Tuesday, May 31, 2011


hey guys, i am currently in my social media class exploring the cool application SKYPE. This application is an awesome way of communicating with friends and family all over the world, it also enables you to chat online, sent pics and even display a video as you mood. How cool is that...by the way, be sure to follow me on twitter: @damienfloris


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my first job in social media

As you all might know by now i am a new and social media student at the RLabs Academy and yesterday i had the oppurtunity to assist one of my facilitators(Tamzin Martin who Owns Bizxnet:a social media training company) with one of her workshops man did i have fun. Because of all my knowledge i've gained at the RLabs i was then able to apply that and in turn teach some one else.It was a big group of ten people amongst them were entrepeneurs and members of big corporate companies we taught them how create and use twitter and facebook accounts and how to sign up for hootsuite and showed them how these few social media tools could be beneficial to marketing their companies. At the end of the workshop we had alot of positive feed back and satisfied delegates which makes my job all the best

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview about my rsi 20v yeah!!! blacktop(modified).
The only 1 capable of doing a 14.5 on a 400m strip(1/4mile).
Specs on the motor: HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL !!!

uploading vidoes on youtube

helleerr(madea style) so we made and uploaded videos to youtube tonight in our New and Social Media class tonight check it out.

Exercising at RLabs

Today at our Social and New Media Class we got the opportunity to upload our videos onto YouTube.
Please do NOT check out this video.


you tube video

My first interview/video upload.Its not very professional..so please excuse me LOL
I think Brent could've warned me last week..Basically spoke about my enjoyment at class.I always get excited for Tuesday's..especially for a new learning experience.

Talking about my exciting social and new media class .MP4

1st youtube video - bombastica

Myself and Bruni had so much fun filming our video for youtube. i have to admit that i had more fun than she did...that funnyface is priceless

Does this colour work for me?

my 1st upload on youtube!

my 1st experience with a youtube video... fun time we had in social media class, with many more to come...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

about my wknd

hey people how r u what i did the weekend was i went ice skating with my cousins and i just had a shock to see a accident. this girl was skating and she lost balanced and knocked her dead on the ice she was on conscience and when they took her off the ice that was the last time i saw her.and then i went home with my cousins talking about what happened

my past weekend

Hey everyone

Its been a while since I have blogged, it seems like forever, which is weird coming from me that recently just started blogging.

I'm back and ready to tell u guys about my past weekend:)
My weekend started out very dull and boring until i watched fast and the furious 5>>>WOW what an awesome movie that was!!!

Apart from all the fun and games, my weekend consisted of a whole lot of studying :(. I wrote my second exam today, i must say it wasn't that bad but I'll wait and see if my results agree with me.
Other than that i wish you guys well for the rest of the week, work well, study hard, and use every opportunity that comes to you as if its your last.

chat soon:)


This week as been challenging in many ways for me.Because i was tired ,weak & sick with the flu.Winter as really step in to Cape Town big time with the cold temperatures.I hope summer comes quick this year.


Hey everybody as we all now it's voting time again(municipal elections)in South Africa. We all know how important it is to do so or so they(politicians)say. but i guess it's kinda important because of the rich history of our country being able to not only survive but also prospure from apartheid and the struggle. so that we the youth of South Africa can have a brighter and better future.If not for anything else i say just go vote in appreciation to everybody that fought for our FREEDOM.

Leka News

I received very good, actually great news today. It goes as follows: My tuition fees for my final year of studies is an exhausting amount which i am suppose to pay back when i find a job. But thanks to the President when i graduate at the end of the year, that amount will be converted into a bursary.How awesome is that dude.

Im so Happy and this is motivating me to work even harder.


Boots *all smiles* :D

My weekend and unexpected surprise:) I was helping around the house saturday afternoon..getting everything ready for my uncle's 60th birthday party.My cousin and i took a walk to the mall..she had to put her boots on hold at edgars. We went to Truworths after that,i saw a very nice boot..i said to myself..i have got to get my hands on those boots and i put it on hold for myself..so i can consult with my mother first but the funny thing is...We left the mall to get done for the party...My aunty got home from the mall..and surprisingly she purchased my boot as well:) so i was in luck:)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winter Days

Hey People,

Finally my second best season is on its way to Cape Town; Yes Winter. Some people love it, like me, some people cannot tolerate it. I enjoy the winter season as it in some way force you to spend more time at home with the family, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate and most importantly for me, sleeping late because my holiday will start soon.

