Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A year ago i only knew about communicating via sms lol. I had no interest in any other form of communicating. The year 2011 really woke me up! I now know how to Facebook, how to use Google as a tool and right now i'm having my first taste of how to "Blog' and wow, what an experience!! I'm one of those people that was born before technology but refuse to stay in that space haha! Best part of all this is that i'm learning right now is, i don't have to bother my children any longer as i can now do things for myself. Thanx to the RLabs accademy!!!!


jennifer petersen said...

I like what you said and I agree with you.

charmaine wagner said...

True Jen, one has to come out of the box!

vera said...

u never to old to learn