Saturday, May 22, 2010

the new twitter class

hey everybody i haven't been on the reconstructed for a long time it was because i was quite
busy with my school work and but today when i came to the class i was so amazed how
quick people learn how to use the Internet and i think that it was very good for middle
aged people to use the Internet so that they can learn whats new in the world.

i can't actually wait for the next class because i know that it will be fun
it is so nice when you can teach people new things i think that it's

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The cafe session at Rlabs

Mom’s 3.0

This morning there is a nervous excitement in the air at RLabs because the mom's will soon learn how to upload images to their individual blog posts on the MOM3.0 blog. This session was facilitated by Monique Ross (She's the Geek), a lady who needs no introduction to blogging. She was soon guiding the mom's with their images and their new blog posts. Successfully the mom's posted their pictures to the blog and are very excited to be contributing to the World Wide Web.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

giving thanks

now that i have my daughter traveling by train
i am free to commune by cyber space
she have received her financial-aid praise the Lord

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healing and Restoration...

We met 3 weeks ago with the owner of the shop next to the dilapidated building and Bradleys uncle, who is giving his full support and backing for this initiative. The amazing thing is that his uncle is the founder of the American gang that is at present the largest gang in South Africa and responsible for most of the drug and gangster activities that is going on in the Cape Flats.

The building that we are moving into is one of the active hang out dens of this gang. This is like a movie being played out before our eyes. Only God is capable of doing something like this.

Bradley and Brent will be the two Community Developers heading this up. They were both previously involved in this gang with Bradley having run and led the operations for almost thirteen years, which drove the Community to have petitions drawn up against him to try and ban him from the community.

Their aim at the moment is to firstly use the one part of the building to create a space and environment in which they can engage with gang members operating there. The idea is to try and develop a Reconstructive Program in conjunction with these gang members similar to how we did with them. I am confident that they are going to pull this off with greater success than we did with them. They have just finished hosting the World Banks International INNOVATION FAIR using the skills and program they were part of developing.

Bradley Naidoo's Transformation...

To those who have an interest to read the story of an individual who didn't really understand what life was really about, who neither had a positive guide to teach and show him how to make the right choices in life, if they told you what was right they would always do the opposite of what they say. Well I think nobody gets to choose the situation they are born into, but I guess, and I firmly believe that you can change your situation or your circumstance. Change is inevitable change is possible only if you decide you want change, the whole world is talking about change, and yes there has been change but are we living for the change and the difference that we can make in our Families, Homes, or community, country or nation.

My name is Bradley I am the second oldest of five kids, I am currently situated in Cape Town Athlone Bridgetown, I have been living in Bridgetown all my life, Bridgetown is one of the most popular areas in terms of gangster ism and drugs. I grew up with a single parent my father was shot and killed when I was to 2 years old, my younger brother from my father side was shot and killed, then I had a cousin who was also shot and killed in gang related activities.
Why I am saying this is because one of the most Notorious gangs the Young Americans have been birthed out of our community not only did it start in our community it was actually a group of men that I new on very close and personal level, well my Father at that time was chosen to be the leader of this so called gang who had just emerged.

My uncle, who was involved in strategic planning, as to what the gang planned to do. 3 Generations later I found myself in the same cycle, and wasn't sure if I was going to spend my life in prison or end up dead as my father. In our society we look up to gangsters and drug dealers as our role models, we have no one to guide us neither is there any compass to direct our paths, and so we choose our destiny to die for what we stand and believe in, it has been 16 years of my life that I have been enslaved and controlled by gangsterism and drugs.

Brent Williams Transformation...

My name is Brent Williams and I am currently 32 years old. I hail from a community called Bridgetown. I grew up in the area and have been living her all my life. I don’t come out of a wealthy family or house but out of a very good home. I did not have everything but also lacked nothing so to speak. I have very good parents that always gave me their best.
I started drinking at the age of 13 years old and drank up to the age of 29 years old. (Drank for 16 years). I started using and experimenting with drugs at the age of 21 years old and used for 8 years, up to the age of 29 years old. When I started using and experimenting with drugs I got involved with gansterism and a notorious gang called the “Americans”. To support my drug habit I eventually started to sell drugs in my community and it did not matter to whom I sold (Old or young). When using the drugs (methamphetamine) it affected me mentally and I had terrible hallucinations .I always thought that the world was out to kill me. One evening I help my parent’s hostage with a long butcher’s knife threatening to kill them. That is when I know that I needed help.
My mom then brought me to the Impact Centre where I was counselled but most importantly introduced to Jesus Christ. That is where my journey began. I was counselled, mentored and disciple by Impact Direct. After that they saw it fit for me to go on various workshops and training. I eventually became part of the staff here and am one of the counsellors .I am also a Community Developer now and works and serve our community. This has been a very exiting journey thus far. Looking forward to what God is still going to do and my progress and development here at Impact Direct Ministries.