Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surprise from God

last night was one of those nights when i knew upfront that sleep was not gona come easily.After a fairly relaxing evening, i found myself in bed but not tired enough to sleep.I have spend time in devotion and still not tired. As most times, our ways and thoughts are not that of God. He is a true friend and full of surprises. At 23:15 i tuned in to radio ccfm. the surprise was god speaking to me thru music.I truly had an awesome time in His presence. Also did i have fun with the presenters of "planet extreme"and with some of the callers. I had a gud laugh when a caller called and requested "My way" by Frank Sinatra on a gospel radio station. So ppl, when you find that you cannot sleep, speak to God as He just know how cos after that i went straight to sleep. Be blessed.