On the other hand, Cape Town has recently displayed very radical seasons by raining and windy conditions the one day and the next day the sun comes shining again. Anyway, embrace the winter days because it only comes once a year.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exam Stress

It has come to that time of the year when most students are faced with late nights, high caffeine doses, stressful moods etc. Yes! EXAMS...some people reckon that you get use to it after a while. I totally disagree. You can never get use to it because each exam is different: some will be harder than others, some will require you to learn more content than others and the most challenging exams will expect you to apply the content you have learnt to real life situations.

Here are my top five tips for exam stress:

1. Plan your time

2. Test yourself

3. Stick notes around the house or your room

4.Ask for help if you don not understand a concept

5.Exercise and eat properly.

Good Luck.

cv writing session

so last night we had a session on cv writing at the RLabs academy with some folks from the UK (Clare and Jon) thanks guys it was very interesting and informative i'v really learnt alot looking forward to thursdays session on interview skills can't wait its like they were heaven sent because im not very strong with my interview skills

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Qaulity Time

On Sunday afternoon I hurt my ankle as a result I had to lay on the couch leg on a pillow reading a book.My daughter as youths normally are was boared and we decided to go to the movies on Monday.The next morning I was not feeling up to going as my ankle was throbbing but did not want to disapoint my daughter as I get so little quaility time with her,I went to my heavenly Father and ask Him to intervene as you can imagine He came through and my daugher,not me suggested that we stay home and rent movies and have pizzas and just relax.We had a fantastic time and I apreciated the time that I got to spend with her.

Easter weekend

I had a blessed Easter Holiday,just at home having quality time with my family.Went to church and spend time with the family on Sunday at Tamzin's house welcome Nigel and his girlfriend and baby born.Tamzin baked a nice chocolate cake as always it was nice to see the family again.Back at work after a weeks holiday.

Day with the family

I had my grandchildren over for the weekend. It was really a busy time for me and my husband organising sleeping place for all . the children enjoy every minute of day .Yesterday morning we got up early to go to Wellington to see there parents running the race.The children were very excited to see there parents approaching the wining line.It was really a fulfilling day spending with the family.

Easter week

It was a very unproductive week due to all the holidays.My son invited me to go camping with him and his family.

On Saterday morning i hosted a creative writing workshop at my home wehad a lady wi.th years of experience teaching us so .She will be giving us monthly lessons and we also given assignments each week my I would like to write my autobiography plus using my photos.

Social and new media

Spending quality time here at RLABS tonight . We are being shown how to BLOGG . Everyone here looks so peacefull as they are concentrating on pushing the right buttons on their tops. TERRANCE is our main coach tonight . he seems to know quite alot . I;ll call him THE BLOGG MAN tonight.

Social and New Media

Its revision time this week in the Social and New Media class and we are covering Blogging and links to Facebook and other social networking tools.

My weekend was very blessed having the privilege of taking the grand children to a cheese festival in Stellenbosch.It was really an amazing experience tasting all the different types of cheeses. There were also a show that we attended tasting steaks,it was good. The children just had a ball of a time. I will definitely do it again.

My short story

I had a very relaxing holiday over the Easter week-end and all the public holidays that took place.
It started off with the Pass over hike that we had,that i really enjoyed,it was a real work-out for me..
My sister gave birth to a baby boy on Easter Sunday,it was a long proceeder but worth the wait.The baby's name is Zach and he is a real bundle of joy and a blessing to my sister and the family.
I had the best birthday prezzie,my friend's son Tauhaa come to visit me,his the little boy of six years old that was involved in an car accident..prayer helped him with his speedy recovery.

my holiday

starting on Good Friday morning i took my sister and her family to Koggel Bay to camp for the weekend.The trip went fine and we witness a accident on the N2.Where a mini bus overturned and the passengers were fatally injured,we continued on our journey to beach.On Saturday morning i picked up more of my family and we spent the day at Koggels Bay with my sister snd her family.Sunday morning was church and we had a blessed service.Monday back to Koggels Bay to fetch my passengers via Stellenbosch as i missed the R300 turn off,this was an enjoyable drive.Tuesday i took friends from Australia to Darling and Malmesbury.Thursday and friday spent time with my grandchildren at the movies and ice rink.Then my money was finish and i had to stay at home and rest which i really needed by this time.