Saturday, November 28, 2009

Counselling Training

Its been a while since I last posted a blog but im at the reconstructed class and i havent had anything to eat yet so my concerntration level is almost non existant. I was attendung a Drug Counselling workshop in Paarl this past week and the workshop itself was very helpful and the new people I met were all very polite and friendly and they were very experienced. I felt very out of place because of the lack of experience and because I did'nt have much counselling knowledge. I did not know there is so much to look out for when doing drug counselling like how to deal with denial in a client and how to give as little advice as possible and rather to draw from the client his or her own salutions and then just guide the client in that way and how your first meeting with the client could be the only meeting and that you should make a good impression by not being judgemental and just creating a safe and comfortable place for them so when they ready someday they'll remember and visit you and will be ready to open up to you as a counsellor and there was so much more to learn. We had four different facillitators in three days and you had to explain to them everytime who you are and who you represent. The facillitation was good espcially the first two young ladies from Kenilworth clinic who had us do role plays and always had us interacting with one another which was great because it kept the meeting alive and you had to concerntrate alot because you always had to act out something or do some kind of activity so I enjoyed that very much. The other guys had too much informatiom for the little time so I just took what I could from their sessions but Im glad its over and Im looking forward to some serious Drug Counselling.

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Reita Faria said...

Skype treatments can not be made to do something that they would not be comfortable doing. Treatments require the sub-conscious mind to agree with decisions made by the conscious to be healthier. The sub-conscious is responsible for (80% of the Mind in charge of all emotions and functions of th body such as breathing) and the conscious mind (20% of the mind in charge of logic and all decisions).