Friday, November 11, 2011

Our table mountain

Firstly i wanna thank God for His wonderful creation Table Mountain. Yes, i am using capital letters as it is a huge mountain. Just a while ago it has announced that our mountain, God's gift to us, has been named a wonder. A wonder it is indeed! I am so proud to be a Capetonian as now we are all famous. Just imagine all the wealth our mountain is gona bring into this city!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trusting God

Earlier today, my daughter phones me to ask me about a certificate for a course she's done. Now because we have moved i didn't quite know where to look as i haven't really unpacked as yet. Lazy me lol. Anyways as i walked to the back, i started speaking to the Lord. I said, Father, where would i find this document as i could not remember as to what i had done with it. I also said Lord, i need you to help me here.So now i looked @ all these unpacked boxes, totally turned off. As i was wondering where to begin, my eyes fell on a box. Upon opening it, i found what i was looking for. Amazing, as i didn't think it would be so easy. While being so amazed, the Holy spirit said the following to God and He will direct your paths..When i asked the Lord to help me, He did just that..directed my path.