Friday, August 21, 2009

Advice Support Training for National Aids Help Line

On Monday I had my first Airplane experience flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg where I will spend five days together with Marlon Parker doing Advice Support Training with the National Aids Help Line.

Life Line – LifeLine collaborates with the South African National Department of Health to administer the country’s National AIDS Helpline

The Advice Support Network is a platform that we developed so that we can reach out to thousands of youth on their level for example most of South African teens has a cellphone and they use social tools like Mxit, Migg33,facebook,twitter etc. and now they can add us as a contact and start to engage without giving their name.
If I look back at my life I wanted to go for drug counseling but did not want to tell my parent that I’m using substance if a platform like this was around them maybe I wouldn’t of gone on drugging for 7 more years. So basically the training is about teaching Lifelines counselors how to use there system/platform.
To add the National AIDS Help Line on MXit you do the following:
1) Add Contacts2) Got to Jabber or Google Talk option3) ID: (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and Nickname: Red Chat Zone4) Accept Contact

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