Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinking out of the box

This is what the New and Digital Media class did for today

thinking out of the box

tonight I had a fun time in class learning about how to use things in different ways and it made me look at things differently lots of new ideas came into my head like using a fork as a back scratchier and using lotion as removing rust off metal

thinking out of the box

when you think outside of the box you must allow yourself to see things in a different way or perspective and by doing this you educating yourself

i just want to say yes! i enjoyed this session tonight . it was realy cool thinking outside the box wow, and it was realy cool seeing people thinking and bringing new ideas although it was funnny.thanx Rlabs you rock

Friday, August 26, 2011

About Jason

The video you are about to view is about myself and my journey for God.

Ricardo's Blog

This is a video about me "Ricardo little" in the Friday support group.


i like this video it reminds me of the the day i got saved

I just luv this video !


This is the song that influenced me so much to say everyday should be a happy day because of Jesus. This song says so much. Starts off to say 'greatest day' then in the chorus 'oh happy day"
To top it off 'and OH what a Glorious day'

The Bridge

Just felt that this was the Perfect video to share with the support group after it was played for myself and the Legacy group

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

best music video ever

My day

I was stressed out for the past few days.
Work has been hectic. Trying to solve my cousin problem i dont mind doing.
Being at Rlabs on a Tuesday helps me to relax. Seeing all the smiling faces makes me feel good about myself.

Bruno Mars is the best


the most expensive music video ever

first time i heard this track i absalutely loved it but when i saw the video i was blown away great song and video




Les twins

These guys are the best

My Passion

I an a fully registered caterer by profession and hereby wish to invite you to see me for all your catering needs. I cater for all functions. May it be Weddings, Birthdays, Kiddies parties, Office parties/lunches. Boardroom meetings and Funerals. Also do i specialize in Flower Arranging. I do these arrangements to suit your needs. The Flower arranging varies from Birth of a baby to the funeral of a human.I do this not only because i am fully trained but because i am passionate about rendering a service. Please feel free to contact me at any time @0845579572

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



AA. King test.

The car you seeing here is all about having fun.


I was a drug addict for 15 years,i have now be clean for 6 months,none of this would have been possible if it wasnt for the grace and mercy of our lord and saviour jesus christ.He has done the most amazing things in my life and i will serve him forever he is my king my god and everyones salvation


To care for children under two is very interesting.They starting to recognise themselves in a mirror they can climb steps tie a button.They are also starting to eat on their own , brush there teeth,you can also start them with potty training.

My Holiday

I had a fantastic holiday with my birthday A lovely boat trip to the islands The weather was fantastic It was like a little world on its own out on the sea.Made new friends and tried not to miss one event because there was lots of fun and laughter. Up from early morning till late at night A holiday i will never forget


A year ago i only knew about communicating via sms lol. I had no interest in any other form of communicating. The year 2011 really woke me up! I now know how to Facebook, how to use Google as a tool and right now i'm having my first taste of how to "Blog' and wow, what an experience!! I'm one of those people that was born before technology but refuse to stay in that space haha! Best part of all this is that i'm learning right now is, i don't have to bother my children any longer as i can now do things for myself. Thanx to the RLabs accademy!!!!

the type a person i am

Im caring and passionate person towards people. I like helping where i can. I live in Bridgetown Athlone i attended Bridgetown high school. Today I heard some sad news about good friend of mine.All he needs to know is that his in my prayers.

the upgrading in athlone qtown

they are realy renovating the flats beautifully , they painting , adding geysers , new plugs , baths etc.

its realy beautiful and you guys should take a look at it...

real champions,real madrid

real madrid football club,to me there's only one way to describe such a team as real madrid with its rich and successful history,sheer glamour and astounding elegance and that would be unforgivably great. real madrid has thee most uefa cup championship titles so far and that's why they are so great and the pride of my heart.

craze weekend

had the coolest weekend with my friends what fun it was cant wait for next weekend still kinda tired and tipsy but it was all fun and seeing my friend that i did not see in a while was a bonus hope I'll see him next weekend to pick up where we left off

Whats interesting about social media

It is a good way of communicating to someone who is a long distance away.
The other cool thing is that it gets you used to working with computers.
You can also reach people that you never seen in a long time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My name is Deon born in Cape Town, Bridgetown. I come from a life of drugs and gangsterism,someone who did not know his true identity but discovered it in someone by the name of Jesus>So know i know who i am. I am excepted i am loved i am favored i am blessed i am qualified to share in the inheritance of His glorius kingdom> KNOW THATS WHO I AM

who am i

my name is arthur i am from athlone kewtown i was a drug addick i am now clean for two years and have accepted christ jesus in my life i know that i am a better person and set my eyes on the calling in christ to reach out to those who was in a simular position that i was even to other drug addicks to help them

The Journey Begins

This evening a group of ex addicts that have recently embraced Christ has come together to share their experiences with the rest of the world.The aim is to get their stories out there to present hope to others that is lost.These guys were the worst of the worst and if Jesus could set them free from drugs then surely he could do it for others out there.Follow their stories and be encouraged.JESUS IS LORD

How my day started !

Got news this mrng,never got the job.How disapointing,i felt really miserable whole day. I learnt that we must except disapointments in our lives. The devil wants to bring me down but he is a liar. I will always put my trust in the Lord.I believe there is something greater out there for me.

Return from the Grave

This is a story about my life and how it was going straight to hell. Me (Ricardo Little) was looking to fill a void in life by doing drugs, drinking, having sex and even gangsterism. Things got so bad that i even found myself in one of sa's most dangerous prisons, Pollsmoore. How i landed up there is another story for another time. Not kowing what to do i called unto Jesus and he saved me. Today i can proudly say that im free from every addiction and even helping others. I'm truely thankfull that God saved me from the grave and i'm living for Him now.

Christ is alive and is walking with me

If I think back of how my life was before I knew Jesus and how it changed now it is amazing.He never left my side since I accepted him into my life.I never thought I could manage having a
son born with cerebral paulsey but he has empowered me to do so.Daily I receive wisdom and
strength from him.

Who am I

My name is Deon born in Cape Town, Bridgetown. I come from a life of drugs and gangsterism,someone who did not know his true identity but discovered it in someone by the name of Jesus>So know i know who i am. I am excepted i am loved i am favored i am blessed i am qualified to share in the inheritance of His glorius kingdom> KNOW THATS WHO I AM

learning something new

god is so good to me realy i never thought i would be able to learn how to use a computer but because i know i am more than a congkerer i am sure that this is the start of sumthing great for me .wow im feeling so confident an i praise the lord for this opertunity . my life is so much beter now an i am privileged to learn new things each and every day .i know for that this will not jus stop here but will go on and become the start of a truely memarable experiance for me amen.