Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exam Stress

It has come to that time of the year when most students are faced with late nights, high caffeine doses, stressful moods etc. Yes! EXAMS...some people reckon that you get use to it after a while. I totally disagree. You can never get use to it because each exam is different: some will be harder than others, some will require you to learn more content than others and the most challenging exams will expect you to apply the content you have learnt to real life situations.

Here are my top five tips for exam stress:

1. Plan your time

2. Test yourself

3. Stick notes around the house or your room

4.Ask for help if you don not understand a concept

5.Exercise and eat properly.

Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

hey cuz nice to c ur dedication nw lets do sum practising on rule no. 3 & 5 lmbi he he he

Brent Williams said...

Hi there everything of the best with the exams.You are in our prayers:-)Great stuff with the blog post.Proud of you guys:-)