Monday, July 27, 2009

MXit for HIV: Red

Today we launch another exciting inititiave a collaboration with Cell-Life. South Africa has 5.7 million people living with HIV of which and estimated 3 million between the ages of 12 and 35. This is also the age group that has the most mobile and mobile chat (e.g. MXit) users. To ensure that people in this age group are reached with information and advice about HIV on a communications platform that they use daily MXit proved to be an ideal medium.

This is the Cell-Life Red project that will provide users FREE access to information and advice to information about HIV and AIDS. This service is available 24 hours a day and is easily accessible. This new service will offer people opportunity to be part of a community that will support those in need.

Information about HIV will be available in 5 languages (including a chat language)and will also have competitions, contact details and much more as part of reaching the 14 million users on MXit.

If you want to go Red on MXit then you can do the following:

- Go to Tradepost
- Select MXit Mix
- Select My Culture option
- Select Red
- Add Contact

Our goal is to reach at least 250,000 users who will use this contact for information and advice relating to HIV and AIDS. The Red revolution has surely begun.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A true blessing to the world

For this month of July 2009 this couple is in the UK doing presentations around the innovative space Athlone Living Lab. They are just not a blessing for me and the nation but for the world.

I miss you guys and keep on doing the work that God has called you to do i wish there were more people in the world like the two of them.

God bless you Marlon and Rene

Love you Craigo

Monday, July 20, 2009


The game was a breath taking experience for both team.The game started with a quick TRY by the under 25team ,and the score line at first half was 30-15 at the favor of the under 25 team,and the players over 25 was re leafed, because of their unfitness .
Second half ed had kicked off ,and the under 25 was playing the ball all over the park and the over 25 were really struggling to get the ball in their possession,but then the over 25 had all the possession ,but only scored one try and the under 25 scored most of the try's at the end .

The scores t was Fabian captain and man of the match scored 5 try's ,Kyle scored 4 try's ,Pete scored 3 try's, Jason scored 1,Berton scored 1 ,Raynard scored 1 try

The captain of the under 25 said it was good fun ,but it was a walk in the park for them.

Social Media for Teens

Social Media for Teens is a new initiative by Athlone Living Lab.During one of the mom2.0 sessions one of the ladies brought her daughter of twelve years old along to sit in.That is where i got the vision of doing a Social Media class with teens from our community. I immediately invited her to bring along some of her friends to come and find out more about Social Media.

The turn out was great. We got about twenty teens from the community. They were naturally exited to learn more about Social Media. Times have certainly changed.I was just thinking back to when i was growing up.We did not have access to a computer and to the the internet.I am so grateful for what I have learn about Social Media over the last year.We now have a platform from which to teach these kids all about Social Media.It is such an honor to give to give these kids something which=h i did not have when growing up.One thing i also realize is that these are kids that are at risk of going into gangsterism or doing drugs.

Our first session was great.As introduction we registered them all to gmail as we are going to have to add them to a blog that we are going to create for them.I am looking forward to what is going to be the outcome of and from this project.Watch this space…

Philippians: 2:4 - Each of you should look not only to your own interest, but also to the interest of others

The Day I Went to Pollsmoor Prison

Saturday (18th July) we went to the notorious Pollsmoor Prison to go and do a program with the inmates there. Pollsmoor Prison, is a prison in the Cape Town suburb of Tokai in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was the most famous inmate of the prison. He describes Pollsmoor Prison as "the truth of Oscar Wilde's haunting line about the tent of blue that prisoners call the sky."

Pollsmoor is a maximum security prison with little means in the way of escape. Some of South Africa's most dangerous criminals and roughest gangsters are held in Pollsmoor Prison. The prison has a staff of 1,278 and the capacity to accommodate 4,336 offenders, but the current inmate population is over 7,000 (a figure which fluctuates daily).

