Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting for my turn

heita fellow bloggers i'm always excited to be at class. Well nothing interesting happend this week. I'm just starting to get really impatient and frustrated because i'm still struggling to find a job man it sucks. You go to interview after interview and it's unsuccessful every time it sometimes makes you feel like a failure its hard to stay positive because people are always asking "still nothing" and like to pass judgement they make it seem like your lazy. Its not like i'm not looking i have even done a few courses to up skill including the one i'm currently doing at the RLabs academy hopefully this one will be the one that will increase my luck. Oh and whats up with employers always looking for experience how will I gain experience if nobody wants to give me a CHANCE.

Anyways from my lips or should i say fingers to gods ears. JenayFloris
Enough with the doom and gloom I'll leave you guys with something POSITIVE!!!!!!


Brent Williams said...

You turn and season will come.You mentioned about work places always looking for experience.You could always volunteer somewhere and gain experience through that.Good blog post!!

Nazlee said...

I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat my friend but it will happen. Just hang in there!!!

andrea said...

I can relate to how you feeling...just no luck 4 me either!!:(