Friday, October 28, 2011


Wow this is a special moment in my life for me I can still remember it as clear as day.I went to register for my course at Rlabs but there was some confusion according the course details the course i had actually applied for was full and registration had closed. "I was booked for the wrong course" I remember telling the guys there at registration and I was lekker upset neh "what can you teach me about Social Media that I don't already know" I still thought to myself but was I in for a big suprise lol.Eventually after some "kind persuation"(by Gary might I add) I decided to just go ahead and do it because at that time I was at a point of such despiration to find employment that i thought what the heck.But little did i know what God had instore for me. I say this because it could only be him and through him that all these doors have opened for me ever since.Not only did I learn more than i could ever have imagined to have learnt from that course but the opportunities that came afterward where extrodinary.One of my facilitators(who owns her own SM Company) started calling me to come and co-facilitate with her part-time for her company.Then after completion of the bootcamp at Grow Academy they arranged internships (with no pay) at local NGO's for all of the participants of the bootcamp so that we could now use the skills we had learned and gain some experience and at the same time give back to empower someone else and we even got bursaries from them to do an online course with Getsmarter and UCT how cool is that.I chose FAMSA because they are an organisation so close to my heart but the day before I had to start at FAMSA I received a call with a job offering Yeah!!!!(with pay)and i thought praise God. And today I am a Social Media Account Manager and Co-facilitator at BizXnet. And non of this would have been possible if i had not walked into Rlabs that day. Rlabs has really,honestly and Awesomely RECONSTRUCTED my life. Eternally Greatfull guys.

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