On our arrival John Palm ,who does the prison ministry at Pollsmoor Prison,welcomed us and signed us in so that we could get a our guest passes. I so much wanted to take pics of the prison inside but we had to hand in our cellphones as visitors were not allowed to have cellphones within the prison walls. Bradley Naidoo , Pete Douglas and myself was assigned to do this program. As we made our way to the cells, one could constantly hear the inmates shouting out of the cell windows. As we entered the cell I saw a guy lying under a broken window,in his bed and it was freezing cold in the cell. These are just one of the poor conditions the inmates have to live under.

We were given a cell with 50 inmates. The inmates gathered round as we prepared to start. Bradley did the welcome and then handed it over to me. I shared my testimony with them and told them what an awesome work God has done in my life and that I so easily could have ended up where they now find themselves. After me Bradley shared his story and spoke about belonging. He explained how we all were created and designed with a deep sense of belonging and some of us end up looking for it in the wrong places (eg gangsterism,drugs etc). Bradley also told them that we all belong to Jesus Christ. After Bradley, Pete shared with them about the love of Christ and that no matter what they have done,that Christ will always love them and will forgive them.

After sharing and having in depth talks with the inmates,it was time to do what we actually came to do...pray for the inmates. We made an alter call and asked if there was anybody that wanted prayer. All of the 50 inmates responded and we got to pray fro each one of them. The power and the love of God touched them and the inmates were slained in the Spirit and there was lots of tears that was shed. After praying for them we asked how many of them would like to commit their lives to Christ. Fourteen of the inmates committed their lives to Christ that Saturday morning. Praise God!!John Palm the minister that does the prison ministry will be doing follow up with them.

I can just thank God that He came to save me when He did. I could have so easily ended up within the walls of of Pollsmoor Prison,but under very different circumstances. I have done so many bad things in my life, and can just thank God for His mercy and His Grace upon my life. I thank God He has called me to do work such as this and winning souls over for His Kingdom with the testimony He has given me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my first blog post

My name is Terence and i've been saved for about five to six years. I got married about two years ago and its been very exciting getting to know my wife better and seeing why God has chosen for the two of us to be together.We've realised very quickly that our lives do not belong to ourselves but that its been bought at a price and that we need to consult Him who saved us by His grace. So my life is a journey and im excited to see what will do next. Every decision we make has to include Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour because ultimately He holds my life in His hands and He saved me,so thank you Jesus for salvation.

My Life Story

My name is Kyle Stevens I am a 18 year old young man,I am currently studying Hospitality at Three Cord family College.

I was born in Cape Town ''district six'', lived there for about two years of my life then we moved to Silvertown where I currently live.I have two brothers and two sister's and a mother and a father,my father has never been in my life so my mother had to raise me all by her self.I was always a very shy young little boy never had the guts to open my mouth infront of people I never actualy had friends because I was way different to the other children in my class always wanted to be alone and very independent.

I had what you would call a tough child hood not the usaul like most young people would have,I was always bullied around by the other kids in my class and shoved around like a dog.My life was full of hurt because of what the kids done to me at school I closed my whole life to others no body could ever get through to me.I never felt exepted in society I always felt left out like I had no reason to live,on many occasians I felt like committing suicide the thought of me ending my life was probably the best thought I'd ever had in my life because of all the feelings that I had towards others I hated.

I remember sitting outside one evening and thinking about all the hurfull things that people done to was hard to let go of the thoughts but I knew that at one stage of my life it had to stop. One morning on 23 december 2005 my mother and I decided to get help for me at that point I had enough,I remember me asking my mother where we are going to and she replied saying that she's not sure but she prayed and asked God to guide us to a place where we could find help,and the Lord led us to the Impact Centre where we met Pastor Roger Petersen he talked to me a bit and I decided to commit my life to Lord and my my my life changed for the better and today I am more than an overcommer because Jesus set me free and I'm more confident and I know who I am in Christ Jesus.

I pray that my life story would be a blessing and encouragement to who ever reads this blog...

