Monday, November 24, 2008

How Social Media changed my life

Its roughly 6 months ago Social Media progressively started changing the way I think and view the wwworld.

Growing up as a teenager I was always fascinated by gadgets and technology, but was not priveledged enough to indulge... When I finished school I went into the party lifestyle and before I knew it I was caught up in gangsterism and drug abuse.

I was caught up in the alcohol and drugs for 9 years and I watched how my life spiralled out of control. I lost everything that I worked towards all my life...

It was just over 1.5yrs ago that I met Jesus Christ and he set me free instantly from the alcohol and drug abuse andf I want to give him all the glory. This all happened at the Impact Centre where I decided to devote my life to serving the community as a drug counsellor. While being part of the Impact Team I attended many Substance Abuse Workshops and Training sessions to effectively serve the community I once use to steal from.

About 6 months ago the Impact Team started training at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in IT and the use of Social Media. A month down the line we started the Reconstructed Blog and all the guys were now posting blogs. We are now at the point where we use social media to reach the masses and our current project is DAS@Mxit. For more info check it out

I use Social Media as a place where I can go and just express my feelings at a place where nobody will judge me. I also feel like I am making a difference in another persons when doing DAS@mxit.

Cheers and God bless

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