Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The flip side

Today,I can only thank my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for what HE has been and still is doing in my life.How HE is restoring my life to what I have been created to do,to lift up the name of JESUS and to preach HIS good news,which is the Gospel.

Im one of the facilitators of a holiday club that we are running over the school holiday period.These kids love me,and Im realising the opportunity GOD is giving me,an opportunity that I dont deserve but one that Im grabbing because of the mercies pouring down on me that is setting me free.So I just wanna tell you a small part of my history that I thing is significant to what GOD is allowing me to do.

Back in Atlantis,my home town,I was an assitant youth leader to about 150 to 200 youngsters on a friday evening.About after 2years,GOD allowd me to run my own youth in Mamre,a neibouring town to Atlantis.I was on high school at the time.GOD useed me to lead a couple of youngsters to JESUS CHRIST.HIS presence was truly with us as a youth.

Then came the time I turned my back on JESUS and went to go serve the devil.Firstly I became addicted to drugs,TIK being my favourd drug.I then got involved with the first tik wholesaler in our erea.At that time I basically tikked away most of my convictions.I truly thought hell was my destiny even though I knew that JESUS CHRIST is LORD.In this time I introduced three of the youngsters that I lead to the LORD,I now introduced to the evil(tik),actually got them hooked.I was selling for my friend at the time to support my habbit.

I will never forget the words of one of the boys,"Gary,if you should serve the LORD again oneday,we will too".

At that point I thought,drugs is my destiny,this is who I am,this is what Im going to do.


When the power of JESUS CHRIST gets hold of you,through,mothers and fathers and aunties and whoever the LORD uses to call your name,I tell you the truth.You will still think you the man one moment,the next,you will find yourself worshipping the MOST HIGH,ALL POWERFULL,my word is not enough to describe GOD.

One day Im selling my possessions,stealing things in my home to sell for tik,A man of GOD lays his hands on me and calls apon the HOLY SPIRIT to come and set me free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a fulltime worker in an organization that reconstructs communities.Im a servant of JESUS CHRIST and GOD entrust the lives of our future in my hands.

All GLORY be to #JESUS

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