Thursday, June 3, 2010

life stories

hey guys and girls let me tell you something about me all my family members
thought that i was a sweet and innocent child up until last year i started
hanging out with some new and wrong friends that my mother warned
me about and i did not listen to her at times till they started experimenting
with drugs and they wanted me to try it and the 1 time i was so stressed
with things that happened at home that i try smoking dagga but i thought
to myself why should i have to waste my life with that when there are
better things in life if i had not done that i would've been such a pure
child and up until today i think back on that and say why did i have to
be so stupid and i still feel sad when people use that stuff against me
so boys and girls do not go down that path it is not the way to go
it is a cold and dark place that you would want to stay away from

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