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''The Bible says that He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful and is able to complete it''

''For he who the Son has set free is free indeed''

I used to sell drugs in Atlantis for a merchant I was involved with.

Today the mercy of GOD has transformed my life where I am able to take a skill I use to use for the bad and influence lives in a positive way. About three months ago I started a business to support us as volunteers living here at the centre whereby I sell seafood. God has really blessed us by giving power to do business and in the new week to come I am looking to empower four people to start there own business. Only GOD has power to make this possible and it is available for every single person that has the breath of life inside of them,and its given through JESUS CHRIST.

I am going for my diving instructor license this year so that I can give scuba training to kids coming out of gangsterism and drugs as part of a life skill program we are going to offer here at the impact centre. I believe that GOD can use the environment to change a life forever.

I use to depend on my own ability to make money and my ways did not include the way of GOD. Many times our ways robbed the community, even of life. Again I ask, where would I be if it was not for JESUS CHRIST.

I live for CHRIST.

A thank you post

A thank you post
A very wise man taught me that when we say thank you we open up an opportunity to receive again. That is why I wanna ,dedicate this post to say thank you to JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Saviour.

Thank YOU for dying for me. Thank YOU for loving me. Thank YOU caring for my every need. Thank YOU that YOU do not just love me but every person in the world. Nothing in this world will be able to express what YOU deserve.

thank YOU

Nothing but the blood

Nothing but the blood
So here we are again,in previous posts of me on this blog,you might have read that I have been a devout Christian,serving Jesus Christ,before I went on my rebellious journey to the underworld.

Learning the ways of the underworld almost cost me my life,even though I might still have lived,there are certain lines which if you cross it,you give up a part of you in order posses a certain knowledge. It was hard to survive on the streets,anyone can become your enemy,even your brother. Ive experienced situations where my owns friends ho was supposed to be brothers attempted in taking my life. Two of my best friends was shot cold blooded at close range,one,eleven shots on his whole body and the other one,six,in the face. The things you exsperince in the gang world changes your whole view of life and because the fact that you are still on drugs really doesnt help. Its makes you believe the lie.

“The lie, is, that there is no way out of the underworld”

I thought GOD would never forgive me for turning my back on Him. For three years I struggled just to make up my mind to go to church because I decided that hell was my destiny. I basically believed it even though every part of me wanted to be united with GOD again but I have already decided that GOD wont forgive me.

Rebellion took over my life and I started to enjoy it,because I controlled my own life even though heart ache and pain was the order of the day,until the loveof JESUS CHRIST manifested the greatest power,I have ever experienced.

The blood of JESUS,which bought me free from sin and death

Life on drugs.

Life on drugs.

I basically start this post where I ended the post about poaching.I started smoking dagga with some rastas three houses away from where I lived.At that time me and my mom had a contracting company which offered services to the city of Cape Town.We went on well until I decided that it would be good for business to smoke a joint before I go to meetings,eventually I never reached the meetings because my time was consumed by the one slow boat to another which eventually consumed me and I just lost all interest in the business.I eventually started losing interest in diving,which was a big deal because I fell in love with the sea and now a drug was taking that place.

This is when I decided,enough is enough.So I decided that I was going to stop smoking dagga.I bought a parcel dagga and went to a friend one friday to smoke enough dagga because it was going to be the last time,well,we smoked and smoked and ended up visiting a friend who sold tik.For as long as I was smoking dagga my friends was on tik but it never interested me but I decide that I might as well just take one hit from a lolly that was offered to me seeing that it was going to be the last evening I would be using drugs.I only stopped taking a hit from the tik lolly six years after that.

In those six years,Ive lost people I loved. A girlfriend,a friend I regarded as my older brother who was killed in gang violence,a couple of attempts was made on my life too.I even lost my character,the person I was.

If it wasnt for Jesus Christ,were would I be today.

My life as a poacher

I was about 10years old when our family started going for holidays to Hawston,a town off the N2 just before you get Hermanus. I remember seeing youngsters about 18years of age owning two cars and spending money as if it grew on trees. I always dreamed of having what they had and not too long after that,the dreams soon turned into reality. I always loved the see and so diving came easy for me.

