

#Social Media Today

Wedding Bells & Creativity

"I had so much creative fun with my hobby, doing hair and make up......"

The day might have started off wet and freezing cold with Winter fast approaching, but the day Bianca and Francois said their I do’s – a day they have both been waiting for and planning for a long time, the Cape Town chills certainly had nothing on them!! In fact, this must be the day the saying ‘showers of blessings’ was created for!
Not allowing the heavy clouds to dampen this glamorous occasion, all those near and dear arrived in beautiful style- tho not out shining the bride & groom who did splendid in wowing everyone who attended!
The pair was joint in a breathtaking cathedral in the city central- St Mary, followed by a warm & welcoming reception at Suikerbossie in Houtbay – one of the most beautiful fisherman towns in South Africa!
Besides the fireplace doing a good job at keeping the place nice and cozy, DJ CAT also fired away with some great tunes, making sure everyone, even those least expected, ended up on the dance floor!
The highlight of the evening must have been the fine menu! man, was the food good! Definitely to be tried again…
The fairy tale wedding ended on a fun note as guests formed an arch for the happy couple to walk through as each one wished them every happiness and bid them a farewell as they headed on their honeymoon to exotic Thailand xxx

#Photofuzion Photography

Monday, June 20, 2011

Men of Valor

Every man must be persuaded, even if he is in rags,that he is immensely,immensely important.Everyone must respect him and make him respect himself, too...give him great,great hopes.He needs them,especially if he is young.Spoil him.Yes,make him grow proud.... as only a father can do.

Growing up with no father child relationship has affected my live in many ways, and the day my dad past on it was like nothing... to me he was never alive.Yes not even a childhood memory of him playing with or fathering me...oh how i long for that embrace.It was to late I will never know I missed out on the blessing of having a earthly father and no one can replace him.I find it hard sometimes not knowing what it's like,I see others with their dad's and I wonder.........................

Yesterday as we honored the senior fathers in our church it came to me, that I can choose to forgive my father and not to miss out on the blessing of my Heavenly Father.He who called me by my name...and to all the fathers at Cape Town Christian Fellowship, I can look to you to teach me the way to live a life of honor,conviction and character.

Being a man of valor is both a gift and a discipline, It's a gift in the sense that God has given every man the capacity for greatness. It is a discipline in the sense that, although God will empower you,it is up to you to exercise the spiritual disciplines that will enable you to become the man God intends you to be a man of valor!

#Men of Valor :By Richard Exley
#Ugo Betti

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancing to the SaxBomb

It was an evening of Holy Ghost harmony and melody as anointed artist took to the stage in dance and song at the...
Stanley George Benefit Concert, hosted by-
Cape Town Christian Fellowship (CTCF).

Artist from all over the Western Cape joined in to support the event at Eros Center Athlone, and what was to be a concert tuned out to be an evening of pure worship.The CTCF worship team set the pace as they ushered in the
Holy Spirit,with Jason Mitioj Martin , Mark Peters and Donovan Petersen doing a trio with
It's me and You by Brian McNight.Every performance was a genuine expression of worship as The Allou April Band, Wayne Bosch, Heinrich Isaacs Ensembele, Belhar Singers and Many more ministered over us with their God given talent.

A change took place in the atmosphere as Larry-George SaxBomb Johnson and his band got the church to their feet with a heartfelt...passionate way of playing music. The young group from Mamre and Atlantis stirred up a powerful presents and anointing as Saxophonist Larry jumped of stage and ministered over individual people and just blew us away with his amazing way he dances as he plays his saxophone...these moments will resonate in many of our hearts...Sarge, Paul, Ralph, Faber, Alister and Larry "TWO THUMBS WAY UP" this is only the beginning, there is so much more God has in store for you...keep on playing God's tunes,Hallelujah!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Social Media

Semantic web is the word that is on everyone's lips these days and this was the first words spoken at the Social Media Boot Camp hosted by Rlabs.
Mike Santer Director at Rogarem presented a talk on the future internet.

Examples: If information about shops,restaurants,cars,music,movie tickets etc. were stored in RDF files, Intelligent Web could collect info form many different sources combine info and present it to users in meaningful ways...that in itself had all our attention. Our very own Clinton Liederman took us on a journey with the Geosocial Universe, saying that 55% of journalist say that Social Media is important or somewhat important for reporting and producing story's, and how companies who still don't make use of an online presents is missing out big time as Google is better then the yellow pages.
The founder of
RLabs Marlon Parker who just came back for spending time in the Silicone Valley has a total new mind shift on how this are being done inspired us with his talk on Local,Social and Mobile. We ended the day of with a brainstorming session planing our online fund raising & campaigning with the help of Collin Habberton from givengain South Africa and now we running our Do Good, Give Hope winter campaign.

