Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"We know that we have cone to know him if we obey his commands".1 john 2:3
Sometimes we wonder who is in charge of certain activities. if a sport event, say a soccer match,becomes embroiled in violent confrontation we ask,"who's in charge? Is it the referee? is it the captains? or the coaches? or the players who are fighting?"

The question can also be asked of you.Are you in control of yourself?If so are you under the sway of your lower appetites such as greed, sex and pride?Is it your drive for success?or is it your love for GOD.It is possible to tell whether we really know JESUS by determining whether we obey our own dictates or those of GOD.People sometimes claim to have had this, that, or the other spiritual experience but it is by how they love that the depth and sincerity of those experiences can be calculated.The genuineness of our faith is measured, not by claims we may make,nor by the apparent success of our work for CHRIST.Still less is it gauged by the amount of praise they heap on our heads.It is seen in the degree to which we obey the command of Jesus to love the Lord with our heart,soul,mind and strength,and our neighbour as ourselves.We must also ask ourselves the question,"Does JESUS take centre stage?Do we find our greatest joy in submitting to him?If obeying him involves denying ourselves, or inconvenience for our family whose interests do we serve?"


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