Sunday, September 27, 2009

Living waters

Church was awesome this morning,Pastor Solomon Seragie preached the word.The word was clear that we should walked beside the streams of living water.Pastor Seragie read out John7,1Corin. and Psalm,all in inconnection with living waters.The word was like a sharp knife through my body,so we must allow the living waters to flow through us,through Christ Jesus.Thank you Pastor Seragie for that wonderful word it was clear to me God bless.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


At first my life started when i moved to Rockland's .That was when i smoked cigarettes and also started drinking.My whole life,i grew up without my father,there were times when i just wanted to HUG or LOVE my dad or someone thats a father or someone that i know but yet there were no one that wanted to help but my mother.I was always involve in sexual things and i saw sexual things on a very early age and i ended up doing things on my own.I ended up doing TIK, HEROIN,DAGGA,MANDRAX and so on,i also started stealing cause i had to seport my habits. TO BE CONTINUE


I was attending a HIV training on saturday,which was very productive and fun.i learnt so much about HIV AIDS and the dangers of it.we should take HIV AIDS serious cause its killing our people everyday.JESUS is the only way that we going to overcome this please people stick to one partner and stop HIV!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reconstructed Video Blogging Session

vlogging Vlogging

In today’s Reconstructed Session I could sit back as a student. The session was facilitated by Marlon Parker, teaching us all about video blogging (Vlogging). We did a practical session where we recorded some videos and uploaded the videos on YouTube, the tool that we will use to store all our video. After adding videos on YouTube we posted some video post on our Reconstructed Blog.

The guys was really excited about this session because all that they want to do is to share their stories with people out there that is addicted to drugs. I’m just as excited to see how they are going to use video blogging on their space

here is a video Kyle Stevens: Servanthood

Monday, September 14, 2009

Faith is being sure of what you hope

Always remember Faith sees the invisible ,Faith believes the impossible and Faith receives the incredible.
Let us not judge for we one day will be judged.
In the contexts of the Jews I will not judge,For if It was not for there ignorance to believe that Christ Jesus is not Lord,there would be no Christians just think for us as believers what would we believe if the Jews accepted Jesus or would there even be Christians. That is why the bible says in Romans11-11 Again I ask, Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather , because of their transgression, salvation has come to the gentiles. Than page to verse12 it says, But if their transgression means riches for the Gentiles, how much greatewr riches will their fullness bring! 14 In the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them.15 For if there rejection(of Jesus) is the reconciliation of the world, what will their accptance be but the life from the dead?(As we were dead before we got saved) Let us be thankfull to Jah that we could find salvation through his son Jesus Christ.If some branches break off and you a wild olive(unsaved person)shoot, have been grafted in amoung the others and now share in the nopurishing sap from the olive root,(Witch is Jesus)do not booastover those branches.(unsaved)Let us be graceus to them for we have the truth so let share it with them. It is only Love that can set one free. So let us say -Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in.(To our Rock Jesus Christ)If God did not spare the the natural branches, he will not spare you either.

Always be thankfull for the truth and spead the Gospel where ever you go then your faith will grow even though you get persicuted and rejected just accept it because for us we are in a unseen war and your blessing is in heaven if you are faithfull to the Lord.Keep on pushing forward and leave your past behind you than Christ will flow through you and you will enjoy the waters he has for you,as it is we could never have done what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Students Volunteer at Impact Direct

Caroline Ngwenya, Linnet Chihaka, Nyasha Ziyezwa, Lynn Kanengoni (grade 10) and Mary Ngwenya (grade 11) are students from Cape Town High school.

The above Students offer to do community service as a Life Orientations project. The aim of their project is to do research and work in an environment to offer a service to the community to disadvantage people. Impact Direct Ministries has the privilege out of many Organizations that the students are volunteering there time to.

One of the projects that the Impact Centre focus on is Senior Wellness and that was the main reason that attracted the students to do community service.

When asking feedback the girls replied "Our first impression that we felt love, among the volunteers that work at the Impact Centre"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Youth Marketing for Non profits

With the increased number of organisations especially non-profits looking at how they can engage with young people the video below, by Graham Brown of Mobile Youth, gives an insightful overview of what these organisations can do to reach their youth target market. The Reconstructed Project also featured in this video as we continue spreading the message of hope amongst our young people in South Africa.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blogging as a change agent to empower citizens

As I am getting ready to attend the World Wide Web Conference in Port Elizabeth this week I was reminded of a paper we presented at the same conference in Cape Town last year titled "Blogging as a change agent to empower citizens in communities with tension". Below is a short abstract from the paper:

"The power of the Internet as a facility is that it has allowed many people worldwide to use it without feeling the real bite of the term ‘cost’. It comprises of numerous technologies that create an interesting question: How far has the information technology world come in terms of development? The introduction of a Web 2.0 technology known as weblogs or blogging has fast become a popular choice of application used on the Internet. Blogging prove to have both major advantages and disadvantages when used in the business environment. Not much research has been conducted on the personal impact blogging has on individuals. An issue that this paper addresses is in determining how helpful blogging can be when used by a group of individuals that are in the phase of drug rehabilitation. Ex-drug addicts and gang members from the Cape Flats in Cape Town were used as a case to investigate how much of an impact blogging had on them on a personal level, in their everyday lives and others that surround them. Blogging could be an alternative assisting or possibly empowering individuals in communities with tension allowing them to express themselves and see the world from a new perspective."

