Monday, June 20, 2011

Men of Valor

Every man must be persuaded, even if he is in rags,that he is immensely,immensely important.Everyone must respect him and make him respect himself, too...give him great,great hopes.He needs them,especially if he is young.Spoil him.Yes,make him grow proud.... as only a father can do.

Growing up with no father child relationship has affected my live in many ways, and the day my dad past on it was like nothing... to me he was never alive.Yes not even a childhood memory of him playing with or fathering me...oh how i long for that embrace.It was to late I will never know I missed out on the blessing of having a earthly father and no one can replace him.I find it hard sometimes not knowing what it's like,I see others with their dad's and I wonder.........................

Yesterday as we honored the senior fathers in our church it came to me, that I can choose to forgive my father and not to miss out on the blessing of my Heavenly Father.He who called me by my name...and to all the fathers at Cape Town Christian Fellowship, I can look to you to teach me the way to live a life of honor,conviction and character.

Being a man of valor is both a gift and a discipline, It's a gift in the sense that God has given every man the capacity for greatness. It is a discipline in the sense that, although God will empower you,it is up to you to exercise the spiritual disciplines that will enable you to become the man God intends you to be a man of valor!

#Men of Valor :By Richard Exley
#Ugo Betti

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neo316 said...

amen my brother,I am totally encouraged by this post