Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GOD only knows

Only tears can exspress my grattitude towards how GOD makes me feel inside,but tears of joy.I ministered to a 14 year old today.He is on a 4month drug rehab program.I dont even know how to write this Blog but I feel I want to tell this story.

Listening to him speak about his home,sory I should say,his house.Thats not a home.There is too much hurt and pain to call it a home.I was sitting there and so much things went through my mind.Emotions went throw my body,anger,hurt,pain.

This is just one kids story I am hearing,there are thousands that even die under these circumstances.Parents who drug,opening their houses to anybody to move in and out just so their addiction can be met.One instance is when a man they didnt know just walk into their house and started beating them(the kids) because his wife was hidding in their house,the man said,but he was halusanating from the drugs.Their parents couldnt hear them screaming because they were sleeping in the next room drugged up.

GOD allowed me to give the boy my testimony of my life on drugs,you see,we just know each other for a month now.And for some reason,he just kept coming to be around me but he didnt know where I came from(where GOD took me out of)but he always tells me he would like to be like the guys here where I am.We all serve JESUS CHRIST.

After I gave him my testimony,as the HOLY SPIRIT lead me,I truly saw a twinkle in his eye.I know that JESUS touch him.As Im sitting in this chair right now,there is nothing that I believe more than GOD is going to use this boy as an evangelist to spread to Gospel of JESUS and use him to set many captives free.

My name is Gary John Saaiman,I am servant of my LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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Hilary Mak said...

Gary, you have such a heart for these young people; keep on doing what you are doing and God will work through you!