Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Improving the Knowledge Exchange landscape on the Cape Flats using Web2.0

One of our papers titled "Improving the knowledge exchange landscape in the Cape Flats, a developing community in South Africa" published in the South African Journal of Information Management (SAJIM) explores the use of Web 2.0 services to ease the access to information by people living in a socially and economically deprived area. Even more barriers exist, namely that the community is affected by gangsterism and drugs. The article reports on an investigation into the use of Web 2.0 technologies to enhance the information flow within the community to assist preventing the growth and spread of gangsterism and the use of drugs among South African communities, especially those in the Cape Flats. The findings showed that, through the use of Web 2.0 technologies, interviewees (ex-gang members and ex-drug addicts) learnt to use, exchange and disseminate information that could be used to uplift their communities. This paper was based on the work at the Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs)and it is amazing to see how the team have developed since the time the paper was written.


Day 2: World Bank Innovation Fair

Catch Day 2 of the exciting World Bank Innovation Fair below:

Day 1: World Bank Innovation Fair

Below is a video (DAY 1) of the World Bank Innovation Fair where some of the Reconstructed Graduates were part of the Social Media Factory team managing the Social Media activities:

Monday, April 19, 2010

RLabs at the Innovation Fair

Being part of the Innovation Fair hosted by the World Bank in Cape Town has proved to be a lifechanging experience for many of the RLabs team. RLabs has officially partnered with the World Bank to manage the Social Media activities for the event. Some of the tools utlised at the event included Ning (proved to be quite popular with delegates), Twitter (Micro-Blogging), Blogs and Facebook updates to name a few. You can read a post about the Top 10 tweets at the Innovation Fair here and below are a few other posts by the RLabs team:

- Brent's Journey: Day 1 of The Innovation Fair
- From The Balcony: RLabs partners with the World Bank
- She's the Geek: Innovators Panel 1 and 2
- King Ross
- Madam Geek

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blown away

Im still sitting in the church service.Just saw an clip of "Brent Williams" speaking at the (World Bank) innovation fair.Come on people,you cant tell me GOD does nt exist.An ex-drug addict,drug dealer,gang member.And not to forget an total schizophrenic,he was crazy.About 4years after giving his life to Jesus.He was an speaker at the world bank innovation fair.GOD is real.Hallelujah,I love you God

An sunday morning service

I can feel an supernatural presence in this building this morning,Im not confused at all but I really dont know what Im feeling.I believe God is in this meeting and He is going to touch,change,deliver people.Peoples lives are going to be changed.I just heard a very good word now.Dont let your current circumstances determine your destiny,(Lansford) this is a dude,a brother in Christ,a friend.JESUS

Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Roads memorial wedding

I witnessed an amazing wedding today.I told the guys in the wedding Im going to write about them,so guys heres your blogpost.You know what,I dont have much to say about this wedding but that it was exstremelly beautiful.You had to see the bride and her maids,sorry guys,lol(laugh out loud).But Im going to stop writting now before I start talking nonsence,lol,Fiekie "keep it real".

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two cops critically injured on my door step

This morning Craig, Clinton and myself headed off to a meeting at Marlon Parker’s house with the director of the movie: “I Now Pronounce You Black and White”. Our meeting was however canceled and then we decided to head back to the RLABS office.

This is the horrific scene we came across

On our way back to the office we came across a horrific scene. We saw lots of police vans and cops standing in lower Klipfontein road. We approached what seemed to be a crime scene. As we did further investigation we discovered that two police officers has been shot by one of the new and upcoming gangs, The Playboys. I have heard previously by my ex gang members, that this gang is trying to make a statement and they should not be messed with.

Well they certainly got tongues wagging. The members in this particular gang are very young and are growing in numbers by the day. What has our country come to, when not even our cops are safe? Two members of the PlayBoy gang were in the park in the early hours of the morning and when the cops approached them they opened fire on them, critically injuring them. This took place about 5 minutes drive from where I live.

the two muredered cops colleagues on the murder scene

The two cops colleagues on the crime scene

Thank God that I am no longer caught up in this madness but I am however praying without ceasing for those still caught up in gangstersim and violence. My heart goes out to the families of the cops who was critically injured in this incident. I pray that the peace of God will be with them.

Mom3.0 session at Maxi’s

In Maxi's restaurant

This last past Saturday the ladies from the mom3.0 class enjoyed a breakfast at Maxi’s restaurant as part of their excursion. The ladies have class every second week in the RLABS space. The moment was captured on camera and in the next class the ladies will be posting these pics up on facebook and blogging about the moment.

The ladies of mom3.0 have done Gmail and facebook in their class thus far. They will be doing some things on Facebook and then will be moving on to Blogging.

Some of the moms placing a order for breakfast

We were also joined by Dr. Gary Wills and Mike Santer from the U.K that was doing interviews with the ladies. A special thanks to Maxi’s in Vangate Mall for availing the restaurant for the moms. This was the 1st of many excursions to come.

