Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"The annointing" part2

So like I said in (part 1),three weeks ago my brother returned to the heart of worship.Two weeks ago,I shared my testimony with Ps.Roger and this past sunday (29 August 2010) GOD did something amazing to and through me and my brother that would change our lives forever.

Pastor Roger got into contact with Garth,asking him if he could remember the episode I had shared with him,garth said yes.Then he was asked if he could remember the song he played that specific day and if he would play it in church this sunday past(29 August 2010) and garth agreed.Originally I knew nothing about the discussion between Garth and Ps Roger.

So during the service Ps Roger calls me to the front to come and share with the church what I spoke to him.I got up from my seat and started making my way to the front.When I reached the front I saw my brother on stage going to sit behind the electric piano and while I started speaking,Garth started playing that song(come breath in me).I finished speaking and he continued playing.I was sitting down and closed my eyes and thinking of how good GOD is to me.Because about three years ago,me and Garth were enemies,I hated him,and here we are in unity,being used by the creator of everything,"YEHOVAH".To speak about HIS goodness.

I opened my eyes to the sight of people standing,arms stretched out to GOD,crying in thankfullness of how much GOD loves us.I could just be so thankfull for the how GOD has changed and used my brother and I together and the bonus is the love that has been restored,lol,actually doubled.


"The annointing" part1

The awesomeness of GOD blows my mind.I`m trying to put into words what GOD is busy doing in my life and just as I think I`m about to start,the picture changes and I realize that "YEHOVAH" is too awesome to exsplain.So I`ll just tell you a story of how JESUS changes my life.

About two weeks ago,I shared an episode of my life with a man that I regard as a father figure to me,Pastor Roger Petersen.We were speaking about my brother Garth who recomitted his life to JESUS 3 weeks ago.I mentioned the fact that how I exsperienced the presence of GOD descend like raindrops falling softly,whenever garth plays the keyboard in worship of "YEHOVAH".

I remember the times I was on drugs and involved with gansterism,I use to stay away from home about for an week at time,many times more.Often as things would heat up and I needed a place to hide I would return home for a day or two.At this point,fights between me and my dad would break out regularly and it brought an evil atmoshere into the house.Eventually I would go to my room,laying on my bed,cursing and thinking evil thoughts towards my dad.I tell you at that times,an evil possesed me that I would not wish apon anyone.Many times I tried clearing my mind but it just would not help.Evil was busy consuming me.

Until my brother entered the house.At that time I really didnt know how he knew there was something wrong,he probably felt the atmosphere was very tense.All I know is that I would hear him play the piano(come breath in me) and I tell you,its like a tap being opened over me and all those evil thoughts I just had was being washed away.I realised that it was the presence of GOD entering our home casting away all evil.Leading me to repentance.

I would move into th living room and garth would be sitting on his piano chair still with his bag on his back,he just came in from work,my dad would be sitting on his chair watching tv and my move would be standing in the kitchen singing to the song my brother would be playing.I would ask them to forgive me,they would and the peace and unity would enter our home again.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Senior Mobile Sessions (SMS) Never too old to learn

We at Rlabs are introducing our senior to different kinds of technology like how to use their cellphones better, gaming and the World Wide Web. On Monday morning our seniors were so excited about the World Wide Web. Our facilitator Michael started by teaching them the basic's of the pc components like the mouse and key pad. Most of them have never played around on a computer before and were very nervous to get started. Helping them to play around on the computer were great fun and Michael soon had them doing Google search. We are looking forward to the next session with our seniors and to watch them develop. Stay tuned to see more of our sessions with the seniors.

Rae's Girls

Aunt Rae was very busy facilitating a Facebook session this week. It was my first session with the ladies and we had great fun getting started on Facebook. These ladies were so excited and immediately started to build their communities and searching for friends on Facebook. The ladies are attending City Mission Educational Services school (CMES) in Bridgetown and its our role to impart knowledge using Social Media Tools. Keep watching to see how they develop in the next few months.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mom's 3.0 doing Video blogging

Our moms were excited to do vlogging (video blogging)this weekend even when technology is fairly new to them. Especially in the month when we are celebrating women it feels good to empower the moms of our community. here are some of the video blogs that was done on Saturday.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Launch of JamiiX in Europe

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The second leg of the JamiiX World Tour was Helsinki, Finland where it would be the first time JamiiX will be made available to Europe. JamiiX is a Web 2.0 technology that manages and aggregates conversations via (Mobile) Instant Messengers and Social Networks in a central place. The story of JamiiX is that it is the first Web 2.0 technology conceived and developed on the "notorious" Cape Flats in the Western Cape, South Africa.

