Friday, May 24, 2013

Inspired by a song -"I was here -Beyonce"

A song like this makes me ask myself what am I doing to make a difference in the world, what legacy am I leaving behind. We have a beautiful world/land that has somehow turned into an ugly mess and is now difficult to take control of. Do we not love one another? Our ugly habits are killing one another everyday and  it gets worse. So go ahead ask yourself too, what am I doing to change the state of the world?


The song remind me of the past.I like to sing and this band was one of my favourite. When you young and in love you like to express how you feel.I like all there songs and really live myself in it.I use to dance while i am singing.It let me feel good to think of the past and where i am now.

when i met the love of my life

when Bianca and i met we were drawn together as this amazing  love song played i especially was fascinated and intrigued by the lyrics of  the song especially with the second verse the song inspires me daily in reminding me how beautiful my angel is and that i will always cherish the day we met beautiful as you has been written and composed for that special moments when you and your partner spend awesome times together

the intro of the song  allows the excitement of telling your partner how much you love her and that she's special to you in every way and that she's the best gift given unto you

day to day even this day especially when she feel sad i constantly tell  how beautiful she is to me

memory lane of tom jones

this song took me down memory lane  i love this song very much when i was 16 this song was on the top 10
at the radio late mother and i use to sing it together when i was 18 i met a boyfriend who would sing it  until today i still enjoy listening or watching  tom jones

Love you always

when do you realy knows that your filled with love that your trying to share with realy no power or satesfaction to anybody,but just carries on to give without receaving back and so were does it comes from. YOU SPIRIT

R.I.P =Return If Possible

A song for mama performed and produced by Boyz II Men is one of thee best tracks written because ...

13 years ago at the age of 7 I lost my mother due to a bulletwound that infected her whole leg somehow and died two days later.Now, because of this song I often wonder if I could've had her last few moments on earth to myself and a voice like any Boyz II Men member, I would've sang and performed this track to the her, made her felt and know that we(me and my two sisters) appreciated her love and care ...R.I.P Anthea Lynette Lategan.

New Beginnings.

This is an amazing song and  and it just reminds me of myself of where I was and where I have found myself now........I just like this song.

Friday, May 3, 2013

my moment to step out

I was born in Hazendal, Athlone in 1956 on the 26 of May. We were 8 children, my mom and dad  were loving parents, never scolding us as we grew into adulthood. I was the happiest at age 19. I had my first gotten married at divorced at 31 at this time i live alone with 2sons 3are married
my message to someone if your marriage doesn't work step out i took abuse fighting went to prison
it was not worth going through today i am happy my eldest was then 11 now 41 youngest30

the life journey of sir Donovan Reginald VanRooyen

growing up in a house without a farther and a mother who abused alcohol i grew up struggling as i grew up as my journey continued at the age of four i was hospitalized with a murmur also known as a whole in the heart the size of a five rand coin at the age of sixteen  i gave my life to Christ and a month later i was molested by an acquaintance of my youth leader and then again at the age of nineteen ,at this point my life was shattered and i did not know how to face life i distanced myself from family friends as well as from church only because in both occasions it happened with a pastor .

although i had been through so many hurts in my life i always had one positive mindset and although exposed to so many activities out there i always was confident to never engaged to these activities i rather engaged in partaking in singing as i am a vocalist of origin my family and mostly all my friends are singers as the saying goes birds of a feather flocks together i always set down serious principals in my life to never engage in these activities such as alcohol and drug abuse because i how it tore my family apart

i had been challenged to keep my head above water as the challenge was sometimes tempting and often daring yet because i knew who i was and what i wanted in life i kept trusting and believing in myself ,well it was not easy as i said quite challenging sometimes in life we often give up and develop such a low self esteem of ourselves and in such cases we tend to think we the lowest of low ,okay that was how i have rated and see myself without making it obvious to the public whenever i was alone or even in bed my tears would run down my face  and for years questions such as why me why this even why did it have to be the people i confided in

 ,Well life continued and i got introduced to opportunities such as going for my security training two years later my hotel and catering course and recently i was introduce to the r.labs program where i have the opportunity to take this journey of my life further the journey of my life also inspired me to start writing a book entitled appreciating the values of life an inspirational novel that deals with everyday struggles mostly young people face in life the book handles with the questions we ask the answers to these questions as well as a step by step guide that will assist us in applying these answers then lastly the book takes us through a summarized story  called courage in a crisis, writing has always be my passion and  i have always no matter what happened to me at the age of twenty one turning twenty two i lost my mother my pillar of strength while my farther abandoned us when i was just about five years old growing up without a father in my life was tough but made me stronger then what i thought as my journey continued i grew up and met a lot of friends later at the age of twenty seven i got married and we conceived two kids unfortunately things between the mother and i did not work out so we got separated and i met and fell in love with an amazing woman who means the world to me  i wanna thank my loving fiance Bianca for her amazing support over the few years we are together for her exquisite love we share

to be continued ................................................... 

First Class

It is the first time that im doing the reconstructed class today and I really enjoy doing it because the people in the class are so loving people.Things are so great here this morning the students even asked me to do the class in Afrikaans and I love it.........


My life started when i was born at Saint Monica's hospital..My mum worked as a domestic worker.She got.pregnant
 and after i was born couldn't keep me on that premises .She was in need for the job and had to look for someone to look after me.She got this couple that took me and with who i grew up all my life.I only saw my mum when she comes visit.

