Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my cuz 21st

that night was the best night so far in this month. i left early to help them set party up.my friend Michael was with me that morning. when we got there every thing was already set up and they did not need my help

the night has come and we started parting the teens section was upstairs and old people at the bottom my uncle did braai in the yard with a neighbor everyone in the road was there to celebrate while we were dancing there were people singing a had to leave our room and before we know it we had leave the room and go eat and after we did wish the birthday boy and his parents made a speech and after we ate and went back up relaxed and start dancing after a while everyone went home to go rest after this big event


Ashley316 said...

Hope you had wonderful time at your cousin's party.

JenayFloris said...

sounds like you had a blast leka jy