Friday, June 11, 2010

Occupying a negative space for positive change

Bridgetown is where it all began.A wise man once told me that anything that is started out of good intentions but does not include GOD as its strenghth,will turn out evil.Today the Americans is the biggest gang in South Africa with members all over.

For years the American gang have occupied a vacant space in an shoping complex in the Bridgetown area.One can just imagine all the evil that has taken place in that space.People getting hurt,robbed,drugs being dealled and used.For many years it has been the hangout of this gang and people associated with this gang.

But God has answered the prayers of HIS people,"praise the name of JESUS".Its about + - a month ago that we have started to occupy these vacant spaces.At the moment I am assiting Bradley Naidoo with the substance abuse program under the banner of Impact Direct Ministries.Bradley is an ex-member/leader of the americans gang in the Bridgetown/Athlone erea.

Im also assisting Bradley`s uncle as he is heading up the renovations of this building.As we are preparing it for ministry.You know what blows my mind,this man who Im helping,Bradley`s uncle,i dont want to mention his name now,he is one of the for initial members of the americans gang,"The operations exspert".The man with the plan,but the plan plan has changed.

For what the devil intended for bad,GOD is taking that same lives and HE is displaying to the world that JESUS is LORD.

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Hilary Mak said...

This story is so awesome! its great to, in some small way, be a part of what is happening; thanks for sharing! and Keep on telling the story