Friday, August 21, 2009

Overview on Day 1 Life Line training

Here is a overview on what we did today training day No.1
First Marlon Parker did a presentation on how Mobile Phones can be usesed for Social Good. The counselors had a look at the system that they are gona work with and they had to register as counselors on the system lots of questions was asked on this stage.
After lunch we spoke about the art of mobile counseling, and I gave my personal experiences as a counselor on the Drug Advice and Support service some do’s and donts as a counselor because the one on one and telephone counseling is much more diffrent than mobile counseling.
The above pic is where the Lifeline counseling did some roleplay and getting used to the typing.
To add the National AIDS Help Line on MXit you do the following:
1) Add Contacts2) Got to Jabber or Google Talk option3) ID: (Jabber) or redchatzone (Google Talk) and Nickname: Red Chat Zone4) Accept Contact

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