Saturday, June 21, 2008

Growth is evident

This past week I observed many of the guys at the Impact Centre and can truly say that growth is evident. To think that many of the guys a year ago was caught up with drugs and gang activity with very little if any hope. Many have given up on them but today I see lives that has been reconstructed and changed for the better. This is so exciting to see that not only have they won the battle of addiction but also taken on the duty of construction of other lives. Last night another young man joined the guys, with no where to stay and not knowing where to turn to with his problem with addiction. A year from now I'm more than confident that I'll see a reconstructed life that has been transformed through Jesus Christ and the world will see how this same young man is impacting others who's lost.

I salute the Impact Team for the work that they are doing. Growth is evident and the best is yet to come!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Crazy Hip Squad - Part2

More of the young men who's lives were transformed and reconstructed. They just returned from the World Freestyle Championship in Korea. There is more to life than can step up too!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crazy Hip Squad - Part 1

Young men and women who's lives have been reconstructed.Don't give up on your dreams. Everything is possible.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Gods Holy Spirit fire is really spreading. We are meeting up again on Friday evening at C.P.U.T campus to enjoy the presence and fire of God.I, m so prepared for God to just set me alight. I so want to be on fire for the Messiah. I pray that God will just set me and everyone present ablaze.

Be ready guys for what God is going to do on Friday evening. Like Marlon was saying: “The wait is over!’


Our after care programme is really going well. The kids that we are working with are such a joy. We are getting to know them on a different level. God has really come through for us were the kids are concerned. We are trusting God for big things with the kids. Please keep the after care in prayer.

Thanx a million.

I'm an addict

We all go through life addicted to something or someone. Unfortunately many people are addicted to things that brings destruction. I've made up my mind and I can proudly say that "I'm an addict for Jesus". I choose to be addicted to life and not death. I choose to carry life instead of destruction. So what kind of addict are you?