Friday, October 30, 2009

MOM2.0 Vlogging Session

Craig doing MOM2.0 Session  by Reconstructed Living Lab.

As we are approching towards the end of the year we still got a few social tools that we need to cover. Today’s MOM2.0 cafe session was about video blogging. The ladies captured short video clips from their mobile phones, registerd on the video sharing site YouTube where they shared the video clips. After loading the video’s on YouTube they copyed the embeded code and uploaded it on blogger the space where the ladies engage and share their stories

Here is Vlogging Tips: Keep it short and to the point. Not many people like waiting for videos to buffer, and because of this, it might be better to make a short video that clearly expresses what needs to be expressed. This way, the video would load faster and more people will appreciate what you have to say instead of cursing the server. A small and simple file makes things easy for both yourself and your viewers.

MOM2.0 Vlogging by Reconstructed Living Lab.

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