Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time Management

This week i have encountered the most vital issue especially since im a student. Time management is quite self explanatary when defining it, which basically means; managing your time to execute certain task. I now believe it actually means nothing untill you have experienced it or had to put it in action. I have alot of assignments due this week in addition to lectures i have to attend as well as practicals. There was a point when it just became to much to handle and i realised if i had actually prioritized each assignment according to due dates and volume, should i have produced a more stellar result.

Try to apply the concept of time management to your everyday life.


Saturday, April 23, 2011


hey fellow bloggers im so glad for this long weekend man did i need it we were workin over time whole week last week to compensate for this weekend so hers to making the most of it. ps im so loving the pickled fish happy easter everybody and remember what its really about christ making the ultimate sacrifice for us bless him and the easter eggs and pickled fish is a great bonus lol... till later jenay floris

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tools to enhance your career

In my last Social and New Media session i had the opportunity to explore an application called Linkedin. I think this tool is a great way to market yourself and create opportunities to enhance your career. It allows you to update your personal details, skills, qualifications, interest and loads more to be presented to a vast variety of people, companies and organisations out there.

Be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tonight I am very excited as I embark on this new journey of Blogging. I have been using most of the other social media tools like Gmail, Facebook,Twitter,Mxit,Linkedin,Hotmail, but
have been avoiding blogging.I have made the choice to do this and I have to say that this can be the beginning of a new way of communicating, changing lives and empowering not only myself but other as well.



social media class

Facebook has been my favourite and easiest so far. Google is a great tool for my business so far. Helping me immediately to whatever artwork , place or business i'm looking for.

So far we have been introduced to gmail google facebook blogging i think at this point i will enjoy
blogging lik because i aiways wanted to tell my life story i would like learn more on google.


My favorite tool is facebook . This is a very exciting page for me. I would like to learn more about facebook and be able to choose my own friends.

Thanks to Rlabs for what i have learned my favorite tool is facebook I would like to learn more about blogging

My Favorite Social Tool for NOW!

I'm glad to be part of the Social and New Media class at RLabs. I've learn quite a bit about the different social platforms. I am still trying to figure out which is my red spot. But at the moment I like Gmail, the reason being that I can now receive messages from one of God's chosen servants. I also like Facebook but are still trying to find my way around it.
I'm just wondering which of these tools are the best to advertise ones business.
I like GOOGLE very much because GOOGLE knows it ALL.
Brother H

my story

at RLabs we were taught about gmail,google,blogger and facebook my favourite is facebook i simply love it , i would like to know more about google.

my favorite tools

my favorite is gmail .google searce is also is another that is also very interesting, blogging takes more consentration , and facebook is a very interesting tool

Living on the Edge

This evening in the 1st Social and New Media session we had a great check in and after asking the class whether they wanted time off next week, as it is a public holiday the Monday and Wednesday and we have class the Tuesday evening. The group unanimously decided to come to class. This is very exciting for us as it shows their enthusiasm and we as the facilitators were really glad about this. Gary Saaiman played a video as part of opening the evening. The video was about BMX biking/tricks. Not sure how to describe it as it included lots of tricks and acts and really living on the edge. He then shared with the class how we all have talents and gifts and opportunities availed to us. It is up to us to make the most of it and really live on the edge. Don't be afraid to take risks. Thank you Gary for sharing with us.

Update-Social and new media class

At this present moment my favourite tool is facebook,it is like having a conversation with someone next to you.My least favourite is blogging,because it seems my mind goes blank,I am trying my best to keep up with all the information that I need to process on all the tools


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My experience thus far with Rlabs

Holla! I'm currntly doing a New and Social Media course at the RLabs academy. Wow I've learned so much already and continue to learn something new every week i love it.I think I fell inlove with Social Media.I did no a little about Social Media but this course just opened up so many more new things to me. You can do so much things on Social Media like adverising,promoting,inspiring,uplifting the thing that i like best so far is blogging for me it's a space where i can go to and just be myself and how much of us can make do with that in todays society where everybody is always trying to impress everyone else

Here you have no one to impress. Sometimes we just need to off load or nag and nobody has time these days to listen but with blogging you can and the best part about blogging on the Reconstructed blog page is that there is always some one who will have something encourging to 'comment' on your post.

Im super excited and can't wait to see what's in store for next weeks class. This course is really the highlight of my day and gives me something to look forward to.