Things have to change(poem)

Life is like a tree.
The growing never stops until you die one day,your roots grow deeper into what you love and that love can only come from above, that love when it came to me it gave me life and set my spirit free, Even as I'm breathing I can feel his love and I know that i am lucky, the favor comes from the God above........People don't really see it but i can feel it theirs no stopping it , the hand of father Jah can not be stopped he is the one that sent the Holy Spirit. We should be glad that one man gave his life up for us, this man had never made a mistake and never will, that man is living inside of you, that man is the one that conquered sin ,he is the only way into heaven, He's name is Christ Jesus.
I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, and appointing me to his service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because i acted in unbelief. The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

Yes those dark night i turned to you, No human hand could help me through.........Only you Jesus i live for you..........I'm even prepared to die for what is true...,,,,,,,,,,Yes sometimes my tree gets knacked and broken down , Yet Christ molds my vine to bear more fruit in that the strength go's to my roots.

Yes it is a fact there is a God but the TRUTH is CHRIST who strengthens me........There is only one love and that is in Christ.

Be blessed people open up your eyes and see the truth. All i know I was blind but now I see and it is only Jesus Christ that will open up your eyes.

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place above every name, that every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

I just can't wait till Judgment day..............People be were if your name is not in in the book of life!
The living waters of Christ Jesus is flowing through my vanes.........I will never thirst again!

Indeed my vine is being pruned and I thank the Father for that................I'm a solid tree built on a rock and the wind and storms can come and I wont fall..........Thank you Jesus Christ

Peace out people God bless............The harvest is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Is it true? They were crazy!

These two young men are ex-drug addicts that are set free by the power of Jesus Christ. A year ago they were roaming the streets of the Cape Flats and doing all sorts of rebellion. They grow up in an environment where was no encouragement or role-models, the only people they could look up to was the gang bosses and drug Lords. It is only the power of Jesus Christ that can set souls free from drugs and gangsterism. These young men are on zeal for the Lord today. Only the JUDGE will be able to judge on Judgement day...........There is only one hope and that is in Christ Jesus.

Pillippians4-13 I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.
Don't let the devil deceive you people there is only one way to the father and that through the Son.
If you are not prepared to die for what you believe in why are you still living?

John14-6 says
Jesus answered, I am the way the truth and the life.No one comes to the Father except through me.

Be blessed Jesus loves you.


We were privileged to have a very special guest with us this week.Her name Eija from Finland.She heard about Marlon Parker and The Reconstructed project and was interested to see what we do in and around the Impact Centre.

We picked her up from the Sweet Orange Guest house in Seapoint where she was staying while she was in Cape Town.We brought her to the Imapct Centre and spoke her through some of the projects that we are currently busy with.Then it was time to take her on a "field trip" in and to the surrounding areas that we work in.One of thee areas i took her to is Kewtown,one of the areas that we are doing lots of work in,including counseling,feeding and all types of ministry.

Our guest was not feeling to well on hewr day out on the Cape Flats due to bronchitis and we had to get her back to her guesthouse.It is always good to have guest from over seas with us and we really enjoyed Eija.We are hioping that she will be coming bacj to come and do some training with us next time she comes to Cape Town.

God bless you my friend:-)

Angels and Mobiles

Thanks to Nick Booth for recording this quick video displaying our MXit Angel project.

Angel service for Drug Addicts in South Africa from Podnosh on Vimeo.

Read his post about the Reconstructed project here

A Sad Captain of the under 25

This is a sad face of Kyle Jonck one of the Impact Direct under 25 team that took us on in a indoor cricket match which the over 25 was victorious my team.

This week they want to take us on in a game of rugby we accepted the challenge I am just wandering how his face will be after the rugby game.

