Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From the horses mouth

Not sure how popular this is but I washed my hair with horse shampoo. So I sent my husband in to get it... He was not impressed! Before attempting my first wash, I sat down to read the instructions and it went something like this;
  • prepare the animal
  • wet animals hair
  • apply to generously to mane
  • avoid contact with horses eyes
  • always stand on the side of animal whist washing

Did any of these instructions stand out or apply to me? Now was the time to find out. I removed the cap and to my surprise... IT WAS BLUE !!!!! Yes you read right, blue!!!
I took a deep breath and slowly applied the shampoo, after two washes I am happy to report that I still have hair and that the horse shampoo delivered on it's promise - shine, strength and growth!!!!!
My mamas advice, just don't kick your husband my child.

and it you don't believe me...here's the proof


Damien said...

Laugh out load,
my mom also used that Shampoo.It looks very weird.

Brent Williams said...

I am not sure how true this story is but that is one stunning hairstyle lol

andrea said...

Where can i find horse shampoo? i need growth+strength.

Brunhilda said...

wow that's a first on my shopping list

JenayFloris said...

I also have it at home but was a bit sceptical to use it but after reading your blog i think i'll give it try:)thanks