Saturday, November 28, 2009

God"s Grace

Greetings to everyone,the year has almost ended but God's Grace has been enough for me. As a young man living in the Cape, i focused my eyes on God all the time.I certainly am benefiting the rewards.The Bible also says stay in me then you will bear much fruit. I say again God is a reward if you seek his face with a humble heart .

This week has been tough for me as i lost a loved one, to be exact three months ago.I have never seen the righteous forsaken as God takes care of them.
Coming also to the Impact Centre in Bridgetown has helped me grow as i got encouragement along the way.I have furfullment that God takes care of his children. Everyone should know God is alive
If you have a problem you should just go on ur knees and pray.

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rae goedeman said...

Thank you Russel for sharing your innerbeing.Your gentle spirit truely permeates your love for God and those around you.Sincere condolences.God bless.Love always