Thursday, September 30, 2010

i'm Back.... from my last post on Saturday March 1st 2008 12:20pm

I'm back, don't ask me where I was or what happen in between. The good thing I'm back from the blogger's grave and Mikey2k has arise. Now equiped and on a quest to empower others and leave a legacy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I must say i made the best choice to join the rlabs group.The guys are really teaching me alot about social media and how to be in contact with people around the world and to find out more about the people's life styles and who wants to know more about mine.

Well done to rlabs for winning the SA blog awards...

..Atlast I'm actually blogging

Hi Reader

So after much a due stressing about what to write in my first blogpost ,i have just decided to start from the top.....where does one normally start with anything...An Introduction.

Here's mine:

I'm Sue Levy.26 year old media designer and aspiring business owner of web design bussiness.Happily married and very passionate about family,technology and design..oh and did i mention fashion and everything girly.Yip thats me in a nutshell.

What this blog will have to offer,well whatever i love and loath.Hopefully to inspire those with my daily lessons in life.

So here's to my new blogging journey...Yipee :)
Hey my name is aubery not the best name ever been given to someone for the rest of ther natural lives but it was given to me by parents .I am 1.87 M tall big built and i like food espesialy my wifes.
I have three beatiful children they are all gifts from god.Some ask why so many kids sometimes i ask the same ? but then they do the most amasing things that just melts your heart .Life has throwen lots of curveballs at my wife and i .But we have knocked each for a six ,so bring it on.

Steps to finding a job!

First you would have to draw up a cv, send it away to different companys them wait for them to get back to you. When getting a reply you would then have to go for an interview, they would then contact you to let you know if you got the job.

Pride starts taking over lives

Many are consumed by pride and do not realise how it affects their everyday lives.

We are ignorant in believing that we are entitled to our pride , but are not aware of how bad pride can be and how far we are willing to go because it has this way of controling our lives.We are the owners of our lives but too many times we fall into this constant trap and admit defeat to it.

Even in the youth of today , no one realises the power of bargaining.Why not go with the all time favourite of a Win Win .When all parties win , we are slowly defeating pride together in ourselves and everyone loves the taste of victory...

... So take don't pride and do not let it rule your lives forever.
It's a sense of freedom to everyone.


To blog or not to blog

In the #reconstructed class tonight at RLabs, information was shared with the participants about blogging. It remains a choice whether to blog or not, but if you have a story to tell and many of us have more than one story, it's always great to share with others. Some people will choose not to blog, however once the "blog bug" has bitten, I'm afraid you will want to blog. Personally I love to to pen my thoughts or in the techno world type my thoughts. I have a personal blog which I use to encourage people. I really enjoy my blogging moments, I must admit though thatI should be posting more often.

Till later

This is Rlabs

I am enjoying the Social Media Class at RLabs. It's a break away from being a Mommy and is very interesting and lots of fun.
It draws out my creativity that I thought I left behind in Matric English class.
And it's not just another class, it's interactive and the Teachers are interesting to say the least.
What was really exciting for me this week, was the fact that they won the SABlog Awards.
So proud of my Cuzzy, Shesthegeek.

The only thing I am not liking about Social Media, is that I am loosing SLEEP.....all I want to do is TWEET.

Till later when I am feeling more inspired.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Missions Trip to Blikkies Dorp

These pictures were taken on 29/07/2010 in Blikkies dorp. Hilary and Pete came down with a team from their church in the UK.

While here they wanted to see the feeding program in Blikkies dorp. Aunty Sharleen and Johan makes the soup to feed the children, and

the Mac’s and their team assisted on this day .They were shocked to say the least at the level of poverty ,compared to what they know and are familiar with. The amazing thing about the people in Blikkies dorp is that they were living on the street and as a church we fed

and clothed them for almost 4 & 1/2 years. And now since they living in blikkies dorp they on a waiting list to receive RDP homes, but have

in turn felt it upon their hearts to want to help others. And so we see them doing to others what was done to them.

And for this we give GOD all the glory and praise.

via Elder Deon Willie

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seniors Getting Creative...

Today the Seniors embarked on a new journey,

where by they have tried their hands at creating works of art.

It seems the ladies really came into their own when asked to be creative, they were quite excited to show their artistic flare.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walking in the SUPERNATURAL

So I was encouraged by a dear friend who read my previous posts,to tell this story aswell.
It was the saterday evening prayer meeting before my brother recommitted his life to JESUS CHRIST. We were praying and I don’t remember if we were thanking GOD for all the things HE is doing in our lives and how HE answers our prayers, or if we were asking for more of HIS glory to be manifested here on earth.When all of a sudden, Pastor Roger stops us and sais that HE has a sense that an angel has entered the room and that it is an angel of great authority. At that time I`m sure that everyone could feel the intensity of the presence in the room.We all got to our knees and laid on our faces.The word came to us that whatever we are going to ask from that moment would be answered/given to us as we ask.I just had one thing in my mind and that was an thought. This is what I said to GOD.
“GOD please remember my brother Garth”
The next morning my brother and his wife was in church and he committed his life to JESUS.