It was in the year 2000,on a Saturday afternoon when I started my career as a poacher. I was 18years old and knew nothing of how I was going to execute this operation but I survived. Living in Atlantis, melkbos strand was the closes beach I knew I would get abalone and lots of it. I went into the see water and after an hour came out with about 5kilos of abalone,then valued at about R1500.What more could an 18year old want,to work 1hour and earn a weeks wages.

Three years after that I got caught at the same beach I started poaching. I spent two days in jail until I appeared in court. I had an option of paying R10 000 or six months in prison,I paid the money. I stopped poaching for about 3months but then started again. They say,the love of money is the root to all evil,its true. I poached for about 3years or more after that full-time when at times a earned as much as R10 000 in an half hour,it was good money but it never lasted,because at that time I started using drugs.I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and enjoy this journey with me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Friday ( 10 April 2009 )

On this day Jesus died for our sins, and while carrying the cross all that came to mind was a Father's love for his children.

(Agape is the most intense word used for Love.It is the word commonly used in reference to the love that exists between God and man and between Christians.)

Student of Kewtown Primary

Kewtown Primary is one of the projects that i work in, where we do counseling and feeding the childrens homes.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flippys week

Praise be to GOD for my life ;this week was a tough one for me;
School is always cool but in the spirit things can get heavy sometimes.
For this week I was tempted to the maximum I thought I was not going to make it;Yes I would not have if it was not for God.My head was going crazy and I was very grumpy because of the thoughts I was getting ;the kind I was getting was to kill myself and to go back to the world and give up my salvation;It was so bad at times I would not eat about or when I sleep I dream about it;then it got so heavy I falt like screaming about and I started doughting Gods power.Till friday when Kyle prayed for me God told him what I'm going through and so he asked me about my thought and I told he ;so God put fire apon me I could feel it for some time.I asked God to give me the opersit of what was happining to me and I thank him for giving it to me.
Now I feel much better and on Fire for the Lord ;God also gave me a word in the book of John
and the reverlation was on giving thanks .Befor Jesus fed the five thousand people with the two small fish and the five small bread he gave thanks and to give thanks is to honor because as for some of us we are quik to take but not to take the time to give thanks and so the bit that Jesus had filled all the people and there was even left overs to fill up twelve barscets and so when you give thanks God will extend what you have.

If you sow an hour into the Kingdom of God you will reap millions and millions of years of blessings; so befor you do something think of the consequences.

What you gana do when Jesus comes for you?????????????????????????????

God bless Peace out
Flippy's out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When getting off of drugs I needed all the help and support I could get. I had to break away from the old friends and the gang I had been hanging out with. The vicious cycle of using drugs had to be broken.

I was introduced to an organization in my community that is literally a three minute walk from where I live. This organization is Impact Direct Ministries, a non-profit community based organization established in 2001. The ministry is based in South Africa with the main operational base in Cape Town. For many years its members have been impacting various communities through a variety of outreach programs both locally and globally. To date IDM has formed partnerships all across South Africa and other parts of the continent as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom. This giving and life changing organization was formed and is operating under the banner of the Cape Town Christian Fellowship, the church to which my mom belongs.

My mom made an appointment for me with Pastor Roger Petersen,the CEO Of Impact Direct Ministries. When first walking into the Centre I initially thought people were going to judge me and would think poorly of me, believing that I was not worthy of help because I was a drug addict. Man was I wrong. The love and acceptance I felt combined with the compassion everyone showed me was so overwhelming. I actually considered that it was an act and might be a trick. I saw no way people be so caring and loving towards someone they dont know. They made me feel welcome and I felt a sense of belonging, something that I was looking for whilst on drugs and caught up in the gang world. I went to the centre on a daily basis and was mentored and encouraged by Pastor Roger as he became like a dad to me.

Throughout my recovery I continued to visit the Impact Centre regularly and soon realized that there was such a great need out there for the services they provided. So many people needed help with their drug problems. It was at that point that I made the decision that I was going to dedicate my life to helping others who were in a similar situation to the one I had been in. I knew that God had given me a testimony, but it was not for myself, but for countless others out there in need of help. To be in a position to bring hope to the hopeless Pastor Roger sent me to various trainings and workshops to equip me to fulfill my mission.