A big thank you to the guys and gals at the RLabs academy and to everybody who made this experience possible and a special thanks to Brent Williams and Tamzin Martin I'm eternally gateful.God Bless.

Jenay Floris.xoxo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Good Evening everybody;-)
My 5th class here at RLabs..just doing a recap of our previous lesson,last week.I think i can remember..its not that difficult as studying a subject,reading a book and remembering every detail.
My weekend was okay.I went to a karaoke for fund-raising,a choir group got the opportunity to go overseas but they needed funds,people were dancing,selling drinks+food,it was fun!!!My week is always boring because i am still without a job:( its frustrating but i always look forward to tuesdays which gets me excited to learn new things.I am interested in studying I.T..So ill be visiting northlink college this week.I need to find out more information about I.T and also where i should start in the field.
prepare 4 an exam

my cuz 21st

that night was the best night so far in this month. i left early to help them set party friend Michael was with me that morning. when we got there every thing was already set up and they did not need my help

the night has come and we started parting the teens section was upstairs and old people at the bottom my uncle did braai in the yard with a neighbor everyone in the road was there to celebrate while we were dancing there were people singing a had to leave our room and before we know it we had leave the room and go eat and after we did wish the birthday boy and his parents made a speech and after we ate and went back up relaxed and start dancing after a while everyone went home to go rest after this big event

The Questions We have About Love

The reasons that one falls in-love is because you found the person that sweep you off your. All we know that god's love is the purest love of all. We can't compare the two loves because the pure and other is questionable. The reason for that is do we know weather it is lust or so called real love.

Hi guys

Howzit going, i am fine not doing to bad. I had a great week started on our nissan sti modifications on tuesday at last just hope we can get it done before our trip to saldanah 22 april. I would also like to add that the rlabs classes are so exciting glad to say I am enjoying it and I look forward to the next 15 weeks.

From the horses mouth

Not sure how popular this is but I washed my hair with horse shampoo. So I sent my husband in to get it... He was not impressed! Before attempting my first wash, I sat down to read the instructions and it went something like this;
  • prepare the animal
  • wet animals hair
  • apply to generously to mane
  • avoid contact with horses eyes
  • always stand on the side of animal whist washing

Did any of these instructions stand out or apply to me? Now was the time to find out. I removed the cap and to my surprise... IT WAS BLUE !!!!! Yes you read right, blue!!!
I took a deep breath and slowly applied the shampoo, after two washes I am happy to report that I still have hair and that the horse shampoo delivered on it's promise - shine, strength and growth!!!!!
My mamas advice, just don't kick your husband my child.

and it you don't believe's the proof

My favourite place in SA

How i wish my trip to Cape Aghulas could come early this year...

There's so much to see and do even tho I've gone there on holiday about 5 times. It is ultimately the best place to visit if you're looking to get away from work or the everyday stresses one has to deal with. The beaches are gorgeous..with its soft white sand and turquoise colored water . The sound and smell of the ocean wakes u every morning and instead of feeling tired or drained u find yourself in a complete state of tranquility. There are many BnB's in the area and most are situated close to convenient stores, the beaches, the harbor and a very famous landmark, the L' Agulhas light house from where you can see the different colors of the two oceans meeting.. the three hour drive from Cape Town isn't very long but once u get there it really feels as tho you are far far away..

I so need that holiday..just reminiscing on my time spent there makes me wish i was getting my tan on already:-)

Chandre Kruser

Waiting for my turn

heita fellow bloggers i'm always excited to be at class. Well nothing interesting happend this week. I'm just starting to get really impatient and frustrated because i'm still struggling to find a job man it sucks. You go to interview after interview and it's unsuccessful every time it sometimes makes you feel like a failure its hard to stay positive because people are always asking "still nothing" and like to pass judgement they make it seem like your lazy. Its not like i'm not looking i have even done a few courses to up skill including the one i'm currently doing at the RLabs academy hopefully this one will be the one that will increase my luck. Oh and whats up with employers always looking for experience how will I gain experience if nobody wants to give me a CHANCE.

Anyways from my lips or should i say fingers to gods ears. JenayFloris
Enough with the doom and gloom I'll leave you guys with something POSITIVE!!!!!!

Refreshers class

After last weeks class the participants requested that we do a refreshers class on blogging again.Last weeks class included:loading up and image in your blog post, loading up a video in your blog post and doing a hyper link in your blog post.