Dr.Gary Wills interviewing and engaging with some of the ladies

Stay tuned to see the progress of these moms as they set the

RLabs breaking barriers

What an exciting week ahead for the Reconstructed Living Lab with RLabs not only breaking the 45,000 conversations mark in the Substance Abuse Mobile Counselling service and training over 300 community members in Social Media, but the team will also be managing the Social Media activities for the World Bank.

Innovation Fair: Moving beyond Conflict from WBI Innovation on Vimeo.

The World Bank is hosting the Innovation Fair in Cape Town this week and approached RLabs (Thanks to Rafiq from Webaddicts) to come on board as their Social Media partner. These activities will be done via the Social Media Factory a RLabs inititiave. This is definitely more barriers being broken by the RLabs team who are all community members who were reconstructed through technology. This is another milestone as the RLabs community are planning to grow the activities to the Eastern Cape, United Kingdom, Namibia and South-East Asia this year.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cape Town Stadium

On Saturday I got to view Cape Town Stadium and watch the Live game between South Africa and Nigeria under 20 Internation Challenge.
While looking around the Stadium the thought that stuck with me was Magical, they pulled out all the stops.
Beautiful Stadium, High tech equipment had me excited, the Sound was clear, Tv monitors brilliant .
Below I have a few pics so you can preview the Magic that awaits the Nations in less than 60 days

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Guest from the UK:

Mike Santer, a businessman from the UK, greeted the church and gave his blessings from abroad and then he asked the church to pray for Southampton and the church in the U.K. He had a video camera that he used to record us praying for the church in Southampton.

Gary Wills, an IT lecturer from the UK, will be bringing the word to our Church.

Reading from Matthew 13 vs 53-54: “When Jesus had finished these parables, he moved on from there. Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed. "Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?" they asked.”

Cape Town Christian Fellowship host Hou Jian and his Family:

Good morning, today we are blessed to have Dr Gary Wills and Mike Santer from the UK, as well Hou Jian and His family.

Hou Jian was a Buddhist, when arriving in Cape Town, to learn English and study more than 7 years ago. He was invited to a church service by Craig Dumont, a friend from University. Hou Jian however was reluctant, because in China it is believed when people lay hands on you, in prayer, you will die. He then decided to come to the service, and was touched by God in a Mighty way.

One evening at Impact Direct’s office while praying over Hou Jian, Pastor Roger Peterson got a word of God that Hou Jian will lead his family to Christ over the telephone. Hou Jian’s mother who had heard of his conversion to Christianity, was afraid that he would die, went to a Buddhist monk, to pray for her son, the Buddhist monk then told her that her son was at a safe place and told her about a gray haired man that is looking after her son and that he is at a safer place than he has ever been, that put her at ease.

Hou Jian then led his mother to the Lord over the telephone, along with his entire household.

They had planted many churches in China, even building a church in a poor village, with over 2000 members.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer mania and the twins

I promised these two dudes I wud right a blog and mention them in the story,ok guys I mentioned you,sorry I forgot ur names dudes.We watched the 1st international soccer game at Cape town stadium,Nigeria vs South Africa and Brazil vs Ghana,GOD is a good Father,it was always my dream to watch an international game,2day I did

Thursday, April 8, 2010

God's hand (part 2)

About 10-15 seconds after I pulled off I just heard this big bang,an accident just happend.Im not saying that it had to be me,I just know that it would have taken place about the same time it wud have taken me to get to the stop from where I pulled off.I emediately told my good friend what happend and then I went to go check ou the accident scene.I say,the hand of GOD covered me.143 JESUS

God's hand (part 1)

Last saterday morning I was in Pinelands(Cape Town) at the Parkers home.I had to go fetch an mini van and bring it to bridetown.I sat for a moment but not for long because I wanted to get back home.So I was on my way,at the same time I was engaging in an conversation with an friend over mxit and at that time I had to answer,so I pulled off to the side of the road about 100m from an intersection.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just a whole lot of mumble (part2)

Laugh out loud,this is what i had to say in part1.But yes,I live because Jesus lives.I live to see the day that every knee bows and every tongue confessess that Jesus Christ is Lord and King of kings.I love you Jesus.There alot Im willing to do and sacrifise to see that day come.For when I die,I would love to be remembered as an servant of Jesus Christ,as an son of God.May every reader be blessed

Just a whole lot of mumble (part1)

Forgive me if this one does'nt make nuch sense.I would just like to say it anyway.Sometimes I wish you could walk in my shoes,to feel what I feel,to see what I see.A friend once told me,"it must be hell in ur head",Im laughing right now because he's a funny little dude and I love him to bits.My little bro,Jason Marton.Many people dont understand me but thats ok,sometimes I dont understand myself,