Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me and YOU

A walk with GOD in the most intimate way is what I desire.To be HIS friend.

Its the 24 June 2010 @ 02:10 in the morning,I cant sleep.Im all exited,its really hard to explain to you this that I am feeling right now,but it is a joy unspeakable and full of GLORY.Imagine being lost and you being found.Imagine being blind but now you see.Imagine being deaf but now you hear.There is nothing in this world that can give me what I have right now,"LOVE"!!!!!!!!!

This is what every human being searches for in their lifetime.We search for it in soooooo many things,many have even died and lost their souls to eternal condemnation.(HELL)

HE is always just one step away,call apon the name of #JESUS and the truth will set you free!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cape Town Stadium turned into an abattoir

Yesterday Portugal faced off against Korea DPR at the beautiful Cape Town Stadium today at 13h30. I was one of the lucky 63, 644 fans to witness a goal scoring feast that happens to also be the highest score at World Cup 2010 thus far.

I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency at which the transport system operated from the CBD to the drop off point near the stadium. Looking at all the fans queuing to get into the stadium I must admit I was a bit worried we weren't going to make it in time for the kickoff. Then again without much hassle we were in the stadium listening to thousands of fans blowing their vuvuzelas.

All in all I had a fantastic day in the Mother City being pleasantly surprised by the efficiency at which everything ran building up to and including the match of the day. But the highlight of my day was watching a high scoring match seeing that I only had this one world cup ticket.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Angel and the 23,000

Another exciting project that RLabs have been involved in has been the Angel on MXit project where we offer people support and advice in the areas of substance abuse, abuse, depression, debt counselling,stress and coping via their mobile phones. This partnership with MXit Lifestyle will allow us to scale our services and also provide much needed access to all MXit users. The Angel project allows MXit users to "find their Angel" where they can get help for the social issue they are dealing with.

Over the next few weeks we will increase the capacity of our mobile counselling support centre and grow it to support thousands of MXit users across South Africa. Since starting our new campaign yesterday we've already attracted more than 23,000 users to the service.


If only people can go to an exotic place just to get away from all the stressful people
around them maybe some day someone will find a place that we can just get away from
and I know if I could go I would go because I know if I was in a person shoes with so many
stress I would feel very much the same.


Today is such a cold I felt like sleeping Whole day but i couldn't because i have to
be at a computer class a very important class and i think this will be a good
start for the future and you never know where that might lead you
maybe one of the days you can be running your own computer business

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mary Louise Saaiman

Its very hard for me to start writing about this woman.She one of the most amazing people I have ever and will ever meet.

Ladies and gentle man,this blog is about my mother.

I remember the nights when I used to come in the house and she would be sitting and playing tv games waiting forme to come in from the road,probably praying every moment that I was on the move.Drugged up I use to go and lay on the couch and start talking to her.Funny enough,I only talked to her when I was drugged.And she dare not fall asleep even though its 3 in the morning or else I would throw a fit and would blame her for not listening and that would be the reason for me not drugging.I put her through alot but not once can I say that she did not love me.

I remember the days when I was living in the drug house.Even though she knew I wasnt going to come home,many a days she would come and call me knowing I was inside,even though I told everyone to say Im not there.She would sit outside waiting for me in the hope that I would come home with her.No matter what time of the night it was.

I remember how we use to call on her when we were in trouble and she use to bail us out,even those that we not her own children,she would love us all the same.

I remember this one night,this was probably one of the worst things I could ever do,I forced her to light a mandrax pipe for me with an match because I wanted to smoke alone and not share with others but I needed someone to light the pipe,so I tricked her by saying,that if she did not light it for me,I would go to any drug den and find someone to smoke with.At that time,we were in a war,so me moving alone at that time of the night could end up in me getting shot.So to avoid that,she lit me up.After that hit,I hated myself for years.

I remember how she use to come into my room at 3 in the morning and pray for me,the nights i use to sleep at home,how she would annoint my feet at home,I would hear every word,naturally I would not be asleep because I was high from tik,but I always kept me asleep while she was in the room,and many times after she left my room,just went on drugging again.

"She never stopped loving me,she always projected JESUS CHRIST to me."

I remember the look on her face the DAY :"JESUS CHRIST saved my life from eternal condemnation and delivered me from drugs"

Today is her birthday,I couldnt buy her anything,I wished her,but I couldnt go home to her,she released me to do the will of the FATHER.At the moment,thats the best I can give her as my mother,to be obedient to CHRIST.

