Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my day

i had a blessed day .

A sneak preview


Social & New Media - Week 3

What an exciting evening here at RLabs, we are in our third week of Reconstructing our community with Social media and tonight we are exploring Blogging. We will be sharing stories and introducing our readers into the lives of Men and Women who took a step out of their comfort zone and now embracing the challenge of learning all over again. Our learners in this specific class are from ages 30 to 70. This is an amazing inspiration to the avid Bloggers out there and we wish them all the success as they venture into the Blogosphere.

Happy Blogging!!
Love the RLabs team

My introduction to blogging

In March 2011 i was introduced to blogging at RLABS ,at first it seemed complicated but i am willing to learn.


hi world..

this is my first time blogging:-)..super excited..mainly because i get to be part of such a big family(i am telling myself that i probably have like millions of brothers and sisters in blog land(",))..

hoping to share lots soon..xoxo

chandre kruser


How can sum days be the best the next the worst y do sum people have to be so bad at times like at work at home in a bus in a taxi on the street is it so hard to so sum respect what happen is it the adults or is it the kids whats happening out there live is to short an the sad thing is that is sum say its part of live

My story

My days it seems has never enough hours to do all I want to do in it but here I am trying something new.I think that is why I joined this class to broaden my horizon.I felt left behind because everybody is talking around me and I did not have a clue what is social media was about.

hey world

My name is Tim and i like watching movies and listening to music. i like going out with my cuzs and having a good time its going to be my cuz 21st friday but we are celebrating it on saturday the whole family and friends going to be there i hope we have a great time and he must enjoy it

Shane,s story

I live at 23 Warbler Court Bridgetown orriginally from Port Elizabeth would like to meet people with the surname Pentolfe.Their are so few that one hardly ever hears about them. I would like them to phone me at this number 0826232501

short ,life story of my life

I,m just here to tell you that JESUS is alive and he loves you all,because he did wash me in his blood and I did feel how he clean me from drugs and free me from my enemies and i know that HE is real so for all of you people out there keep praying GOD is answering your prayers,i was homeless had nothing to live for and today i,m telling the world that JESUS CARES,he gave me second chance in life,so what HE,S done for me HE will do for you just keep on praying love you all and don,t give up... matt:11-28


This day 27/ 03/ 2011 was an awesome nite at R LABS. We we taught how to BLOG. WHAT A BLOGGING EXPERIENCE WE HAD.


Four years ago i did a coarse in home base nursing . After i finish my course the private home imediate employ me . I love working with ensentric people . At that time i had a mother that was almost ninety . I did this coarse so it could help me to care for my own mom . It did help me alot i could take her blood presure whatch out for presure point so the person dont develope bedsores.
My mom died when she was ninety two whith not a single bedsore on her body . I understand how the body fungsion so for me doing the home base coures was realy fruitful .

my story

My name is Ethel Marsh, i am a matured lady. I am living with my daughter and her family.My daughter introduced me to Rlabs. I am so excited that i could learn so much about technology and even when i am retired i can keep up with modern technology.One thing i learned,is that you never to old to learn something new.Also meeting people and building up relationships.Share things that you have learned with others. I am looking forward to the end.I have just heard that the oldest student in this class is 70 years old ,that is a great inspiration for me.Many thanks to the facilitators for sacrificing there time to teach us.God Bless.

Venise...My Story

My name is Venise Smith.....Well this is my first blog, believe it or not this is a brand new experience for me. I must tell you that since I've become a follower of Jesus Christ I am not afraid to attempt anything.It's amazing how much we can learn from each other. I believe God has intended for us to share our knowledge,gifts and talents with each other.I already feel so empowered.If each day...each one of us can give to someone else....Wow...this world will be a better place.Always remember...someone else will always have less than you have...so don't hesitate....give....Someone else will always know less than you know.....share your knowledge......empower them.Just to reflect back to about four years ago...I spent some time with Monique....sharing with her how God can change her life from drugs and bondage.It was very interesting to see how she allowed God to set her free from all of this and how she is channeling her time...gifts and talents empowering others through lives reconstructed from drugs and gang activities.......The best part of all is.....tonight I'm a student in her class......learning all about blogging....she is the facilitator..........I really want to thank God for this awesome opportunity....
Please join me and share that which God has entrusted you with......gifts....talents...knowledge.
Happy Sharing,

Happy sharing,

1st Time Blogger

I'm Heiner. Married for a decade now. My wife's name is Lydia. Having two children Matt (10) and Luke (4). I'm born in a place called Rehoboth (a small town 90km south of Windhoek). I'm currently living in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I'm part of a kingdom community called Higher Call Embassy. Higher Call Embassy forms part of a Global Borderless Kingdom Community called CongressWBN. It pleased God to reveal His Son in us. The current emphasise for us as a kingdom community is "Tracking Final Maturity". We believe that God desire for His people is to come to full maturity.

Kind regards

My Fist Blogg

Hi everyone,my name is Lisle Jeneker....
I'm marrried to Deon and i have two children,im not use to this type of thing,but im willing to learn.i hope this way of communication will give me a clearer view of what blogging is about.i like to socialise and this way of doing it feels totally strange.