I'm a Survivor

Last week we celebrated children's day, and my heart goes out to all having to face the evil of child sexual abuse.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I myself no what it is, the confusion, victimization, emotional and physical pain a child suffers when facing this kind of exploitation... and yes it not only endangers or impairs but destroys a child's physical and emotional health, well being and development.I ended up living a promiscuous lifestyle of sexual and gender confusion for 20 years and believed that i was meant to be a woman and not a man...affecting my hole family's life. At the age of 14 dropped out of school, could not focus felt like a loser always being mocked and rejected, my molestation was following me with out me knowing and i grew up thinking that this is the way it was meant to be...yes even believing God crated me to be this way.

I am one of the lucky no blessed ones who made it out off that dark world and knows That God's love and redemption are bigger than my messiness, setbacks, and sufferings; therefore, i run to Him and not from Him.
We need to take care of our children, they don't have to suffer at the hand of sexual perpetrators inflicting harm and and molesting the God's blessing to us...Educate your children, responsible stewardship...your mind, body, and private parts, all made to serve God's healthy...does your children know they can come to you and talk about this...do you know how to recognize the symptoms of molestation?

I know it not easy to talk about this, but it's happening right under our noise and children don't know how to deal with it and end up messed up. We need to take a stand for them.

God shall wipe away all tears Rev.21:4
#Sy Rogers

Friday, June 3, 2011

Working in social media

Hey guys so im really looking forward to assisting Tamzin Martin from BizXnet with social media training again on the 10th of june this time there'll b 25 delegates i cant wait... :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


hey guys, i am currently in my social media class exploring the cool application SKYPE. This application is an awesome way of communicating with friends and family all over the world, it also enables you to chat online, sent pics and even display a video as you mood. How cool is that...by the way, be sure to follow me on twitter: @damienfloris


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my first job in social media

As you all might know by now i am a new and social media student at the RLabs Academy and yesterday i had the oppurtunity to assist one of my facilitators(Tamzin Martin who Owns Bizxnet:a social media training company) with one of her workshops man did i have fun. Because of all my knowledge i've gained at the RLabs i was then able to apply that and in turn teach some one else.It was a big group of ten people amongst them were entrepeneurs and members of big corporate companies we taught them how create and use twitter and facebook accounts and how to sign up for hootsuite and showed them how these few social media tools could be beneficial to marketing their companies. At the end of the workshop we had alot of positive feed back and satisfied delegates which makes my job all the best

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview about my rsi 20v yeah!!! blacktop(modified).
The only 1 capable of doing a 14.5 on a 400m strip(1/4mile).
Specs on the motor: HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL !!!

uploading vidoes on youtube

helleerr(madea style) so we made and uploaded videos to youtube tonight in our New and Social Media class tonight check it out.

Exercising at RLabs

Today at our Social and New Media Class we got the opportunity to upload our videos onto YouTube.
Please do NOT check out this video.


you tube video

My first interview/video upload.Its not very professional..so please excuse me LOL
I think Brent could've warned me last week..Basically spoke about my enjoyment at class.I always get excited for Tuesday's..especially for a new learning experience.

Talking about my exciting social and new media class .MP4

1st youtube video - bombastica

Myself and Bruni had so much fun filming our video for youtube. i have to admit that i had more fun than she did...that funnyface is priceless

Does this colour work for me?

my 1st upload on youtube!

my 1st experience with a youtube video... fun time we had in social media class, with many more to come...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

about my wknd

hey people how r u what i did the weekend was i went ice skating with my cousins and i just had a shock to see a accident. this girl was skating and she lost balanced and knocked her dead on the ice she was on conscience and when they took her off the ice that was the last time i saw her.and then i went home with my cousins talking about what happened

my past weekend

Hey everyone

Its been a while since I have blogged, it seems like forever, which is weird coming from me that recently just started blogging.

I'm back and ready to tell u guys about my past weekend:)
My weekend started out very dull and boring until i watched fast and the furious 5>>>WOW what an awesome movie that was!!!