A true woman of GOD!!!!!!!!

My mother!!!!!!!!!

Mary Louise Saaiman!!!!!!!!!

Street ministry 2010

I can only thank my LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST for what HE did for me today.
"Its like DADDY bought me a bran new bycicle"

Thats the best way I can describe the way that Im feeling.You know what makes me happy,satisfied,wealthy,its the sparkle in the people`s eyes after we have ministered the Gosple and finished prayed for them.I don`t know what they might be going through.Are we all not good in putting up masks,sometimes.

Imagine a life without the HOLY SPIRIT guiding us,prompting us and even helping us to do the will of the FATHER,this would be a crappy world,no love,no worrying about each other.(GREATFULL HEART)Thank YOU JESUS for sending us the HOLY SPIRIT.

Im laughing now,because I feel this is going to be one of those blogs where my heading sais one thing,and my content sais another,laugh out loud,thank YOU LORD for the joy YOU have given me.(VERY BIG SMILE).

I`m sitting and I just drifted away thinking how GOD has changed my life around(DEEP BREATH) I LOVE YOU JESUS.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GOD only knows

Only tears can exspress my grattitude towards how GOD makes me feel inside,but tears of joy.I ministered to a 14 year old today.He is on a 4month drug rehab program.I dont even know how to write this Blog but I feel I want to tell this story.

Listening to him speak about his home,sory I should say,his house.Thats not a home.There is too much hurt and pain to call it a home.I was sitting there and so much things went through my mind.Emotions went throw my body,anger,hurt,pain.

This is just one kids story I am hearing,there are thousands that even die under these circumstances.Parents who drug,opening their houses to anybody to move in and out just so their addiction can be met.One instance is when a man they didnt know just walk into their house and started beating them(the kids) because his wife was hidding in their house,the man said,but he was halusanating from the drugs.Their parents couldnt hear them screaming because they were sleeping in the next room drugged up.

GOD allowed me to give the boy my testimony of my life on drugs,you see,we just know each other for a month now.And for some reason,he just kept coming to be around me but he didnt know where I came from(where GOD took me out of)but he always tells me he would like to be like the guys here where I am.We all serve JESUS CHRIST.

After I gave him my testimony,as the HOLY SPIRIT lead me,I truly saw a twinkle in his eye.I know that JESUS touch him.As Im sitting in this chair right now,there is nothing that I believe more than GOD is going to use this boy as an evangelist to spread to Gospel of JESUS and use him to set many captives free.

My name is Gary John Saaiman,I am servant of my LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The flip side

Today,I can only thank my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for what HE has been and still is doing in my life.How HE is restoring my life to what I have been created to do,to lift up the name of JESUS and to preach HIS good news,which is the Gospel.

Im one of the facilitators of a holiday club that we are running over the school holiday period.These kids love me,and Im realising the opportunity GOD is giving me,an opportunity that I dont deserve but one that Im grabbing because of the mercies pouring down on me that is setting me free.So I just wanna tell you a small part of my history that I thing is significant to what GOD is allowing me to do.

Back in Atlantis,my home town,I was an assitant youth leader to about 150 to 200 youngsters on a friday evening.About after 2years,GOD allowd me to run my own youth in Mamre,a neibouring town to Atlantis.I was on high school at the time.GOD useed me to lead a couple of youngsters to JESUS CHRIST.HIS presence was truly with us as a youth.

Then came the time I turned my back on JESUS and went to go serve the devil.Firstly I became addicted to drugs,TIK being my favourd drug.I then got involved with the first tik wholesaler in our erea.At that time I basically tikked away most of my convictions.I truly thought hell was my destiny even though I knew that JESUS CHRIST is LORD.In this time I introduced three of the youngsters that I lead to the LORD,I now introduced to the evil(tik),actually got them hooked.I was selling for my friend at the time to support my habbit.

I will never forget the words of one of the boys,"Gary,if you should serve the LORD again oneday,we will too".

At that point I thought,drugs is my destiny,this is who I am,this is what Im going to do.


When the power of JESUS CHRIST gets hold of you,through,mothers and fathers and aunties and whoever the LORD uses to call your name,I tell you the truth.You will still think you the man one moment,the next,you will find yourself worshipping the MOST HIGH,ALL POWERFULL,my word is not enough to describe GOD.

