Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ps Willie Norris

Pastor Willie shared the following amongst other things:

'Your ship is coming in
Don't go for the speed boats, go for the cargo ships that come from afar.
Because it comes from afar it will take long to come and has to come through storms.
The longer it takes to come, the bigger it is.
God doesn't have a problem sending the stuff. It's the people who's bringing it that's the problem.
Just continue to be faithful and worship God in spirit and in truth.
Don't think He forgot about you....how can He forgot about you?????????????????
Some will get financial breakthroughs while others will get spiritual breakthroughs.
When God gives you a breakthrough in finances, don't look for a spiritual breakthrough (and vice versa). The other breakthrough will come. GOD DELIVERS.
When He starts, He doesn't stop. Only we can stop the deliveries - when we become unfaithful.

It's only kilometres away now.

Every onslaught has a shelf life, an expiry date. When it's over, IT'S OVER! No other onslaught will take the place of it. When it's over it over.'

I've been asking Him whose next on his Christmas list for us to bless.

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