Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finalist for SA Blog Awards 2009

Thanks to all who nominated us for the SA Blog Awards. This is a great testimony having young men and women who's lives were destroyed by substance abuse and gangsterism, and through blogging have began a journey of reconstruction (Some of our bloggers in picture above).

So to help us make this journey even more memorable please vote for us http://www.sablogawards.com/2009/ for the "Best Group Blog" or click on the widget on the right and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email that you have to respond to to confirm your vote. Thanks for voting.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

the newest bloggger;-)

hi i am michael eyden part of the new reconstructed team of 2009 today im blogging for the first time and im experiencing bit of writer block but im slowly getting there but all im gona say today is watch space ;-)

BLOG TILL YA EYES POP OUT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi to all the bloggerhollicks!!!!!!!!
I'M new to this blog I trust the Holy Spirit will put us first in SA...
So guys lets get this started in here....Today God has show'n me only a tiny tiny piece of what the Lord Has instored for all of the reconstructed HOLYBLOGGERHOLLICKS

HOLY...BLOG...!!!!!!!!!!!!This blog is geting hot in here is strip up all the BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so hot the LORD has got so much instored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont get BLOGDRUNK........ha ha ha
I'v got a KIS of Blogs in my head...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS

me Bradley

hey, i'm Bradley Meiring and i am new to this blog and officially a contributer.

more about me will be posted soon.

my first bloging session

hi my name is taswell and im plzd to read u im a new addmin to this blog i just wanna tell u a bit bout myself i live in bridgetown and my hobbies r reading,listenng to music my week ws blessd i dnt work at the moment bt im doin a brick layin course at impact direct ministries where they teach u hw to build a house what i learnt this week is hw to read a plan before building a house and on fryday we digged a trence. ja and on saterday which is today that i be sending u this blog and i learnt to how to send a blog.And im very excited eager to be learning futher.I just want to incourage those who r going through problems and difficulties that there is hope in jesus. and i want to incourage u aswell to vote for reconstructed blog because they the best bloggers eva.

thank u very much

Taswell a.k.a The American Dream

Why you should vote for thereconstructed as the best group blog

Today I started my first class on thereconstructed program.
Even though I new some of the information taught to me,I have
learned alot thanks to Craig Ross and Brent Williams,
the facilitators of todays lessons.
They are two of the 2008 reconstructed graduates who are making
in roads in this life.
I am inspired by the transformation of the lives,therefor I believe that
the same transformation is going to take place in my life,but just greater.
The student has to become greater than the teacher.
I believe in order to change a life ,you have to change to lifestyle.
By educating myself I feel more confedant and it makes me feel good.
So a simple computer class actually changed my life today,because
not just did I learn something positive,but I will never forget it till the day I die.
That is the reason why I will suggest that you vote for thereconstructed as best group blog for 2009.


Today king ross will be doing blogging with the Reconstructed Reloaded team.This is the second group of guys that came off from drugs and will now be learning about Social Media.Craig received top blogger of the year in last years class.This class is going to be good as he is a enthusiastic blogger and will rub off on the rest of the team.I have learnt so much from Craig aswell and he is always willing to teach.He has an individual blog as well and you can catch his posts on www.kingross.wordpress.com.And you can follow him on twitter @carigross316.Watch this space.

God bless

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Social Media Achievements

hello world.... today when I was meditating I just thought what I have accomplished and achieved in the space of a year and 9 months. Things that i wouldn't dreamed of when I was using drugs but,God gets all the Praise for making me new.

Here are some of my achievements: In 2008 I graduated in a Social Media Course (Social Media for Social Change. I got the Blogger of the year 2008 and administration rights to this very Blog.

From graduating in 2008 I am one of the facilitators of the www.mom2zero.com Social Media Cafe Sessions and the facilitator of the new intake of the Reconstructed project, and last what I have learned about Social Media I am putting into practice im the owner of www.kingross.wordpress.com where I created a nice audience on my blog and also teamed up with @brentoo7 (follow him on twitter). We own www.christwillbedone.wordpress.com where you can get daily devotions.

Mother’s drug agony ends in Praise

Whenever I see this picture it gives me hope. Hope for every mother or father out there who has a child caught up in drugs or gangs. This is the amazing story by Allida Williams:

As a mother, I always had great expectations and high hopes for Brent, my only son. And almost 9 years ago I was faced with the nightmare that my son was on drugs.

Everyday I would watch Brent visit neighbours, which I naively thought to be innocent and safe. Suddenly his behaviour changed, he became aggressive and withdrew from the family. He frequently asked me for money and became careless about his appearance.

I only accepted the reality once I saw Brent deteriorating before my very eyes. I was forced to accept that my son was addicted to drugs and that help was needed.

This motivated me to do research on drugs and contacted various rehabilitation institutions in order to rid my son from this curse. We were unable to place him in any rehabilitation institutions due to fees being too costly. My state of health weakened as depression overtook me and the hope for my son’s future disappeared.

Brent became involved in gang related activities, lost his job and started selling drugs one after the other. Hallucinations haunted him almost everyday which resulted in him imagining that there were people trying to kill him.

Brent threatened to kill his father and myself on numerous occassions, this was the extent the drugs called TIK controlled him. He lost all respect for his family and the community. I was ashamed of my son. I became fearful and heart sore as I watched my son’s life being destroyed by TIK.

Every night I would cry myself to sleep and I continually blamed myself for his state of mind, a situation in which I was totally helpless. For 8 years Brent had to feed his drug habit, leading to greater harm, fear and pain to us.