The game is on boys

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The value of a life

Today Im sitting in the All room where everything is gona happen. People from across the globe are going to sit in this very room and study the lives of ex-gangsters and drug addicts to see how their lives have been change using tools like social media,which they now use to develope their own communities.Imagine a docterite written on the life of an ex-gangster/drug addict.I think that amazing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the young springbok team announcment under 25



Fabian Jonck as captian he is built like an ox
Pete Douglas he is fast and can take pian
Jacques Botman the fast one
Jason Martin the magician
Reagen Allen to fast to furious
Raynard look to surprise

kyle Jonck built like a lion
Danzill Bam with the magical touch
Cheslyn Treu built as a machine

the rugby rules for sundays clash

Rugby rules

• No high tackles
• No forward passing
• No line outs
• No scrums
• No swearing
• No fighting
• No pushing
• No holing on the ball when on ground
• No hands on face
• No obstructions
Try scoring will work out to 5 points each

10 players per team and can substitute anytime.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My brother in Christ,Bradley Naidoo.Just looking at him now while he is finishing the ALL room.The humbleness that he's projecting through the way he surves is just blowing my mind.About five years ago this young man was running the underworld activities in Bridgetown under the banner of the Americans gang,the biggest gang in South Africa.Today he is a servant of Christ.A community developer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Washed by the Blood of Jesus

A man called Marcus Mosiah Garvey deceived many people all over the world.

People thought that he was prophet because he always told people things that came into fulfillment.

He had a dream that would start all over the world; starting with an island called Jamaica which is part of the West Indian Islands. He Prophesied that Jehovah (Jah) would be reincarnated Into a man in Africa. He also said to the people that they must look to Africa where a black king shall be crowned. When Haile Selassi the first was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930 some people in Jamaica saw this as the fulfillment of the prophecy. Those who follow Marcus the prophet and believe that his Highness Haile Selassi is the only true god and call themselves Rastafarians because Haile Selassi's first name was RAS TAFARI. They also believe that Adam, Samson and JESUS are black. They believe that in the bible, in the book of Matthew it says that Mary had a son with the name Emmanuel God with us. However, they believe that Jesus Christ is called Emmanuel I; The Most High Levi priest or the black pupa.

They also believe that heaven will come down to earth and that Ethiopia is the real ZION, the promised land. For Rastafarians believe that all the other countries out of Ethiopia are Babylon and if you have not take up the vow of a Nazirite you are part of Babylon also known as the blood clads or people who live of blood. Babylon is how they describe a place of exile or captivity.

Rastafarians also don't drink wine or any thing which comes from the vine. They are also not allowed to eat processed food, bread containing yeast or meat of any kind, including shellfish besides fish because of their vow as a Nazirite.

They also believe that the male marijuana plant is a herb and the female is a fruit that cleanses your heavens; so by smoking it your temple will be clean for the Lord.

There is a passage in the bible which says that certain people may not cut their hair unless someone dies or you are near that dead corps. You can find the scripture in the book of Numbers chapter 6 in the bible.

Each Rastarian man also belongs to a tribe according to the moon because they only have 23 days in their months. So its the same tribes found in the bible; the twelve sons of Jacob from Reuben, the oldest to Benjamen, the youngest. Their year begins with April the moon of Reuben.

IT SHOWS HOW DECIEVED THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!! They twist the scriptures, thats heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!



GOD BLESS EVERY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flippy is out now!!!!!!!!!

2 years with Jesus

First i just want to thank God for keeping me for 30 years,and also for the two years that i gave my life to Christ.I just want to thank Jesus for his love,grace and mercies over my life,and i want to thank everyone at the Impact centre for your prayers.

My 2 years with Christ

On the 10 July 2009, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Christ.

When I think back to the night I walked through the doors of the Impact Centre still intoxicated not having any expectations whatsoever, little did I know God had other plans for me.

The previous day I tried to commit suicide, looking in the mirror telling myself over and over that I was ugly. I never told a soul, but while The Apostle Roger Petersen was praying for me he felt my pain and told me exactly what I felt and what I attempted.
I remember thinking this man is Psychic how can he know so much because everything he said about me was true and I never told anybody.

That night I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and now know that God is real. The past two years have been so great for me I have achieved so much and know there are greater things instore for me and I'm thankful to God for reuniting me with my family, he has set me free from my addiction and blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby girl,he has also provided me with a job which I Love.For a very long time I have been searching for Love and finally found what I was looking for, Jesus Christ.