I am now proudly one of the counselors at the Impact Centre and currently running a daily drug program for other addicts that come in for help. I am so greatful to God that He is using me in this way. I cant see myself doing anything else. I just want to help and be there for people in need in much the same way as the people at Impact Direct Ministries were there for me. Not only did God set me free from drugs, He also placed awesome, loving people in my life to support me and walk alongside me. It is so important to have support and someone to talk to when facing problems and personal storms. I’ve been given those people and I give Jesus all the glory and praise for what he has done in and through my life.

Throughout this blog I will be updating and sharing my day to day life at the Impact Centre. It’s my intention to share with you both the joys and trials that we face daily. As I continue to share my journey with you it is my hope that you’ll be inspired by it and that it will help you better realize that there is both help and hope for anyone in need.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Just over two years ago I began in incredible journey.

Just over two years ago I wouldn’t have thought or imagined that I would be doing the type of work I’m doing today. Over two years ago when I was still high on drugs, had I told the guys that one day I was going to be a drug counselor working in our local community, they would have probably told me that, that was the drugs talking and that I was tripping and crazy from the drugs. The drug I was using, crystal methamphetamine, was making me mentally unstable and I was starting to hallucinate all the time.

I belonged to a notorious gang in the area and got caught up in all sorts of gang activities. I always thought people were out to kill me and felt I couldn’t trust anyone. It got so out of hand that one evening I wanted to stab my parents to death because I thought they were in this “big plot” to kill me. I thought they had ordered people to kill me and I basically wanted to make an example of them. In my mind I wanted to kill them to show the world that no one gets away with messing with me. It came to the point that I actually held my parents hostage for about four hours and all I could think about was killing them. I finally came to my senses and dropped the knife I had been threatening them with all evening. After this incident I realized that I needed serious help to prevent my hurting myself or the people around me.

It didn’t end there, though. I managed to stop for a while but I soon went back to my old habits and found myself in the same mess as before. After loosing everything I had, including my job, I was at the lowest part in my life. I felt that I had, had enough and just wanted to end it. I wanted out. I came home after a drug binge one evening feeling suicidal and told my mom that I was going to kill myself. She told me not to speak that way and that there was still hope for me. She told me that Jesus could set me free and that I should just call out on His name. I told her that I was bad person and that there was nothing that Jesus could do for me.

Because I had nothing to lose, I called out on the name of the Lord and asked Him to help me with my addiction. I told Him that I did not want to live this drugged out life anymore. After doing that I just burst out into tears and felt a heaviness lifting from my shoulders. Ever since calling on the name of Jesus I’ve been drug free. I’ve been clean and drug free for just over two years now and am not looking back.

Now I am a drug counselor and am working for a wonderful organization that works with drug addicts. I saw the need out there with the drug problem and have decided to offer up my life to help others that are going through what I have been through with this evil drug. a Blog owned by Craig "king" Ross

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

how life is going

at the moment it is going good and knowing that GOD is there to heal me completley ....i also am thanking GOD 4 placing certain people in my life 4 me to see abit of me in all of them....and also to keep holding on ..because if they chould do it so chould i and all of the others,i am so happey at this present time .......

Reconstructed we salute you

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for this blog, you have truly made a huge impact on the lives of The Reconstructed Team. Just to be mentioned in the same breath as blogs such SARocks, Thought Leader (by Mail and Guardian), Moral Fibre and all the others is a humbling experience for us (see image above), taking in consideration that this blog is managed by young men and women who just over a year ago had very little to live for.

For many of them this highlighted that through using a simple medium such as blogging and engaging with others using social media that their lives will be changed and their voices will be heard again. They can leave a positive footprint and slowly begin to re-write (re-blog) their lives which for many is needed after a dark and cold past. To think that in this group 90% of its contributors have not completed school or formal education, had a past caught up in substance abuse, gang related activities and crime. This is just a breath of fresh air to see how their lives have been reconstructed and how they are now using what they've been taught and teaching others who has joined the Reconstructed Team.

To all the young men and women of the Reconstructed, I salute you for a job well done!! You've shown that change is possible and that there is always hope for those who believe that all is lost.

Nedoman matric camp

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