I had a peacefull day,thank u Jesus for that.I dropped off my C.V at a recruitment centre this morning,i hope and pray for some sort of response..I've found myself dropping off C.V's for the past month now,but im trusting GOD for the right answer on his time.
At the moment i've joined the New and Social Media class at #RLABS and i must say im excited to be part of this class,we have class every week on a Tuesday.I am the youngest in this class and feel privilaged to be here.

I think this won't be my last blogg...

My storie

My name is Sonia Tejada iam 50 years old live in Bridgetown .I worked 32 years for SBH Cotton Mills, 25 years as production clerk and 7 years in Hr .In 2010 was reemployed as a receptionist for a year, then a company that took over our Dyehouse department ask me to work for them.Now iam working for Epping textile as Time and attendant,production and reception.Iam so great full that God bless me with a job.Epping textile is a company that buy in fabric, when they do the preparation,finishing and the dying of material before they sell it to customers.

My First blog*

I'm Andrea Barnes,21 years of age.I like partying,reading,shopping,experiencing different things:site seeing(standing on table mountain,looking at Cape Town),checking out different clubs,taking long drives out of Cape Town.etc
I love meeting new people,communicating with different people(religions),inter-acting in learning programs,training and being educated in the companies I worked for and will work for in future.


My name is Adrian Barnes, I am 21 years of age. I like playing sport, meeting new people, going out with friends and racing.

I don't have much to say though but i am very outgoing person and i enjoy working on cars, its my best hobby yet and most of my other friends.Its an everyday thing if im not at home i'm busy on a car..I have a 1996 toyota corolla 1.3 its actually a project car which i am working on an i hope i finish it.

I would just like to add on that i am enjoying my networking course here at RLABS

My trip to the vet

sjoe! did i have an eventful morning i had to take my kitten, khloe, to the vet this morning the wait was agonising & i had to still go back to work afterward soo one of her hind legs is badly hurt shame the dog grabbed her cos she was eating her food anyways so she got an injection and i have to take her back for a check up tomorrow so not looking forward to that episode again hope her leg is not broken or else she's gonna have to stay in for an operation(sad face). Oh & this is my first time blogging & IT'S SO RAD IM GONNA DIE

First timer

hello world :)

My name is Brunhilda, I'm a first time blogger so this is all new to me.
When i first heard about blogging my first thought was essays, today i learnt that its so much more than just that. So Ill be telling you abit about who i am...

I'm 19 years old, i matriculated 2years ago which seems very long ago now that i mentioned it.
After i matriculated i took a gap year and started working in retail which i enjoy very much, this year i started my passion for numbers and accounts, i started my first year in auditing. I hope this will be a first of many posts xoxo :)

Life as a student

Life as a student for the the past four years have been harder than i thought. When people ask you; so what do you do for a living, you reply : oh I'm a student. The first re ponce you get is...oh so life is great. In my opinion that is totally not the case. They might argue that if you are a student you can do what you want to, wear what you want to, party from Thursday to Sunday....etc. Most of those things are true but not actually realistic if you want to pass all of your courses at the same time. I remember in my first year, i woke up at 6am every morning to catch the 6.45am bus, then had classes from 8am to 12pm, after that you could get some lunch but only if you didn't have an assignment to hand in at 2pm. Then at 2pm i had to rush to do a practical or a tutorial which only finishes at 5pm. Now you can only imagine what you are going to feel like when you got home. If you are lucky and do not have anything to hand in the next day you could watch i bit of TV or visit a friend, by the time you go to bed, you have to wake up again.
On the contrary , being a student can be an exciting journey. Meeting different types of people, from Zimbabwean to Chinese. Also, you have access to loads of opportunities which i recommend you take with both hands. One of the most exciting things students look out for is the Freebies...a student will stamp on your head to make sure they get a free sample.
I think the key to being a successful student is to understand the concept of Balance. If you can master going to a party the night before an assignment is due you have accomplished studentship.

a day in the life

Hi everybody,

My name is Nazlee and this is my first blogging experience. Its sooooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am currently in a Social and New Media class, this is my third lesson and I am really loving it. I am 35 years old and I have 3 kids aged 9, 4 and 2. Being a stay-at-home mom is really tough and im quite surprised that I am able to have a sensible conversation this evening, after the day I had!!! All in a days work I guess ;) This class is a good break and also allows my brain to function the way it's meant to. I am really into growing myself this year and becoming who I was meant to be. I find that time away even for an hour helps me to be a better mom and more productive in my home space. Apart from my classes, running is also a serious passion.

Helping my Community

Helping my Community was the best thing that i could possibly have done....Thank you Marlon Parker and the RLABS team for believing in me, i knew i could do it. Even though i know i am always for myself. Helping the community was the bomb.


This is me

I am a Ashley from Cape Town , South Africa. I like playing pool listening to music swimming and chilling with friends.I am very talkative person. Love learning new things and meeting new people.

my story

my name is vera love doing promotions that is my passion because i love people actualy looking forward when it comes to weekends. this is one of my highlights of being out. im doing this now for sometime now i can reach out to people and have a word of encouragement to them and the customers look forward to see me to share with me whatever is on their hearts im one who loves challenges and does not give up easily