Sunday, June 13, 2010


You know what is so amazing,this past month up till now the Holy Spirit has been ministering to me about the dreams I had when I was a bit younger.I often use to have day dreams of how I would minister the word of GOD to single individuals at a times and leading them to JESUS CHRIST.The most favourite one I had(daydream) was one were I would imagine me being David.I would just be worship GOD in our own world.I dream`t of living for JESUS CHRIST,my greatest dream.

This mornings message in church was about missions,brought to us,Cape Town Christian Fellowship,by two Uk missionaries who are basically Capetonians by now,so long they have been here already.They are our family and we are theirs
.I might be drifting away from the point a bit,I tend to do that sometimes,lol,but Im just going to flo.

So one of the things that came forth is the fact that what do we have inside of us that will help forward missions,wether its us going to the nations or us helping others go and spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST.The last and only hope that is able to save mankind and unite his relationship with our Heavenly FATHER,YEHOVAH.

I like making money,sometimes its like playing the game manopoly,I think Im good in it.I can serve people,its one of my best abilities.I can actually,through the grace of GOD,do alot of things that can bring in assistance that can support someone in missions.

So here is my mind,body and soul LORD.Either YOU can send me to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel or YOU can use the abilities you place inside of me to assist others.It doesnt matter to me,either way,"Every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD and KING".

HE is GOD!

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