One day I found him with cuts on his legs, bleeding and claiming that he accidentally hurt himself. Knowing that he lied, I realized that my son was at breaking point, as he continued to threaten to kill himself. There was absolutely nothing he or I could do to save him from his destructive drug abuse and related activities. I knew that only a miracle could set him free, thus urging him to call out to God.

The very moment he broke down and cried out to the Lord Jesus for help, God sent help his way. A family friend Terrence Hendricks (who belongs to Impact Direct Ministries), told us about a place that could help him. Brent was taken to the Impact Direct Ministries (founded by Pastor Roger Petersen) walk-in-centre where he was counselled and supported. Since then Brent was equipped by Pastor Roger Petersen and other mentors to become a leader himself.

He was sent on several community-based and leadership courses that helped him to plough back into his community. Together with other young men who were also helped by Impact Direct Ministries and under the leadership and guidance of Pastor Roger Petersen: they now go to schools, organizations, companies, clubs and shopping malls where they do presentations and outreaches on drugs and the effects it has on you. Through these outreaches they have helped many drug addicts and families.

I am so grateful to the Lord for giving my son and our family victory over the monstrous affects caused through my son’s past drug addiction. Instead of fear and tears of sorrow, our home is now filled with so much love, peace and a hope of a great future for our family. And this is my prayer for every mother and family.

Brent’s Profile:
Name: Brent Williams
Age: 30 Yrs
Area: Bridgetown, Athlone
Substances: TIK, LSD, Alcohol, Mandrax, Exstacy, Cocaine(Crack)
No. of years: 8 years addicted

Its amazing to see how both Brent and his mom are now engaging with technology using it as a medium to share their stories to give hope to other families.

Life is special

Life is a very special gift,
given from one greater than ones-self.
You only get it once,
because once is all you need.
You can't replace it,
but at any time anything can take it.
So many times souls abuse it,
but when in need no-one will refuse it.
You live life in such a short time,
so live it long and don't be blind.
For life is a special gift,
so live it to the fullest,
for you have such little time

Drug Advice Support (DAS) celebrates 20 000 conversations

Yesterday DAS celebrated 20 000 conversations since its inception. What makes this such a great achievement is that it was done by young men and women who many thought had no hope for a changed life, but whose reconstructed lives are now touching a nation. We are not just celebrating the fact that we've reached another milestone in this project but also the lives of the reconstructed team, who against all odds conquered the fight against drug addiction and crime. Today they are beacons of hope in our communities and to many others who feel all hope is gone. This is a testimony that a Reconstructed Life leads to a Reconstructed community. Well done to the DAS team on this great achievement. Follow us on twitter @reconstructed

Monday, March 23, 2009

My 26th Birthday

For most of my teenage years I celebrated my birthday in negativity,this year I celebrated my birthday on a positive note with the Impact Direct Ministries Youth, on a hike to Signal Hill.

Vote for thereconstructed.com (CHANGING LIVES FOR BETTER)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Top ten

The reconstructed is in the top ten for blog award,wow! God is really amazing,at the end of the day its all about Jesus.thank you Jesus for all you have done!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today it is the last of the SA Blog Awards 2009 nominies so for those that did not nominate for our blog please do the categories are South African Blog of the Year,Best New Blog and Best Group Blog

To those that nominated for our blog we want to say thank you for nominating our blog.To win a award this year will be a great achievement for the team lots of work was and is put in to this blog...Here is a brief of the blog Marlon Parker together with CPUT took the worst of the worst Gangsters and ex-drug addicts to a computer Lab and that's where our blog started.We are now bloggers not druggies.

vote for our blog to nominate please click here

Thank you world for supporting the Reconstructed Team..

Friday, March 13, 2009

SA Blog Awards 2009

We have decided to nominate The Reconstructed Blog for the South African Blog Awards 2009. Please click on our Gadget on the right and vote for us. You will receive a confirmation email which you have to click to confirm your nomination.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Christian Cartoons

These are nice, I have never seen Christian Cartoons before, enjoy!



This week was great for the Impact Team,we where invited to a support group meeting
to do a talk,motivate and encouraging recovering addicts. Some of our guys had the opportunity to tell them what is helping them on there journey to recovery.

For the past two days some of the guys went on career guidance workshop. The workshop was about how do you feel about your future and career? and what direction to take with the skill and things that you love doing.

The rest of the team went to go and do a drug presentation in a school to 42 learners.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Reconstructed Session

On Saturday 07/03/2009 was the second session for the new Reconstructed team.Marlon Parker gave them an outline of the course

Last year i was a part of the Reconstructed sessions and I Graduated the end of the year 2008. This year i will be one of the facilitators, the next session I will be facilitating the blogging session. We will also be doing some of the other social networking tools like facebook, skype, ect.

for more information you can contact Marlon Parker
click here

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hi world it is good to be back and to blog post again on the reconstructed blog.

I did not forget about this blog I was busy with our soccer clubs blog and also trying
to set up a wordpress blog but i think blogger is much more friendly and i also got a surprise on the reconstructed blog from a contributor to the administrator of this blog.

But that's that.....I'm still keeping the faith and still helping to empower drug addicts and ex-drug addicts here at the Impact Centre.The team got a invitation to come and do a talk to a support group (ex-drug addicts wants to know how we as the Impact Team came out of drug abuse)

Stories of the new people here at the Impact Centre comming up keep on following our blog.

God Bless...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No internet

I promised the word that i will have a post on this blog but there is no internet im thinking off building a new www

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