This European launch of JamiiX was a follow up of the Cape Town event a few weeks ago. With guests from various industries and technology companies including (Nokia, Mobile Brain Bank) including our hosts and partners (Pajat). The event was held at a stunning venue the Royal Ravintola Klub and Terrace where we welcomed the guests with some great South African tunes and Cape Town atmosphere.

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The event was co-hosted by Aalto University and sponsored by SAFIPA. The evening was an opportunity to share the history of JamiiX and the people behind it as well as share some key points about JamiiX:

1. It is currently using the FREEmium model.
2. It is a distributed system to manage mulitple conversations via web
3. It is easy to register
4. It is hosted on the Cloud and make use of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model
5. JamiiX eXchanges have special features that was on demo to the crowd
6. Push Technology and conversation management tool is changing the way people will manage conversations
7. Introduction to the JamiiX Open API
8. JamiiX as Contact Centre 2.0
9. JamiiX on mobile

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The partner in Europe was also revealed at the launch event with lots of interest from various sectors. The guests at the launch were able to play and test JamiiX after the presentation and Q&A session. Overall the JamiiX technology was very well received with possible contacts and clients to be revealed soon. Thank you to everyone who attended and Helsinki for opening the JamiiX doors to Europe. This adventure is also a testimony that innovations from the dusty streets of Africa can have a global impact. Well done to everyone at RLabs and the community who are the reason for celebrating. Next part of the journey will be in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Source: Reconstructed Living Lab

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Human Face to technology

Over the past weekend the RLabs Team was again in the Academia space. This time it was not a Social Media Surgery but sharing stories. Cape Peninsula University of Technology had an open day and they invited the RLabs Team to do a presentation and to share the RLabs story. Some of the team members shared their personal experiences of how they are using technology to empower communities through innovation . Monique Ross (She's the Geek) shared how creative one can be in IT and IT is just not on a PC but working in a real world bringing it together to reconstruct lives. . 343 kids attended the CPUT Faculty Open Day this past Saturday.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

RLabs at Baba Indaba

Diapers, cots, prams, bottles, soft toys, baby clothing, teething gel are just a few thoughts that spring to mind of an expecting mom. To enrich parents and parents-to-be more about baby stuff was the SABC Education Baba Indaba. The Baba Indaba was designed to inspire new moms to delight in their pregnancy, bring fresh ideas to parents, stimulate toddlers and entice kids with various essential, interesting and fun products.

This annual event was held in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. On 23-25 July the CTICC was the venue where parents, babies, toddlers and tweens were entertained, inspired and encouraged to discover a world of fun and education with a variety of exhibitors. For the first time in South Africa the Kids Indaba, which focuses on children between the ages 6-12 years, was part of the already well-known Baba Indaba.

Among the necessary new-born products, nutritional and healthy food, educational cartoons and maternity fashion shows, was Bridgetown’s very own Reconstructed Living Lab (Rlabs) to stimulate the children via computers. Rlabs was determined to take Social Media Surgery to the younger generation, who were eager to interact with technology. Rlabs aimed to increase the understanding of technology and to educate the children between the ages of 6-12 years about various educational sites, children from as young as three years old were playing games on the Wii, X-Box and the PC’s.

Most of the children who passed-by showed an interest either by pulling their parents towards Rlabs or running towards a pc or the games projected on the screens. They were knowledgeable as well about the internet and exchanged their favourite sites with the Rlabs team.

Technology has weaved its way to the very young ones and to enhance the phrase “...if you can’t beat them join them,” Rlabs encouraged the parents to embrace the ever transpiring evolution of the online world by introducing them to sites beneficial to their children’s development.