In this evenings class I have asked the participants to do a blog with all of the above mentioned components in it. It is going to be interesting to see if they still remember what they have been taught last week. The is also a young man in this evenings class that was absent last week so did not get to learn what the others have learned. I requested from the others that was in class last week to assist and show him what we have learnt. I think that this is a great way of learning together and lets face it, the participants in this years training is the CHAMPIONS of tomorrow.

after a long week....

After a long week of hard work I am super duper excited for the weekend ahead. Its been a while since I've been off for the weekend without having to do ASSIGNMENT after ASSIGNMENT!!!

Its time to let my hair down and try and feel normal again, haven't felt that in a while. Unsure about what I'll be doing but I do know that I'm going to have a relaxing weekend!

Friday will be catch up time with the friends :D whooop whooop...
Saturday its me time, i feel a session of retail therapy coming on O YES! shop, shop and more shopping. A girls got to spoil herself sometime.
Sunday is church :D I'm super excited I can finally sit through the whole service without walking out early to get to work on time.




I massive salute goes out to the being who invented the Cellphone.
It makes your life so much more convenient, and efficient.
You can basically be in contact with your loved ones all over the world. I love my Cellphone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marlon Parker @ rlabs

my first video blogg yeah

Clinton from Rlabs talk

Marlon Parker @RLabs

clinton from rlabs

rlabs adventure newlands

Reach your Dreams


Marlon Parker


good after bad

After a relaxing weekend off work, going back to work wasn't really my idea of fun. The same old thing every morning waking up early, getting ready for work then admin, admin and admin...

It was exactly two hours before we closed our doors to end our working day i got a phone call, a job offer i have been waiting for, for quite a while. My draining day immediately changed to a super exciting one.

  • interview - check
  • happy me - check, check

Brunhilda Tejada

Pastor Roger _a man with a GOD given VISION

The reason I've chosen this video is because I know Pastor Roger very well. He was the vessel God used to marry me to my most beloved wife in the year 2000. He is a man that LOVES the only TRUE GOD, the FATHER of GLORY. I believe that GOD is honoring him by raising up many sons and daughters that will increase the grace that rest upon him. This is quite evident in the birth of RLABS.

Kind Regards

rlabs interveiw

great listening to clinton's interveiw

Starting rlabs


Absolutely amazing how they reconstucted this space now called Rlabs....I want to bring your attention to the way the place looked at the beginning....and now see the end result.
I am in awe of what God has done for each and every one of these people...
A few years ago...just in the building opposite Rlabs....we as a church, prayed for the community.Young people with real problems like drugs etc poured into this centre...and I witnessed God changing lives in a very real way....
When you see how this place was put together and changed from nothing to something beautiful is just a small example of what God has done in the lives of these very people who are now facilitators of this very class I'm sitting in...learning to blogg and inserting photos and videos.....WOW....TO GOD BE THE GLORY ....

reach your dream

This is the graduation of 2010 .

rlabs interview

This was an intervie from rlabs


This is the video that I chose.

My 1st video on blogg,Marlon on IDM & Rlabs

RLabs Academy

Graduation 2010

Clinton from RLabs talking about his work

Social and New Media - Week 5

Hello everyone,
This evening we had 12 geeks in our session. Last week they started blogging and tonight was a continuation of Blogger. Above are some pics of the sessions.

A day without doing me

hey world

what a day...

i am a hairstylist and completely love what i do. i could style 50 heads in a day and not feel exhausted(so not true)..and i am use to styling at least 1 head a day..did not get that opportunity today tho. that somehow makes me feel abnormal...

so i wish to style 50 heads tomorrow:-)

Chandre Kruser

my first class

my pics of my first blogger class .As you can see i am really focusing.We are a class of about sixteen beginers.


Thats and white, oops...I meant Venise.
This was my very first night at Rlabs,one would have thought that we would have the laptops open..if you look carefuly,you will see that we were lapping up every word the facilitator was spitting out.I'm sure at this stage we all wondered how we were going to use these black boxes on the table........Well ...four weeks later I could actually retrieve this picture and tell the story.
It just proves that one can listen...look and learn if you put your mind to it....can you imagine what I will be doing by the time these classes end....ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT

first photo on blogger.

tonight i learned about creating a picture taken in class with Monique sitting in with us,and Rene taking the photo.this is so exciting as i had no idea how to do this.Beautiful colour photo of Sonia,Ursula. Monique and Ethel.


looking at my picture i think i need to go at lease 5 times a week to gym,or go on a serious diet.Never the less am enjoying the class,lots to learn.

