Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Senior Citizens playing Wii

Senior Citizens playing wii

Impact Direct Ministries is very devoted to the seniors of the community and have committed themselves to a group of 20 -30 seniors of the community.

Every Monday these seniors come to the Impact Centre where they are taught various life skills, arts and crafts and exercise . Today the ladies did a talk with them about healthy lifestyles and nutritional diets. After the talk it was the guys slot to do exercises with the Seniors But this was not going to be any exercises.We set up the Wii console in the main hall of the Impact Centre.Today they were going to get a full body workout as the pictures will explain.They were naturally exited and there was a great buss in the Centre.We let them play bit of everything ie. bowling tennis etc.

There are lots more of technology that we are wanting to introduce the seniors too eg how to operate their cellphones (properly).These are exiting times and we cant wait to make our Seniors techno savvy .Stay tuned for a bog post on how our seniors use their cellphones to make a change in their communities.

Senior Citizens Playing wii

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