Tuesday, April 12, 2011

after a long week....

After a long week of hard work I am super duper excited for the weekend ahead. Its been a while since I've been off for the weekend without having to do ASSIGNMENT after ASSIGNMENT!!!

Its time to let my hair down and try and feel normal again, haven't felt that in a while. Unsure about what I'll be doing but I do know that I'm going to have a relaxing weekend!

Friday will be catch up time with the friends :D whooop whooop...
Saturday its me time, i feel a session of retail therapy coming on O YES! shop, shop and more shopping. A girls got to spoil herself sometime.
Sunday is church :D I'm super excited I can finally sit through the whole service without walking out early to get to work on time.


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JenayFloris said...

hey bruni you know how it goes if we don't make time for ourselves no one ever will but enjoy the retail therepy knock yourself out