Andre Blignaut

Hi there all of you. Hope you like my pic and you have a blessed week GOD BLESS THANK YOU...

Social and new media

This is my class . I am proud to be part of this group.They are such positive people they make you feel confident .



Hi guys

I am very excited because there is so much to learn here at RLABS. I don't have much to say though but i'll speak about my day.It was a good day for me because i have decided that i do not want to work an so i was on my to CPUT, but i want to study at Damelin so i am very excited about it.I also sorted out some my traffic fines which was very bad because i have about 4 of them which did not go well but i did not allow that to get me down.

First Class

This was a very exciting night for me to sit on laptop for first time.It was a great experience for me and i felt very good about it that i can achieve something like this.This is great and i feel good.

My group

Hi All
As you can see this is the ladies that is at my table,which is as exited as me being here and I must say they are lovely ladies,assisting me everytime when I get stuck.I am honoured and thankfull towards our Heavenly Father for giving me this oppertunity to have met them.

My first blogg pic

Hello everyone,i hope you had a fruitful week,i had a blessed week.....
WE are really privilaged and blessed to have these classes every week at no charge !!!!! i am personally greatful.
#Rlabs are really reaching out to the community..A special THANKS to all the facilitators for their time and patience,you guys will be rewarded one day

Hello everyone,i hope you had a fruitful week,i had a blessed week.....
WE are really privilaged and blessed to have these classes every week at no charge !!!!! i am personally greatful.
#Rlabs are really reaching out to the community..A special THANKS to all the facilitators for their time and patience,you guys will be rewarded one day

2nd Blog

Hey everybody..So this is my 4th class at RLabs and my 2nd time blogging..
The start of class..we always do check in.. I still get a little nervous but that's okay..I feel excited when its Tuesday...learning new things and being educated every week.Its a good feeling=)

My day was fine..,I went to cput and then Damelin with my brother.Cape Town was very hot today.. I'm enjoying the last days of this HOT Weather.

my reunion

I went to my high school reunion at Garlandale Senior Secondary School on Friday evening. The build up to seeing everyone I used to know was overwhelming. I had feelings of anxiety, happiness and curiosity piled into one!!!! I felt okay about exposing myself after so many years (about 20 years) because I have been maintaining myself... chuckle chuckle!!!!!

Getting ready was quite intense but it all came together nicely.

  • Babysitter arranged check
  • house keys check
  • lip glass check right...lets do this!!!!!
Walking in was a blast, filled with hey, hi and OMW!!!!! Check, wink, wink!!!! Saw some old friends, didn't recognize others!!! wow, why do some people let themselves go like that? We danced and laughed for the most part and it turned out to be exactly what I expected!!!!

blue mondays

Hey blog land wow I had a crappy start to my week i had the worst day yesterday you that one day when you just feel like nothing is going right physically and emotionally. I couldn't make target at work i couldn't put my finger on how or what it is i was feeling which just makes everything 10 times worst than they actually are i just felt like creeping under the covers and crying myself to sleep but i didn't still don't know how i actually made it through the day BUT today was so much better i can breathe again and i'm at class(RLabs) which gets me a bit excited because i like learning new things and here learn something new every week thanks guys at RLabs

life is about the decisions you make

If you think about, the manner in which you live your life is purely based on the decisions you make.
Everyday you are faced with a predicament or a circumstance in which you have to make a decision.
Whether it is the correct decision or the wrong one, the out cum will solely depend on that decision you make.

Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices to ensure the best possible result but simultaneously you are going to affect someone in a negative way.
Basically, think before you decide to do anything in life.

Mixes Emotions

Everyone wants be the greatest, most beautifulest etc. but no one wants to be themselves.

People always have a problem with accepting themselves because other people hurt, curse them.

All we have to do is accept who we are because God create us perfect in his image.

This evening we have once again gathered at RLabs to have our Tuesday evening Social and New Media class. We did our usual check in and dispersed to the various classrooms.This evening we will be teaching the class to upload pics and vids into their blog posts.So watch space for up and coming blog posts by our participants.