One day Im selling my possessions,stealing things in my home to sell for tik,A man of GOD lays his hands on me and calls apon the HOLY SPIRIT to come and set me free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a fulltime worker in an organization that reconstructs communities.Im a servant of JESUS CHRIST and GOD entrust the lives of our future in my hands.

All GLORY be to #JESUS

Sunday, June 13, 2010


You know what is so amazing,this past month up till now the Holy Spirit has been ministering to me about the dreams I had when I was a bit younger.I often use to have day dreams of how I would minister the word of GOD to single individuals at a times and leading them to JESUS CHRIST.The most favourite one I had(daydream) was one were I would imagine me being David.I would just be worship GOD in our own world.I dream`t of living for JESUS CHRIST,my greatest dream.

This mornings message in church was about missions,brought to us,Cape Town Christian Fellowship,by two Uk missionaries who are basically Capetonians by now,so long they have been here already.They are our family and we are theirs
.I might be drifting away from the point a bit,I tend to do that sometimes,lol,but Im just going to flo.

So one of the things that came forth is the fact that what do we have inside of us that will help forward missions,wether its us going to the nations or us helping others go and spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST.The last and only hope that is able to save mankind and unite his relationship with our Heavenly FATHER,YEHOVAH.

I like making money,sometimes its like playing the game manopoly,I think Im good in it.I can serve people,its one of my best abilities.I can actually,through the grace of GOD,do alot of things that can bring in assistance that can support someone in missions.

So here is my mind,body and soul LORD.Either YOU can send me to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel or YOU can use the abilities you place inside of me to assist others.It doesnt matter to me,either way,"Every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD and KING".

HE is GOD!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What else can I say,than!

I love JESUS CHRIST.I know I say it many a times,but it never has the same meanings.Im actually giggling now because Im thinking! to someone else,JESUS might just be a baby in the cradle,or a little cross with a man on it attached to a chain around your neck,but to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE is the KING of GLORY,none before HIM,the AMAZING,never changing,ever remaining,the only ONE who can rock the microphone consistently with the same blazzing.

GOD who came down to earth to come and die for HIS people "to set me free".

That is why I speak in liberty,declaring that JESUS is my KING.That one day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS is LORD.

I,Gary John Saaiman,just plain and simply,love JESUS CHRIST


Today,Newlands stadium is the place to be.Im with the boys at the game.The atmoshere is pumping.Im loving it,really loving it.Clive "HBK" has got the crowd at least thinking,Im sure in a hours time he'll actually have them going crazy."WE LOVE YOU CLIVE".This is what Im talking about,living life without drugs,alcohol and all that stuff.#JESUS I thank you for this life you given me.I'll honour YOU

Friday, June 11, 2010

Occupying a negative space for positive change

Bridgetown is where it all began.A wise man once told me that anything that is started out of good intentions but does not include GOD as its strenghth,will turn out evil.Today the Americans is the biggest gang in South Africa with members all over.

For years the American gang have occupied a vacant space in an shoping complex in the Bridgetown area.One can just imagine all the evil that has taken place in that space.People getting hurt,robbed,drugs being dealled and used.For many years it has been the hangout of this gang and people associated with this gang.

But God has answered the prayers of HIS people,"praise the name of JESUS".Its about + - a month ago that we have started to occupy these vacant spaces.At the moment I am assiting Bradley Naidoo with the substance abuse program under the banner of Impact Direct Ministries.Bradley is an ex-member/leader of the americans gang in the Bridgetown/Athlone erea.

Im also assisting Bradley`s uncle as he is heading up the renovations of this building.As we are preparing it for ministry.You know what blows my mind,this man who Im helping,Bradley`s uncle,i dont want to mention his name now,he is one of the for initial members of the americans gang,"The operations exspert".The man with the plan,but the plan plan has changed.

For what the devil intended for bad,GOD is taking that same lives and HE is displaying to the world that JESUS is LORD.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

life stories

hey guys and girls let me tell you something about me all my family members
thought that i was a sweet and innocent child up until last year i started
hanging out with some new and wrong friends that my mother warned
me about and i did not listen to her at times till they started experimenting
with drugs and they wanted me to try it and the 1 time i was so stressed
with things that happened at home that i try smoking dagga but i thought
to myself why should i have to waste my life with that when there are
better things in life if i had not done that i would've been such a pure
child and up until today i think back on that and say why did i have to
be so stupid and i still feel sad when people use that stuff against me
so boys and girls do not go down that path it is not the way to go
it is a cold and dark place that you would want to stay away from