Friday, October 30, 2009

Moulding new Drug Advice and Support Advisors

Impact staff will be doing two days of training in the Reconstructed Living Lab. They will be doing the Art of Mobile Counselling. As the numbers is increasing on the Drug Advice and Support service we need more advisors on the system.

Although most of them are doing one on one counselling there is an Art of being a mobile counselor. The aim of this training is to introduce the mobile system that we are using and the Art of a Mobile Cousellor and they will do a role play on the Drug Advice Support system.

After doing training with the Impact staff the Drug Advice and Support system went live after 3 weeks down the developers did some maintenance on the system. The service ended with more than 300 messages and more than 50 users online in the space of two hours.

To add us on your MXit you can do the following:

1) Go to contacts
2) Add contact
3) Go to Jabber or Google Talk (depending on your version of MXit)
4) Jabber or Google Talk ID:
Nickname: DAS
5) Accept contact

This service runs Mondays to Thursdays between 4 and 6pm. Join us as we reconstruct our communities.

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