I Thank God each and every day for my life, May God continue to Bless the Impact Direct Ministries for opening their doors,continued Support and undying Love they have showed me.

Drug Addicts Set Free Through 12 Hours Of Sacrifice

I was set from drugs and gave my heart to Christ.I knew that if Christ could this for me ,He could do it for my other friends that was caught up on drugs. My mentor (Terence Hendricks ) and myself would pray and intercede for them on a daily basis.

On the 07/07/07 (a Saturday) something significant was birthed. We had a twelve hour prayer at the Impact Centre. It is were people from the area and church come to pray for peoples Salvation and for loved ones that have sicknesses and that are still in bondage. We have sheets of paper out so that people can put down there prayer request. There are constantly people praying over these names for 12 )consecutive hours . I put the names of four of my friends on the list :Clinton Liederman ( @Clinton316 ) , Jerome Mias (@Chromie ) , Craig Ross (@craigross316 ), Monique Theron (@mtheron14 ) , and next to their names I put – “Deliverance from drugs “.

The 12 hour prayer was so blessed and I could feel that God was going to do something awesome. In closing to the 12 hour prayer ,my pastor (Pastor Roger Petersen ) had Bradley Naidoo ( @Godsgeneral) ,Nazier , John , and myself stand in front and they prayed over us. He said that If God could set us, the worst of the worst free from drugs ,then he could do it for anyone. That was the closing prayer.

On the Tuesday, the 10/07/07 , Bradley and myself invited the guys whose names was on the list to the Impact Centre to have a talk with them. They were sceptical at first and constantly asked what the meeting was going to be about. We assured them that we only wanted to have a chat with them. Prior to us picking them up they were putting money together to go and buy drugs after the meeting. However God had other plans for them.

We picked them up and brought them to the Impact Centre. They were seven in all that came that evening,five guys and two girls. Pastor Roger had a lovely talk with them, nothing to hectic , no bible bashing. He told them about his past, how he was also caught up in gangsterism and that he had started out the American gang in the area,the same gang that we belonged to. He told them that drugs was nothing for God. He told them that they could be set free in an instant if they allowed God to work in their lives. So he asked them if it was alright for us to pray for them. We laid hands on them and they were touched by the power of God and they felt his tangible touch and knew that He was real. They were set free immediately,instantly that evening. We ended up buying cake from the money that was initially collected and intended to buy drugs from.

Over the weekend these same men and women celebrated two years being clean from drugs and most importantly , two years that they have been with Christ. These same men and women planned and organized another 12 hour prayer over the weekend to pray for others out there just like we had done for them. Our prayer was the same this time round:”If God could set these men and women free from drugs ,He could do it for anyone.”

I see these men and women grow spiritually on a daily basis. I see the great work that God is doing in their lives and how He is raising them up. So that evening they got saved was not by chance, God had a purpose and a plan for their lives. People sacrificed 12 hours of their time to pray for others and now we see the fruits of that.

Continue to pray fro your loved ones and know that God will come through for you. For you and your house,you will serve the Lord.

Serving Jesus for two years

Today once again I just want to thank the Lord for keeping me on the narrow road for 2 year. On Friday 10 July 2009 I celebrated my two year anniversary together with Monique Theron,Clinton Liederman and Jerome Mias we all gave our lives to Jesus on the same day.

The words is still ringing in my head what Pastor Roger Petersen said "with this group of people there is going to be a peoples movement and we are that movement, today I can give testimony to that word what pastor Roger said that is true, Im just mentioning one project that we involve in and that project is the first in the world Drug Advice & Support

A special thanx goes to Impact Direct Ministries for opening there doors and for supporting us may God bless you all that is apart of Impact Direct.

Hebrews 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

12 hour prayer

We had a 12hour prayer today and I can honestly say that Cape town will be different tomorrow morning.I can feel the power of God in this place right now.Im writing so that people that reads this post will testify that it was said that Cape town is not going to be the same.Just no it that its the power of God.Im exited to see what God is going to do in my life and through my life.