Friday, June 18, 2010

Mary Louise Saaiman

Its very hard for me to start writing about this woman.She one of the most amazing people I have ever and will ever meet.

Ladies and gentle man,this blog is about my mother.

I remember the nights when I used to come in the house and she would be sitting and playing tv games waiting forme to come in from the road,probably praying every moment that I was on the move.Drugged up I use to go and lay on the couch and start talking to her.Funny enough,I only talked to her when I was drugged.And she dare not fall asleep even though its 3 in the morning or else I would throw a fit and would blame her for not listening and that would be the reason for me not drugging.I put her through alot but not once can I say that she did not love me.

I remember the days when I was living in the drug house.Even though she knew I wasnt going to come home,many a days she would come and call me knowing I was inside,even though I told everyone to say Im not there.She would sit outside waiting for me in the hope that I would come home with her.No matter what time of the night it was.

I remember how we use to call on her when we were in trouble and she use to bail us out,even those that we not her own children,she would love us all the same.

I remember this one night,this was probably one of the worst things I could ever do,I forced her to light a mandrax pipe for me with an match because I wanted to smoke alone and not share with others but I needed someone to light the pipe,so I tricked her by saying,that if she did not light it for me,I would go to any drug den and find someone to smoke with.At that time,we were in a war,so me moving alone at that time of the night could end up in me getting shot.So to avoid that,she lit me up.After that hit,I hated myself for years.

I remember how she use to come into my room at 3 in the morning and pray for me,the nights i use to sleep at home,how she would annoint my feet at home,I would hear every word,naturally I would not be asleep because I was high from tik,but I always kept me asleep while she was in the room,and many times after she left my room,just went on drugging again.

"She never stopped loving me,she always projected JESUS CHRIST to me."

I remember the look on her face the DAY :"JESUS CHRIST saved my life from eternal condemnation and delivered me from drugs"

Today is her birthday,I couldnt buy her anything,I wished her,but I couldnt go home to her,she released me to do the will of the FATHER.At the moment,thats the best I can give her as my mother,to be obedient to CHRIST.

A true woman of GOD!!!!!!!!

My mother!!!!!!!!!

Mary Louise Saaiman!!!!!!!!!

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Hilary Mak said...

wow! that is so moving, your mom is an amazing lady. wld love to meet her!