Apart from all the fun and games, my weekend consisted of a whole lot of studying :(. I wrote my second exam today, i must say it wasn't that bad but I'll wait and see if my results agree with me.
Other than that i wish you guys well for the rest of the week, work well, study hard, and use every opportunity that comes to you as if its your last.

chat soon:)


This week as been challenging in many ways for me.Because i was tired ,weak & sick with the flu.Winter as really step in to Cape Town big time with the cold temperatures.I hope summer comes quick this year.


Hey everybody as we all now it's voting time again(municipal elections)in South Africa. We all know how important it is to do so or so they(politicians)say. but i guess it's kinda important because of the rich history of our country being able to not only survive but also prospure from apartheid and the struggle. so that we the youth of South Africa can have a brighter and better future.If not for anything else i say just go vote in appreciation to everybody that fought for our FREEDOM.

Leka News

I received very good, actually great news today. It goes as follows: My tuition fees for my final year of studies is an exhausting amount which i am suppose to pay back when i find a job. But thanks to the President when i graduate at the end of the year, that amount will be converted into a bursary.How awesome is that dude.

Im so Happy and this is motivating me to work even harder.


Boots *all smiles* :D

My weekend and unexpected surprise:) I was helping around the house saturday afternoon..getting everything ready for my uncle's 60th birthday party.My cousin and i took a walk to the mall..she had to put her boots on hold at edgars. We went to Truworths after that,i saw a very nice boot..i said to myself..i have got to get my hands on those boots and i put it on hold for myself..so i can consult with my mother first but the funny thing is...We left the mall to get done for the party...My aunty got home from the mall..and surprisingly she purchased my boot as well:) so i was in luck:)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winter Days

Hey People,

Finally my second best season is on its way to Cape Town; Yes Winter. Some people love it, like me, some people cannot tolerate it. I enjoy the winter season as it in some way force you to spend more time at home with the family, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate and most importantly for me, sleeping late because my holiday will start soon.

On the other hand, Cape Town has recently displayed very radical seasons by raining and windy conditions the one day and the next day the sun comes shining again. Anyway, embrace the winter days because it only comes once a year.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exam Stress

It has come to that time of the year when most students are faced with late nights, high caffeine doses, stressful moods etc. Yes! EXAMS...some people reckon that you get use to it after a while. I totally disagree. You can never get use to it because each exam is different: some will be harder than others, some will require you to learn more content than others and the most challenging exams will expect you to apply the content you have learnt to real life situations.

Here are my top five tips for exam stress:

1. Plan your time

2. Test yourself

3. Stick notes around the house or your room

4.Ask for help if you don not understand a concept

5.Exercise and eat properly.

Good Luck.

cv writing session

so last night we had a session on cv writing at the RLabs academy with some folks from the UK (Clare and Jon) thanks guys it was very interesting and informative i'v really learnt alot looking forward to thursdays session on interview skills can't wait its like they were heaven sent because im not very strong with my interview skills

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Qaulity Time

On Sunday afternoon I hurt my ankle as a result I had to lay on the couch leg on a pillow reading a book.My daughter as youths normally are was boared and we decided to go to the movies on Monday.The next morning I was not feeling up to going as my ankle was throbbing but did not want to disapoint my daughter as I get so little quaility time with her,I went to my heavenly Father and ask Him to intervene as you can imagine He came through and my daugher,not me suggested that we stay home and rent movies and have pizzas and just relax.We had a fantastic time and I apreciated the time that I got to spend with her.

Easter weekend

I had a blessed Easter Holiday,just at home having quality time with my family.Went to church and spend time with the family on Sunday at Tamzin's house welcome Nigel and his girlfriend and baby born.Tamzin baked a nice chocolate cake as always it was nice to see the family again.Back at work after a weeks holiday.

Day with the family

I had my grandchildren over for the weekend. It was really a busy time for me and my husband organising sleeping place for all . the children enjoy every minute of day .Yesterday morning we got up early to go to Wellington to see there parents running the race.The children were very excited to see there parents approaching the wining line.It was really a fulfilling day spending with the family.

Easter week

It was a very unproductive week due to all the holidays.My son invited me to go camping with him and his family.

On Saterday morning i hosted a creative writing workshop at my home wehad a lady wi.th years of experience teaching us so .She will be giving us monthly lessons and we also given assignments each week my I would like to write my autobiography plus using my photos.

Social and new media

Spending quality time here at RLABS tonight . We are being shown how to BLOGG . Everyone here looks so peacefull as they are concentrating on pushing the right buttons on their tops. TERRANCE is our main coach tonight . he seems to know quite alot . I;ll call him THE BLOGG MAN tonight.