Friday, May 24, 2013

Inspired by a song -"I was here -Beyonce"

A song like this makes me ask myself what am I doing to make a difference in the world, what legacy am I leaving behind. We have a beautiful world/land that has somehow turned into an ugly mess and is now difficult to take control of. Do we not love one another? Our ugly habits are killing one another everyday and  it gets worse. So go ahead ask yourself too, what am I doing to change the state of the world?


The song remind me of the past.I like to sing and this band was one of my favourite. When you young and in love you like to express how you feel.I like all there songs and really live myself in it.I use to dance while i am singing.It let me feel good to think of the past and where i am now.

when i met the love of my life

when Bianca and i met we were drawn together as this amazing  love song played i especially was fascinated and intrigued by the lyrics of  the song especially with the second verse the song inspires me daily in reminding me how beautiful my angel is and that i will always cherish the day we met beautiful as you has been written and composed for that special moments when you and your partner spend awesome times together

the intro of the song  allows the excitement of telling your partner how much you love her and that she's special to you in every way and that she's the best gift given unto you

day to day even this day especially when she feel sad i constantly tell  how beautiful she is to me

memory lane of tom jones

this song took me down memory lane  i love this song very much when i was 16 this song was on the top 10
at the radio late mother and i use to sing it together when i was 18 i met a boyfriend who would sing it  until today i still enjoy listening or watching  tom jones

Love you always

when do you realy knows that your filled with love that your trying to share with realy no power or satesfaction to anybody,but just carries on to give without receaving back and so were does it comes from. YOU SPIRIT