I was raised very strict  because my parents was in their old age years.I couldn't play outside like most teenagers..I don't know 
what spanking means because i was very obedient .I finish school after i passed grade 10.

I went job hunting because it was only my mums pension that kept us alive.I got a job at JORDAN SHOES. .My life  now started to be excited because i met a boyfriend..I was very happy and in love and got married. My first baby was born and after 3 days passed on.I was very sad..Everything changed and later ended  in a divorce.My second baby girl was on its way without a daddy and had to work for her alone.I spend all my time and love with my daughter.We had a very close relationship with each other..

Three Times A Lady

My name is Johanna Antoinette McKay.Born in a area Hanover park Cape Town with gang violence,domestic violence,drug abuse and poverty.Start and finish my academic years there and from then onwards is where i had to go and implement in  my life what i was thought for eighteen years.

At that stage i had a boyfriend already and had a sexual relationship also.He started abusing me with all the abuse you can get.Because i grow up with a father that was never there,i needed love but didnt know where to start with loving somebody.At the age of twentyfour i fall pregnant and a year after the baby he suddenly one day, ask me to marry him.And that for me is he must love me if he want to marry me and all the abuse is forgotten by me yes but not with him.

I was still married to him for three years, until i take out a court order against him.He didnt obey the court order and that is the way he stay away from me and my son. I devorce him and we went for pshycholigy .That is one of the lady rolls of my life. The other two to be continue.....

Life on thee Edge-Mikyle Wade

Born 1992-August-03 in South Africa Western Cape Somerset Hospital.My biological parents were not married.Mother lived with her parents and Dad lived on his own.Dad already had a child from another woman before he and my mother decided to conceive me that confirms i'm his second eldest child and my mother's first born.My mother's parents were alcoholics which changed over the years,so back then my mother had no choice but to raise me on her own knowing her family was alcoholics including my father.

    At thee age of 5 my mother met my stepfather Prezano and in the same here conceived my eldest sister Natalie.My mother never got married to him either and two years after Natalie's birth conceived a second child from my stepfather named Prezena.He moved in with my mother into her parents home and started raising his two daughters including me as his own.I was only seven years of age when the Lord called her home from a bulletwound shot in her leg.DECISIONS were to be made how we were going to be raised and by whom to be precise.The woman I'm currently living with and who I'm grateful for named Letisha Natalie Holland was my mother's biological younger sister and married my stepfather in terms of avoiding me and my sisters being thrown around to other families and be raised by her and her new husband,my stepfather instead.My aunt Letisha was only 17,she was so young that's why lots of respect and loyalty goes to her from me and my sisters for giving up her teenage life to give us the privilege to be raised together.

It was always abuse,abuse and abuse since the family was now separated and reformed with my aunt now being my mother and conceived two children from her husband.It wasn't always physically abuse,mentally too.The reason for that was :my sisters and I always longed for our mother to return.I dropped out of school at the age of 18,Grade 10 to be exact when i started being what's called a "corner boy".I didn't know i was throwing my life away yet somehow it felt good when i was around my friends that listened and understood me but still led me to wrong doings.I ended up being at home since dropping out of school and no where to go,for work or even atleast just a small income.I then started changing my ways in doing things from time to time so I started doing work around the house for my grandfather who recognised my changing and started handing me money to build myself up again.I started off as a church-member,to confirmation and today i'm in my congregation's youth.Yes i'm a very energetic person too.

When RLabs gave me an opportunity to learn more on computers my life had to have changed because all i ever wanted despite what i've been through was good education.I thank RLabs for everything.Where would I have been this very moment if i hadn't changed my life and RLabs didn't come around.

Thank you RLabs.

my rivier of life by dorothy adams

My name is Dorothy  Adams i m 31 year of age  a reborn christen  my life starts falling apart when the abuse happen my dad pass away my mom did sleep with men after men my 2brothers turn into gangsters am the only girl at the age of 6 i was rape an my mom did nothing to protect me after that men start molesting me an i did all bad things in life at the age of 13 i did give birth to my first born  i did sleep on the street with my baby an sell my body for food an drugs i did fell pregnant again at 16  with my second child and i don't know who the father was i continue staying on the street  but one day a nice guy approached me and said that he wants to make a change in my life .

I did starting to believing in this  guy an i didnt   know that there is hope i started to enjoy life in christ and doing right by god  i did meet someone special in my life we did get married and i did bless him with 3 kids ai but he reminds me of my past again  he abuse me mentilly emotionaly and a lot worst i am still married with this guy im unemplod dont have any income an i dont have any family in cape town  an most of my friends is back stabbers an i dont feel same in my own home .

I am a very soft person i like to help others an i will give my last to others  but i dont understand why do all these bad things happen in my life i just want to be happy an live my life like never before i cant write a book of my up bringing but its to hard and i dont want to open up my sores sometimes i go to sleep crying  an amazining myself in my own beautifull  world  like in the stories thats the only way im living my life a  story but lets just keep for each otha an god will do the rest

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rlabs Bradford

Rlabs Bradford started 3 weeks ago, we are currently training 4 champions from the local community. These champions are passionate about making a change within there communities. Rlabs are equipping them with various skills like digital media and entrepreneurship, and also allowing them to lead facilitate. The champions are gaining more and more confidence with themselves.