Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My favourite place in SA

How i wish my trip to Cape Aghulas could come early this year...

There's so much to see and do even tho I've gone there on holiday about 5 times. It is ultimately the best place to visit if you're looking to get away from work or the everyday stresses one has to deal with. The beaches are gorgeous..with its soft white sand and turquoise colored water . The sound and smell of the ocean wakes u every morning and instead of feeling tired or drained u find yourself in a complete state of tranquility. There are many BnB's in the area and most are situated close to convenient stores, the beaches, the harbor and a very famous landmark, the L' Agulhas light house from where you can see the different colors of the two oceans meeting.. the three hour drive from Cape Town isn't very long but once u get there it really feels as tho you are far far away..

I so need that holiday..just reminiscing on my time spent there makes me wish i was getting my tan on already:-)

Chandre Kruser

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JenayFloris said...

Good job you sold that one to me im totally in can do with some tranquility Ps:your blog made me feel obliged to use a big word awso