Source: Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on World Wide Web Applications 3-5 September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prayer with Mike Santer from UK

Posted by ShoZu

I love you Jesus!

I just want to give praise,honour and glory to Jesus.Thank you Jesus for saving my life,and thank you for taking me out of the pits of hell.i love you Jesus,keep me safe under your precious blood.John 14vs6 Jesus is the way,the truth and the life thank you Jesus!

my getaway

Two weeks ago my wife and i decided to go away for a couple of days just to relax and to see more of the country and what a beautiful country we have. We saw wide open spaces and mountains so colourful that we just saw our creator in a brand new light. The bible teaches us that God created all of these things for us to enjoy. The drive with the bus was very unpleasant driving six hours and stopping at every station on our way to our destination ,Carmel. Someone made fun of me and told me that it was a place for senior people but if you want ot get away for few days its a very good place to go to. We really enjoyed our stay there and the hospatality was first class and the food was the best, so if you want to get away go there and enjoy Gods creation

the holidays yet to come

in the morning i get up early and i walk down a long road thinking to myself will i ever get there
but then i start to think how close it is to the holidays and then i don't mind the walk i just say
to myself it's almost done then i can go to my cousins to just take a breathe

skills transferred

In the past the fathers prepared their children for the future by transferring their skills down to their children errespective of whether those children would oneday follow in their fathers footsteps. In this way the families were much closer and they had respect for oneanother. They (the children) may even decide to go and do something completely different but as long as the fathers transferred that skill, is so important. When things dont work out as planned for the children they always have a skill to fall back onto. Today the children are not open to learning any skills from the parents and that is one of the reasons for the unemployment rate. If skills were tranferred down from our fathers survival would be so much easier for everyone. How can we get our fathers and sons to come together and tranfer skills? I would oneday transfer my skills to my children so they can survive and in this way i'll have a closer relationship with my children

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior Citizens playing Wii

Senior Citizens playing wii

Impact Direct Ministries is very devoted to the seniors of the community and have committed themselves to a group of 20 -30 seniors of the community.

Every Monday these seniors come to the Impact Centre where they are taught various life skills, arts and crafts and exercise . Today the ladies did a talk with them about healthy lifestyles and nutritional diets. After the talk it was the guys slot to do exercises with the Seniors But this was not going to be any exercises.We set up the Wii console in the main hall of the Impact Centre.Today they were going to get a full body workout as the pictures will explain.They were naturally exited and there was a great buss in the Centre.We let them play bit of everything ie. bowling tennis etc.

There are lots more of technology that we are wanting to introduce the seniors too eg how to operate their cellphones (properly).These are exiting times and we cant wait to make our Seniors techno savvy .Stay tuned for a bog post on how our seniors use their cellphones to make a change in their communities.

Senior Citizens Playing wii

Why NGO’s Should use Blogging for their Orginization

Social Media for NGO's

Thursday we are having our first Social Media for Social Change work shop with NGO’s. The purpose of this workshop is to see how NGO’s can possibly use Social Media to strengthen or further their cause.

I will do the session on blogging and how NGO’s can use blogs in their Organization.

Anyone can be a blogger in just a few clicks and the stats can prove it there are 183,102 blogger 162,662 new posts and 309,806 comments and the numbers keep on growing continuously this stats is just on one platform and their are many others tools. All this bloggers ,comments and new posts is in a world of their own name blogosphere.If you want to be part of the blogosphere you got to know a few words blogging this is the process of adding a post and blogger this is a contributor to a blog.

Blogs is about publishing content (stories,information etc) and to get a audience. The web2.0 is about creating sharing and engaging, blogs give you the platform to add videos,pics,audio and mainly text this make up the 3 creating sharing and engaging.

The big Question What is Blogging?

A blog is merely a tool that enable you do anything from changing the world to sharing your shopping list. (quote of a blogger)

Blogs is a type of website, it can be whatever you want it be (quote by craig ross)

A Blog is short for Web logs, is basically a online diary/journal -this directly answers the question what is a blog.

Why NGO’s should blog this is a great opportunity to create relationship and facilitate conversations. Blogging gives you a personal inside view of whats happening in your Organization. It allow you to recruit volunteers and helps with accountability to donors.

here is a tip

Don’t focus on having a great blog, focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

you can download my presentation Social Media for NGO’s